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Green Witches Coven. An online Coven of Witches sharing tips on Witchcraft and casting Spells that work with harm to none!

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The Green Witches Coven: A Journey to Becoming a Real Witch

Welcome to the Green Witches Coven.

This is a Virtual Coven. An online sanctuary where the ancient craft meets modern witchcraft, empowering you to transform your life through magic. Here, you're invited to join for FREE and embark on a magical journey to become a real witch. Our coven is a place of learning, growth, and community, dedicated to the study and practice of white magic in all its forms.

Why Join the Green Witches Coven

Learn the Craft: Dive into the basics of witchcraft and magic, acquiring practical skills that apply to everyday life. From understanding the moon's phases to mastering spell casting, our coven offers a comprehensive curriculum designed for both beginners and seasoned practitioners.

Live Magically: Discover how to infuse magic into your daily life, manifesting success, love, and abundance. Learn to harness the elements, celebrate the seasons, and use magic to create positive changes in your life and the lives of those around you.

Connect with Nature: Embrace the Green Witch's path, focusing on the power and beauty of nature. Learn how to work with natural energies, plants, and elements to enhance your magical practice and live in harmony with the Earth.

Become Part of a Community: Joining our coven means becoming part of a supportive and vibrant community of witches. Share your journey, learn from others, and grow together in a space dedicated to mutual respect and magical exploration.

Join a Witches Coven
Exclusive Benefits of Joining

  • It's Completely Free: It's free forever.

  • A Coven Spell Cast for You: Upon joining, receive a free spell cast by the coven to welcome you and aid in your magical development.

  • Access to Exclusive Content: Your coven password unlocks a treasure trove of insights, guides, and resources, alongside special offers and competitions.

  • Monthly Full Moon Rituals: Participate in unique spell-casting rituals during our virtual gatherings, harnessing the power of the full moon.

  • Exclusive Guides and Resources: Access to a dedicated area on my website containing a large selection of guides, information and resources for the Green Witch.

  • Share Your Magic: Contribute your own spells, rituals, and writings for potential inclusion in future publications, spreading your wisdom and insights.

  • The Coven Test: Eligibility to take The Coven Test on the Coven Steps and the Year and a Day initiation. When successful you will be sent a Green Witches Coven Certificate (take it as many times as you wish).

  • When you join The Coven, you will be entitled to call yourself a real Witch of the Green Witches Coven.

Embrace Your Inner Witch

Whether you're drawn to the craft as a novice or seek to deepen your existing practice, the Green Witches Coven offers a rich, supportive environment to explore and expand your magical abilities. Under the guidance of Alizon, founder of the coven, you'll learn to live a truly magical life, embracing the principles of white magic to bring about positive change.

How to Join The Green Witches Coven

Ready to embark on this magical journey? Join the Green Witches Coven today and take the first step towards embracing your true power as a witch. Submit your details on our website, and let's begin this enchanting adventure together.

  • Complete the Form below and click Submit.
  • After I receive your details, I will contact you to request a photo.

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Discover and Explore the Green Witches Coven

Beautiful Witch and member of the Green Witches Coven. An online Coven of Witches sharing tips on Witchcraft and casting Spells that work with harm to none!

The Green Witches Coven is an online virtual gathering of Witches where you can join for FREE and learn how to be a Witch, cast Spells that work, and study Witchcraft and all aspects of White Magic.

You will quickly and easily learn the basics of Witchcraft and Magic, including practical and useful skills that apply to everyday life. You will learn about the tools and ingredients needed for Magic and how to cast Spells. You will learn about the phases of the Moon, the significance of the seasons of the year and the ways in which the elements impact our lives. You will learn how to be a Witch.

When you join a Witches Coven you will learn how to live a Magical life and incorporate Magic into your daily life by joining this online Coven.

The use of Magic can assist you in everything from getting the most from your daily life, to manifesting a new career, successful relationships and abundance in all areas of your life. It can help in ridding negative people, circumstances and experiences from your life. It can also help by drawing new positive people, circumstances and experiences "as if by magic" to suddenly come into your life.

