All About the Tarot
Step Thirteen - The Green Witches Coven
The Tarot

A monochromatic green scene with four individuals in dark clothing, gathered around a large tree. A pentagram symbol is overlaid at the top center, and the text “Green Witches Coven” is displayed in an elegant font across it. The setting appears to be outdoors, with grass and trees visible under a clear sky. The overall tone of the image suggests a theme related to nature and possibly witchcraft or a spiritual group.

Step Thirteen - All About the Tarot
Unlocking the Secrets of the Mystical Tarot

All About the Tarot is the Step Thirteen Lesson from the Green Witches Coven.

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This is the final Step of the Initial 13 Steps of your journey
on the Green Witches Coven Course.

This very important Step should not be rushed. Take your time and consider your Tasks carefully.

All About the Tarot

The origin of the Tarot is clouded in mystery. No one knows exactly where the true origins of the Tarot lie. Some say Egypt, China, Greece...

What is certain is that the cards were used in Italy in the fifteenth century as a popular card game. Later they were used as a form of divination or fortune telling.

A modern day Tarot deck consists of 78 picture cards. Each of the 78 cards has a basic meaning (or more accurately several meanings) attached to it.

Nowadays there are many variations and themes to Tarot decks and the names assigned to each card and suit. But usually there contains within each Tarot pack 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The word ‘Arcana’ means ‘secret’.

In this Introduction to the Tarot I've used the traditional Ryder Waite Tarot Deck illustrations, but you can substitute any Tarot deck you may have and still gain from it. Other decks may substitute another name for these traditional cards. However, no matter what name is given to the particular card it still carries the same essence, message and meaning of the traditional cards.

To 'Read' the cards in a Tarot Reading means simply to interpret the meanings of the cards to the Querant (person who wants answers from the Tarot).

The Major Arcana

More importance and significance should be placed on interpreting a Major Arcana card as these represent major events, emotions and deciding factors in any Tarot Reading. The Minor Arcana cards represent the more mundane, everyday aspects in a Tarot Reading.

Most packs follow the same specific order in the Major Arcana, but some packs switch the Justice card and the Strength card numbering 8 or 11.

Every Tarot card both Major and Minor Arcana have a positive meaning and a reversed or negative meaning. The following definitions for each of the 22 Major Arcana cards include key words associated with that card and the positive and reversed (negative) meanings. You can choose to use reversed cards in your Tarot Readings if you want to.

Many Tarot Readers do not use reversed meanings and just use upright cards. 

The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool symbolizes an enthusiastic and passionate but naïve person eager to set out on his new life path, regardless of what lies ahead. It indicates the beginnings or a change of direction. The Querant should expect the unexpected when The Fool turns up in a Reading and be aware that influences coming into play could have a dramatic affect on the decisions and choices they make.

When The Fool appears it is a time for new beginnings, a journey perhaps into the unknown that will be both exciting and challenging. These challenges will allow the Querant to gain strength and confidence and become a much wiser person. The Fool also suggests that the Querant should have faith in themselves no matter what others might do or say.

But it can also act as a warning to the Querant not to go blindly into a situation without researching all the facts. The Fool can show a need to exercise caution or it could indicate foolhardiness. It warns not to behave in an unrealistic, irresponsible manner.

Positive connotations associated with this card are optimism, new beginnings, spontaneity, fearlessness and excitement.

Negative connotations associated with this card are lack of responsibility, naïveté, thoughtlessness, immaturity and impulsiveness.

The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician is a skilled and talented person. As an alchemist he epitomizes the ability to translate ideas into action. This card symbolizes that there is great creativity around for the Querant if they are willing to put their ideas into action. The Magician card is a representative of good and full use of one’s talents and skills. It also indicates unseen powers and psychic ability. It also represents a connection to the divine and is a sign that some magical influences could be coming into the Querants’ life or that their intuition will become stronger.

For the Querant this card shows that they need to make a choice of what they want to focus on before they can become successful. Above all else this card is issuing a challenge to the Querant to take action and put talents to the best use to create success.

