Coven Steps

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From this page, you can access the 13 Coven Steps of the Green Witches Coven Course. To access simply follow the links below.

Start with Step 1, and when complete, move onto the next Step. This is the best way of approaching the 13 Steps. An assignment is presented at the end of each Step. Move on when you feel comfortable and confident to move onto the subsequent Steps.

Don’t worry, the assignments are well within your capabilities! They require you to absorb the material provided and to think about how the knowledge you gain can be applied to your life.

This page was created for exclusively for members of the Green Witches Coven. If you are already a member of the Coven then please enjoy this page. If you are not yet a member of the Green Witches Coven but would like to be then please apply HERE.

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The Green Witches Coven Steps

In Step One you’ll learn about the Green Witches Coven Creed.  In Step Two the Wheel of the Year is covered outlining all the Sabbats. Step Three outlines Moon Magic and the power of the Esbats. In Step Four you’ll discover the importance of a Magical Journal – sometimes known as a Book of Shadows or Grimoire.

Step Five covers the Elements of Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Spirit. In Step Six you’ll find out all about Magic Correspondences. In Step Seven the Seven Secrets will be revealed to you. In Step Eight you’ll learn about the importance of meditations and affirmations.  Step Nine instructs you on how to create an Altar.

In Step Ten you’ll learn all about Spell Casting. Step Eleven looks at actual Spells you can cast. In Step Twelve you’ll discover how to devise, write and cast your own Spells. And in Step Thirteen you’ll find out about the importance of the Tarot. 

Magical Journal

If you haven't already it may be a good idea to purchase a journal that you can make notes in. You can use an exercise book or similar. This will be your Magical Journal which will act as a reminder of all that you have learnt from the 13 Steps and the entire year and a day.

Enjoy completing Step One. Please take your time, don't rush things.

Esbats and Sabbats

You’ll find below the Esbats and Sabbats of the Green Witches Coven. Once you have completed all 13 Coven steps you can move onto the monthly Sabbats.

In January it is Wolf Moon. February sees the Storm Moon. March has the Chaste Moon. In April it is the Seed Moon.  May sees the Hare Moon. June has the Rose Moon. In July the  Mead Moon is celebrated. August has the Corn Moon. In September the Barley Moon is honoured. October sees the Blood Moon.  In November we have the Snow Moon. In December the Oak Moon is celebrated.

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