When you join a Witches Coven your instincts and intuition should become stronger and more accurate. And this should have a positive impact on your life. You will be able to trust your intuition more and go with your instincts in decision making. Making the right decisions and choices in life is a valuable gift.

Exploring the Thirteen Steps

Beautiful Witch and member of the Green Witches Coven. An online Coven of Witches sharing tips on Witchcraft and casting Spells that work with harm to none!

I have been asked many times to point people in the right direction to allow them to easily learn the basics of Magic and how to apply it and help them in their everyday life.

Traditionally it takes a year and a day to become a Witch under the guidance and tutelage of an experienced Witch. If you approach your learning of how to be a Witch in the right way, it should take as long as a year and a day to complete.

The first part of the FREE Coven lessons are the Thirteen Steps which cover the basics of Witchcraft and Magic, including practical and useful skills that apply to everyday life.

Each Step of the online Coven will instruct you on how to live a Magical life and commence your path to become a Witch.

After the 13 Steps you will continue your practice by completing an additional 12 lessons. These cover the Esbats and Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year and are designed to be studied each month.

"If it harms none, do what you will"

Book of Shadows of the Green Witches Coven. An online Coven of Witches sharing tips on Witchcraft and casting Spells that work with harm to none!
book of shadows
Grimoire of the Green Witches Coven. An online Coven of Witches sharing tips on Witchcraft and casting Spells that work with harm to none!

The Green Witches Coven is derived from a tradition that celebrates Nature.

The most important rule to live by for Green Witches is "If it harms none, do what you will", the onus being on the individual to know right from wrong, keeping in mind the "Three Fold Law" and the full version of the "Green Witches Creed". A Green Witch uses the power of nature and all the gifts that Mother Nature bestows to achieve the life they want to live.

To make the commitment to become a real Witch means you are prepared to put in the time, effort and energy to learn as much as you can. To ‘practice’ the Craft means just that – you need to practice. And what does practice make - perfect of course!

When you join a Witches Coven you’ll soon discover you are well on your way to living a Magical life with all that goes with it. A Magical life is filled with contentment, happiness and success, and I hope to reveal how you can achieve this by becoming a Green Witch.

I will show you ways to make manifest your own motivation and inspiration to aid your creativity and become a vital member of a Coven of Witches, and for you to gain a sense of serenity and be more able to deal with and overcome everyday problems. And with this comes an improved self confidence so that you begin to wake up every day feeling really excited about your life and the happenings, people and events in it.

Hopefully by the end you will find all the advice, inspiration, motivation and help you need to create the Magical life you want to lead and become a real Witch.

The life you deserve!

Learning all you can is so vitally important so that you can gain knowledge. Knowledge is power and power can be used by you to enhance every aspect of yourself and how you live your life. 

Being Green

Beautiful Witch and member of the Green Witches Coven. An online Coven of Witches sharing tips on Witchcraft and casting Spells that work with harm to none!

We’re becoming increasingly aware of what it means to be ‘green’. The ways in which mankind has polluted, exploited and destroyed many aspects of nature, the oceans and the earth itself is simply despicable. Only now, it seems, people are being forced to think about ‘green issues’ and are beginning to realize the consequences of actions they have taken.

The environmental impact we have made collectively and individually raise ethical questions of respect and responsibility to all life. People are being forced to think about their personal carbon footprint and about the ways they live every aspect of their lives. We’re thinking about the transport we take, the plastics we have used, the energy sources we use and misuse, the suffering we cause to others because of our personal greed and the treatment of animals and destruction of their habitats.

More and more people are also rejecting consumerism and personal excess, eating organic foods and plant based foods, taking the holistic view to their own health and accepting personal responsibility.

Being a Witch

Beautiful Witch and member of the Green Witches Coven. An online Coven of Witches sharing tips on Witchcraft and casting Spells that work with harm to none!

A Witch is simply an individual who respects and honors nature, the elements, the Earth, the Sun, the stars and the Moon. A Witch lives their life acknowledging and respecting the balance between themselves and all things within the Universe at all times.

Witches can and do vary their worship, beliefs, practices and daily lives to honour nature in the ways of their choosing.