This card can also act as warning of being tricked or deceived by a sly person.

Positive connotations associated with this card are action, confidence, individuality, and willpower.

Negative connotations associated with this card are deception, lack of self-confidence and indecision.

The High Priestess Tarot Card

The High Priestess represents wisdom, knowledge, intuition and education. She is the guardian of secrets so when she shows up in a Reading it can mean a secret is to be revealed to the Querant or the Querant wants to reveal a secret. She represents the feminine consciousness and challenges the Querant to find what is hidden below the surface of a situation. The Querant should be urged to be guided by their intuition and receptive to their dreams and psychic connection. This card can also signal the need for solitude, seclusion and meditation as well as wisdom and education.

For the Querant the High Priestess can represent a person who will provide trusted advice and guidance. If the Querant is male the High Priestess can represent the most important woman in his life.

Positive connotations associated with this card are intuition, feminine wisdom, and psychic ability.

Negative connotations associated with this card are emotional insecurity, secretiveness or hidden obstacles.

The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress governs the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. She represents attainment in all things traditionally feminine, such as fertility, family, home, marriage and motherhood. The Empress represents love, prosperity and birth so when this card shows up for a Querant in a Reading in a favorable position it is a very welcome card. This card can represent pregnancy or actual birth of a child or it can also represent the creation or birth of a creative project or involvement with nature.

For the Querant it can herald a time of abundance, domestic stability and material wealth. This card also represents the abundance of all things that come with an open mind and generous spirit. This card can also be a representative of the Querant’s mother or someone with maternal traits. It can also represent a woman in a position of power or authority. It can show the Querant that they, or a woman in their life, is being too protective for comfort and may even resort to emotional blackmail to get what they want.

Positive connotations associated with this card are creativity, fertility, abundance, wealth.

Negative connotations associated with this card are infertility, inability to count ones blessings, blocked creativity.

The Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor card represents power, authority and attainment in all things traditionally masculine. The Emperor card is a sign of achievement and admiration and can represent to the Querant a strong male influence such as a father, husband/partner or man of significance in their life. When this card shows up in a Reading he can suggest that a man of authority or significance will stand by the Querant and support them, in personal as well as professional matters

It can also show the Querant that they will be able to influence people and have a great sense of their own authority. It also indicates to the Querant a time to take control of material and financial matters and make definite changes. The Emperor can also show a competitive edge with desire to overcome challenges and bring ideas into reality.

Positive connotations associated with this card are achievement, protection, support and discipline.

Negative connotations associated with this card are weakness, failed ambition and immaturity.

The Hierophant Tarot Card

The Hierophant represents a symbol of moral law, a wise and capable adviser, a practical instructor and spiritual guide. It shows the need to follow tradition or a path of ideas and beliefs, even if they are outdated. This card can represent any structured group with rules and assigned roles. It can show a need for group activities and learning.

The Hierophant also represents an interest in spiritual matters. The Hierophant may actually represent a teacher, spiritual guru or adviser but is more likely to symbolize moral lessons to be learned from events.

For the Querant this card can be an indicator of marriage or commitment as well as pointing to legal responsibilities and official documents.

It also represents humilities, kindness, goodness, forgiveness and companionship. It can represent a lack of conviction and inactivity. Being captive to your own ideas. Feeling constricted by the attitudes of society as a whole. Pressure to live up to the expectations of others.

Positive connotations associated with this card are advice, knowledge, faith and tradition.

Negative connotations associated with this card are misinformation, lack of faith or bad advice.

The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers can indicate that the Querant is at a crossroads where a decision must be made. This decision could go against what others are telling the Querant. It represents an important choice that could affect the rest of the Querants life. The Lovers symbolises a choice between duty versus the Querants heart's desire. By taking a gamble it could lead to greater happiness and emotional fulfilment, staying dutiful then life will simply remain the same.

The Lovers can symbolise that a new love is going to enter into the Querants life or that a current relationship is going through a big change. The Lovers can also symbolise a deep love or a powerful drawing together of two entities, be it people, ideas, circumstances, etc. This card means that the Querants heart rules their head and a dramatic change of attitude will lead to happier times.

