How to Create Spells
Step Twelve - The Green Witches Coven
Devising, Writing & Casting Spells

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Step Twelve - How to Create Spells
Devising, Writing & Casting Spells

How to Create Spells is the Step Twelve Lesson from the Green Witches Coven.

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It is easier than you think in devising, writing and casting your own Spells. As with anything in life, research, care and attention to detail will bring good results. 

How to Create Spells
#1 Intention

A pair of hands holding a quill pen is writing on a parchment, illuminated by candlelight, with a mystical full moon and silhouettes of people in the background.

Intention is the cornerstone of any effective spell. It is the focused, unwavering energy that you channel into your magical workings. Before you begin devising, writing, or casting a spell, you must be crystal clear about your intention. What exactly do you want to achieve? What outcome are you seeking? Your intention should be specific, positive, and firmly rooted in your desires. Take time to meditate and reflect on your true needs and desires. This clarity will ensure that the energy you send out is directed purposefully and powerfully.

When setting your intention, it is crucial to align it with the highest good and ethical principles. Avoid vague or negative phrasing. Instead of saying, "I don’t want to be lonely," frame your intention positively: "I attract fulfilling and loving relationships into my life." Write down your intention, visualize it vividly, and infuse it with positive emotions. By doing so, you are creating a strong, clear blueprint for the universe to follow, making your spell more effective and ensuring that your desires manifest in a harmonious and beneficial way.

How to Create Spells
#2 Correspondences

Table with various ingredients and correspondeces for a Mabon Spell

Correspondences are the magical associations that link specific items, colors, elements, and times with particular intentions and outcomes. These connections amplify the energy of your spell and align it with the natural rhythms of the universe.

When devising and writing your spells, carefully select correspondences that resonate with your desired outcome. For instance, if your spell aims to attract love, you might choose rose quartz, pink candles, and the day of Venus—Friday—as these correspondences are traditionally linked with love and affection.

Incorporating correspondences into your spellwork enhances its potency and effectiveness. Each element you choose acts as a conduit for your intention, drawing on the inherent power of natural and symbolic associations. For example, herbs like lavender and chamomile can be used for spells related to peace and relaxation, while citrine and gold can attract abundance and prosperity.

The moon phases also play a significant role; waxing moons are ideal for growth and attraction spells, while waning moons are best for banishing and releasing. By thoughtfully integrating these correspondences, you create a harmonious and powerful spell that is in sync with the greater forces at play, ensuring a successful manifestation of your desires.

Here is a table of Correspondences to guide you.

COLOUR Green Yellow Red
DIRECTION North East South West Centre
TIME Midnight Sunrise Midday Sunset All
SEASON Winter Spring Summer Autumn All
Pentacles Swords Wands Cups Major
QUALITY Stability Intellect Motivation Intuition Psychic Ability
Clear Quartz
Tiger's Eye
Red Jasper
Rose Quartz
Blue Lace
Bay Laurel
OILS Juniper
Exam Success
Psychic Ability
Self Growth

How to Create Spells
#3 Moon Phases


Decide when to cast your specific Spell by taking into account the phase of the moon. A Love Spell is best cast on a full moon, whereas a Cleansing Spell would be best cast on a new moon. It is important to select the right moon phase for a specific Spell. Spell casting to gain, increase or draw towards you love, abundance, prosperity etc should ideally be cast when the moon is waxing (from new to full). To rid, decrease or send away negativity or bad habits choose the waning moon phase (from full to new).

The peak energy is at the full moon, and as such is the most powerful time for Spell Casting. The new moon is the next most powerful time for working magic.

How to Create Spells
#4 Wording Your Spells

It is not essential to have your Spell worded in rhyme. But the very process of attempting to make a rhyming poem of the outcome of your Spell takes time, energy and effort. This ensures you have really thought about what it is you want exactly.

Your Spell should be written down. It must be 'spelled' out to the Universe. You must also speak aloud your Spell – preferably 3 times to ensure the Universe can hear your request.

Be very specific in your Spell request and include a time span if there is a deadline. A Spell to win the lottery, badly worded, may result in the lowest payout some years hence and not the big prize you wanted within months! A badly worded Love Spell may result in you attracting possible undesirables! So, be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it!

Traditionally the words "So mote it be" should end your Spell. This is a very ancient phrase and means 'So as I will it, so shall it be done." It is basically an affirmation that your request will manifest into reality.

How to Create Spells
#5 Spell Casting

An enchanting scene of a witch casting a spell at midnight on New Year's Eve, with a clock striking twelve, representing the potent moment of transformation.

If you conduct any magical working halfheartedly, with little thought to the ingredients, tools or wording you will only achieve half-hearted results. So take great thought and care and give yourself the best chance of manifestation of your desires by taking each step of the Spell casting process seriously.

Remember that, in most cases, a Magic Spell cannot replace physical actions, only enhance them. So if you want to attract a soul mate into your life, you need to mix and socialize with lots of people. If you want a brilliant job, then you have to ensure your CV or resume is brilliant. If you want to win the lottery – then you have to buy a ticket.

Completing Step Twelve: How to Create Spells

Devise write and cast your very own Spell. Enter both the Spell and your thoughts and feelings about the Spell casting process – plus the results, in your Magical Journal.

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