Some Witches are Wiccans, others class themselves as Pagans. Witches can practice Witchcraft, (often shortened to the Craft), and worship in groups known as Witches Covens or on their own as solitary Witches.

Unlike some religions, rather than being told what you must think, feel and do, with a set of strict rules, laws and commandments to adhere to, Witches tend to abide by one main rule.

“If it harm none, do what you will."

Being a Green Witch

Beautiful Witch and member of the Green Witches Coven. An online Coven of Witches sharing tips on Witchcraft and casting Spells that work with harm to none!

A Green Witch may seem a new breed of Witch but all Witches throughout the ages have been “green”. Being attuned to nature and treating the earth gently has always come naturally to the Witch.

Using the gifts of Mother Nature ethically and the powerful energies of the Sun and the Moon, Witches have been very environmentally aware in the ways they lived their lives and in their practice of Witchcraft. They have always known how to harness the power of the elements and acknowledge, respect and celebrate the cyclical nature of life.

There is nothing new in being a Green Witch, it is just now that more attention has been turned to this lifestyle choice.

Witches throughout the ages have always been women who have had great courage, intelligence, an independent nature and a lust for living a life to the full without being held back by others. Join us, if you dare!

Aims & Principles of the Green Witches Coven

The aims of the Green Witches Coven are numbered three:

  1. To provide guidance to individuals seeking a nature based spiritual path
  2. To foster knowledge, awareness and respect for all of nature
  3. To provide easily accessible information on a wide range of subjects relating to the practice of Witchcraft

The principles of the Green Witches Coven are threefold:

  1. To be open, accessible and welcoming to all individuals
  2. To honor, respect and celebrate nature and take responsibility for our actions
  3. To be continually mindful of the meaning of "If it harm none, do what you will."

Modern Day Witches

Beautiful Witch and member of the Green Witches Coven. An online Coven of Witches sharing tips on Witchcraft and casting Spells that work with harm to none!

More and more young woman are turning their back on traditionally patriarchal forms of organized religion and spirituality. They are turning to a form of spirituality that endorses their beliefs about sexual equality, environmental awareness and standing up for what is right.

Witches are fierce. Witches are strong. Witches use their power to educate, influence and change the old fashioned views, norms and customs of their mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers’ generations. Modern Witches align themselves to the #MeToo movement led and endorsed by strong women including celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence and Uma Thurman, among many others.

Modern Witches support and endorse the strongly held environmental views of such inspiring young women as Greta Thunberg whose activism has been labeled as medieval Witchcraft!

Politically, Lana Del Rey the American singer and songwriter asked her Twitter followers to join a Coven to place a hex on Donald Trump to get him fired from office.

By taking this first step, joining the Green Witches Coven and embarking on this particular path, you are well on your way to becoming a better you. A more beautiful you - both inside and out. A wiser more accomplished and knowledgeable you. A more confident you. Someone who is attuned to nature and who is environmentally aware and has strong ethics. Someone that others will admire, respect and seek guidance from.

But just like the sewing of an ornate and beautiful tapestry, learning the ways of the Craft and becoming a real Witch is perhaps more involved than you may first think. To make a functional yet beautiful creation is time consuming, requires an immense amount of patience and uses many and varied skills.

Choosing the right threads, colors and stitches are crucial to the overall finished tapestry. One mistake can affect the overall loveliness of the piece. Also the precision in applying each thread and accurate sewing all need to be perfected. Lots of unpicking and finger pricking add up to a lot of heartache. But the finished product is well worth the effort.

The same level of commitment needs to be applied to the learning of how to become an effective Green Witch. You’ll have to draw together lots of different little threads to make up even a small section of the overall design of your personal tapestry. Your finished product should be an improved version of how you are now - the best version of yourself. Learning new skills, weaving Magic into your life, adding to existing talents and expanding your knowledge will create this improved version of you.

Join the Green Witches Coven

If you want to join the Green Witches Coven click the green button below and submit your details. Once I have your details I will contact you via email.

For Witches positive energy is very important if you are to live an abundant and prosperous life and build up good karma. A great way to do this is by undertaking some charity work.   

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