Positive connotations associated with this card are a new lover, physical attraction, love, sex or commitment.

Negative connotations associated with this card are lust, temptation, separation, failed love affair or emotional loss.

The Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot symbolizes conflicts ending in victory, so instructs the Querant that sustained efforts to overcome obstacles will win through in the end. The Chariot suggests that the Querant actually has a good chance of real success and accomplishment if they do not give up. Accomplishment can be achieved with effort and resourcefulness and strong direction.

For the Querant this is a very motivating card and urges direct action, determination and harnessing of power and talents to move ahead. This card can also show unexpected good news and represents assertiveness, self-belief and faith in the Querants own abilities.

It can also mean travel and change and movement and can represent a possible voyage or journey. The journey can be a physical one or one of spiritual discovery.

Positive connotations associated with this card are movement, change, self-belief and good news.

Negative connotations associated with this card are rage, selfishness, arrogance and, frustrating delays.

Strength Tarot Card

When the Strength card shows up it represents not just physical strength but the ability to cope with extreme pressure and win through in the end. For the Querant it represents courage and determination and trusting their own abilities. It also represents compassion. In a Reading this card represents the Querants need to use intellect and reason coupled with enthusiasm and energy. It shows to the Querant that they are able to deal with whatever life throws at them and are equipped to overcome obstacles.

The Strength card indicates triumph over most things; challenges in relationships, career and even ill health. If illness has been an issue for the Querant this card indicates good recovery. If the Querant has been considering ridding themselves of an unhealthy habit or bad relationship this card indicates a good time to put plans into action. It is a time for being constructive, not destructive and understanding the consequences of actions.

Positive connotations associated with this card are strength, willpower, patience, and courage.

Negative connotations associated with this card are fear, inertia, defeat or loss of opportunity.

The Hermit Tarot Card

The Hermit represents a time when the Querant may wish to draw inwards, away from the outside world and gain perspective. For the Querant this may represent a time for soul searching or looking inwards for answers or maybe just the need for some alone time. The Hermit warns against making hasty decisions and recommends taking advice from a trusted source before making any decisions. In regard to health the Hermit indicates a time of convalescence and rest.

It can also reflect an acceptance and understanding of things that can't be changed as well as wisdom, patience and a new appreciation of life. When dealing with conflict, the Hermit can also represent a time for backing down or retreating.

The Hermit can also indicate a personality in the Querants life who is a quiet, withdrawn person who is a loner and one who withholds information or keeps secrets.

Positive connotations associated with this card are introspection, solitude, guidance and patience.

Negative connotations associated with this card are obstinacy, fear, impatience and arrogance.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune is representative of whatever point the Querant is in life; he or she is able to change at a moment's notice. The fairground image of the spinning the wheel of fate: "round and round she goes, where she stops, no one knows" is very evocative of the meaning of this Tarot card. If the Querant is at the bottom of the wheel, things may start looking up. If the Querant is at the top of the wheel, they can just as easily fall off. Basically it indicates a change of fortune or a turning point in life.

This card can also show that an opportunity will present itself, but only for a limited time. The Querant must take action during that time or the opportunity will be lost.

NB: With this card, it is important to look at it in context with the surrounding cards to know which way the wheel is turning, so to speak.

Positive connotations associated with this card are destiny, movement, good luck and synchronicity.

Negative connotations associated with this card are obstacles, temporary bad luck or unpleasant surprises.

Justice Tarot Card

The Justice card represents justice and fairness and balance in all things. Justice also suggests that the Querant may be involved with the legal profession. This card could also indicate that the Querant is concerned with making the right decision or making difficult choices. The Justice card is seen as a good omen concerning partnerships, business deals and legal issues. This card can also mean the Querant needs to make a compromise or be sure that all factors have been weighed before a decision is made.

The Justice card also urges the Querant to attempt to achieve a balanced mind through logic and careful thought. It shows a time of rational clear thinking is called for, unemotional judgment, fairness and equality and of achieving a sense of balance and harmony and correcting wrongs.

Positive connotations associated with this card are justice, truth, integrity, responsibility and fairness.

Negative connotations associated with this card are prejudice, injustice, bad judgement or bad advice.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The Hanged Man is a representative of self-sacrifice. The Querant will need to decide to give something up to attain something else. If the Querant can’t or won’t make that choice, he or she may stagnate and enter a time of limbo. It shows a pause in life until something or perhaps someone is given up for greater gain. The Hanged Man can represent ill health, stress and anxiety and can represent a trial of passage and hence the self-sacrifice aspect of this card.

This card can also show that it is time for the Querant to look at the situation from another angle, as it shows a time to reverse their order of doing things and to get out of a rut. Fixed ideas and concepts may need to be evaluated and changes made in how they think and their associations; they may be outdated.

Positive connotations associated with this card are transition, flexibility, rebirth and release.

Negative connotations associated with this card are materialism, lack of willpower, easily influenced or martyrdom.

Death Tarot Card

The Death card is probably one of the most misunderstood and most famous cards in the Tarot deck. Without a doubt it is the card that causes most fear in a Reading and yet it rarely, if ever, symbolises an actual physical death.
Most often it indicates a powerful transformation in the life of the Querant as it shows a time of absolute endings and absolute beginnings. It is death followed by rebirth. It is an ending to something in the Querants life that will initiate great change. Rely on the other surrounding cards in the spread when doing a Reading to clarify what this change may be. It must be stressed this change is not optional but something required and unchangeable.

Positive connotations associated with this card are endings, transformation, clearance and change.

Negative connotations associated with this card are stagnation, loss of opportunity or fear of change.

Temperance Tarot Card

The Temperance card indicates self-control and the ability to handle volatile situations and bring about a positive result. It shows a time of harmonious relationships, peace and harmony and a time to be enjoyed. In conflict situations, Temperance suggests that finding the middle ground may be the best answer.

It is a great indicator of the Querants spirituality and their interest in receiving and passing on knowledge concerned with psychic abilities, healing abilities and connections with nature.

Positive connotations associated with this card are harmony, health, moderation, peace and self-control.

Negative connotations associated with this card are impatience, lack of
foresight, conflict and quarrels.

The Devil Tarot Card

The Devil card has several meanings that can be quite negative on first sight. But the Devil is not all bad; if marriage or commitment to a relationship is the subject of consideration and this card is turned in a favourable position in a Reading The Devil is a good omen. In relation to most other issues this card is not a very positive one. The Devil symbolises temptation and addiction, which don't tend to lead to happy outcomes.

The Devil card is a wakeup call and acts as a warning to the Querant of the dangers of being wrapped up in anything that is unhealthy – relationships, habits, and situations. However, sometimes, it can also represent that the Querant needs to relax and have a little fun and perhaps take a risk or two, but not to go too far. It can also represent seduction and sex and being tempted to do things normally against a moral code.

This is yet another card that requires you to use surrounding cards in a spread to determine if it is presented in a positive or negative light.

Positive connotations associated with this card are permanence and commitment

Negative connotations associated with this card are entrapment, lust, greed, anger or obsession.

The Tower Tarot Card

Like the Death card, the Tower represents a very powerful change in the Querant’s life, which could leave them feeling in a weak position and helpless. The Tower card can indicate sudden and unexpected changes in events and can often represent problems or delays relating to the home. Whether material or emotional upset, this card encourages the Querant to see that such upheavals can force new directions that in the long run can be more beneficial. The main thing to point out to the Querant with this rather negative card is that this phase will pass and that a new direction or new opportunities can be created from it.

Positive connotations associated with this card are re-evaluation, necessary change and a blessing in disguise.

Negative connotations associated with this card are sudden change, disruption or disaster.

The Star Tarot Card

The Star is a welcome and positive card promising optimism and hope, renewal of faith and unexpected gifts. This card signals good times for many things, artistic, creative or educational endeavors, travel, health and spiritual awareness or development. In regard to a new relationship, new job or new venture the Star is an excellent omen.

The Star shows the Querant will take the first step on the right path, but it must be accompanied by action for it to be a true success. This card is not just about wishes being granted but urges the Querant to be inspired, motivated and encouraged to make their dreams a reality.  

Positive connotations associated with this card are hope, wishes coming true, good health and spiritual awareness.

Negative connotations associated with this card are self-doubt, lack of trust and pessimism.

The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon itself is associated with mysteries, the female spirit, emotions and intuitions but also can trigger fears of the unknown. When the Moon card appears you can be certain that the Querant will be going through a time of highly charged emotions and confusion. But under that confusion and unseen, situations are resolving themselves. The Querant must allow things to run their course and not try to force issues that they may not fully understand yet.

The Moon card is also the card of illusions, being deceived and taken advantage of. It acts as a warning to the Querant not to rush important decisions and ensure that they are not deceiving themselves or being deceived in any situation.

Positive connotations associated with this card are imagination, unexpected possibilities and illumination.

Negative connotations associated with this card are fear, confusion, deception and highly charged emotions.

The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun is one of the best, if not the best, cards in the Tarot deck. The Sun indicates satisfaction and happiness in love, marriage, friendship and life in general. The Sun therefore is a most welcome card and a signal of very good news around children or perhaps news of the conception or birth of a much-wanted baby. It also indicates clarity of vision with things suddenly becoming illuminated.

There is also artistic flair and creative connotations attached to this card and can show the Querant that they are heading for success in this area of their lives.  And lastly it can also show travel or relocation to warmer climes.

Positive connotations associated with this card are happiness, success, good health and love.

Negative connotations associated with this card are misjudgement, delays, potential failure, and inflated ego.

Judgement Tarot Card

The Judgement card suggests a time of accomplishment and rewards for past efforts. It is time for the Querant to look back and evaluate his or her life or a phase in their life. It’s about taking stock of their life and consideration of a brand new phase in life. It is a card of powerful transformative energy. If there has been ill health this card signals a recovery with a new lease of life. It also brings an opportunity to the Querant, which, once given, must not be ignored.  Action on a new project or taking a bold decision could change the Querant’s life very much for the better.

It also indicates a time of rebirth, a releasing from burdens, overcoming obstacles before moving on. It can also represent a judgement in a legal matter.

Positive connotations associated with this card are rebirth, new potential and rewards for past efforts.

Negative connotations associated with this card are guilt, loss, fear and obstinacy.

The World Tarot Card

The World represents achievement or completion. Again it is a very positive and uplifting card and can show the Querant they are about to receive their heart's desire. It shows a time of achievement, recognition, success and victory.

The World card can also mark the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. It is important to point out to the Querant that this card is an active and energetic card; the Querant cannot just wait for success to land in their lap. They will need to take action to achieve their goals.

Traditionally this card is very much linked to travel, communication and distance.

Positive connotations associated with this card are fulfilment, completion, satisfaction, joy and success.

Negative connotations associated with this card are stagnation, lack of will or delays.

Completing Step Thirteen and Further Study of the Tarot

  • To complete Step Thirteen you will need to read about and study the Minor Arcana Cards. Follow the link to visit the Minor Arcana Study page and return here to complete Step Thirteen: All About the Tarot.
  • You should acquire a Tarot Deck and familiarize yourself with the cards and their basic meanings.
  • I strongly recommend that you consider enrolling on an advanced Tarot Reading course. This will greatly enhance your psychic abilities, and will also enable you to give professional standard Tarot Readings to yourself, friends and family, and even to paying clients.
  • After this Step you will have completed the initial Thirteen Steps of your tuition on this free course.
  • Take your time completing this important last Step.
  • When you feel you are ready, you can then proceed to learn about the ancient Pagan festivals and celebrations of the Green Witch - the Esbats and Sabbats. To do that, return to the Steps to Become a Witch, and navigate to the Esbats and Sabbats section.

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