Signs of a Curse

There are many signs of a curse. If you have the majority of the following signs of being cursed then you need to do something about it as soon as possible.

Discover the signs of being hexed, cursed with bad luck, the victim of the Evil Eye, a Generational curse or Family curse, evil Black Magic or Voodoo Doll Magic. Even bad luck because of karma from past lives or past life curses placed upon you in previous lives.

Physical Signs of a Curse

One of the main signs of a curse or hex are unexplained physical symptoms such as sudden ill health, unexplained aches and pains that come and go, extreme fatigue and body weakness.

If after having health checks with normal results, then you are more than likely a victim of a curse or hex. Physical unexplained body pains are a warning sign that your Aura has been damaged in some way and usually because of negative energies and negative entities that have become attached.

Other physical signs of a curse include insomnia, un-restful sleep, nightmares, night terrors and sleep walking.

Excessive yawning, gulping for air or feelings that your throat is closing up can also indicate a curse or hex has been placed upon you.

Sexual problems of an unexplained medical nature can also indicate the Evil Eye has been placed upon you.

Mental Signs of a Curse

Unexplained anxiety is a clear indicator of a curse or hex being placed upon you.  Irrational fear, dread or despair for your future is alos a sign of a curse or hex. If you have accompanying headaches that come with the anxiety attacks you are more than likely to be the victim of the Evil Eye. This when someone is jealous or envious of you and has, usually inadvertently place the evil eye upon you.

If you are normally a positive upbeat person, but have out of the blue severe bouts of low mood, depression and resentment to others, you may have been cursed by a Black Magic or Voodoo Spell.

If you suffer from unexplained brain fog and tend to lose threads of conversation or are forgetful of common words, you may have been the victim of a curse. Vivid nightmares are also a sign of psychic attack and dark entities attaching themselves to you.

Emotional Signs of a Curse

Continual and persistent bad luck with relationships and sudden break ups are often caused by either the Evil Eye being placed upon you by a jealous rival or being hexed or cursed by Black Magic. Love relationships as well as family relationships and friendships can also suffer if a negative entity has attached itself to your Aura.

Financial Signs of a Curse

Signs of a financial curse or money curse are pretty obvious – being in a considerable amount of debt, always losing money, money owed to you never repaid, investments failing and continually struggling from one month to the next.

External Signs of a Curse

If you frequently see the sequence of numbers of 666 in house numbers, car license plates, on receipts, ticket numbers etc. then this is a sure indicator that a curse has been placed upon you.

Animal Signs of a Curse

Animals and birds pick up on differences in vibrational energies more intensely than human beings. They can sense when negative energy and/or negative entities are pervading someone’s Aura. So they begin to act strangely in the presence of someone who has been cursed or hexed.

If you notice animal or bird behaviour changing in dramatic ways, then this is a sign of being hexed or cursed. If large black birds from the corvid family such as Crows and Ravens start to appear in greater numbers than is usual is normally a sign of having a curse upon you.

Another member of the corvid family is the Magpie. If you repeatedly see a solitary Magpie then this can be a sign of the Evil Eye being directed at you. If you see a single Magpie for 13 times on separate occasions in a row then you have most likely had a Black Magic Spell curse put upon you. 

If you see an owl with dark eyes in the daytime then this is a sure sign that a curse has been placed someone. 

Normally well behaved dogs that bark for no good reason and seem very hostile often means they can sense a curse on someone.

Cats, particularly black cats that spit, hiss or arch their backs for no good reason are often an indicator of the presence of a curse or hex. 

Three Ways to Lift a Curse, Break a Hex or Remove the Evil Eye


First you need to write out the word CURSE in black ink onto a piece of paper. Cross out the word CURSE with red ink. Now carefully burn the paper in a metal dish or ashtray by igniting it with the flame from a white candle.

When the ashes from the paper have cooled, cover with salt.

Next transfer the salt and ash mix to a glass jar.

Travel at least one mile north from your home and find a place where you can safely and legally scatter the ash and salt mix onto the earth. Stamp on the earth and grind the ash and salt mix into the ground.

Some people choose graveyards to perform this ritual.

Repeat this chant 3 times as you grind the ash and salt mix into the ground:

"To the ground any curses I grind
Any bad luck energy I plea to unbind
From all that has befallen me most unkind
To release now my soul, body and mind."


You will need to perform the ritual outdoors. Avoid wind, rain and snow.
Use about a pound (half a kilo) of salt to make a circle on the ground. The circle should be about three foot (one metre) wide. 

Step into the circle and count backwards from 666 all the way to zero. Do not allow yourself to be distracted. This seems a simple Curse Removal ritual but it needs time, dedication and commitment.


In a darkened room, lit only by candle light, remove all your clothing. You will need to use a mixture of your own spit and a strong clear spirit such as vodka, tequila or gin for the ritual.
Find a comfortable place to sit.

Spit onto your finger and then dip your finger into the glass of spirit. Next rub firmly with your finger onto the sole of your left foot. Spit again onto your finger and dip into the spirit once more and repeat the rubbing on right foot. Next repeat this process on the palms of your hands. Firstly your left palm followed by your right palm. To finish again spit onto your finger and dip into the spirit and rub firmly on your sternum (breast bone) which is located in the centre of your chest.

If you felt pain or discomfort on your feet, palms or sternum doing this ritual, then this is a clear sign that you have been the victim of a curse.

Repeat this ritual over as many nights as you need to until the pain or discomfort is gone. This will mean the curse has been lifted.

Types of Curses

There are several forms of curses or hexes.

Generational Curses

If you have the same bad luck as your parents and grandparents had, you are very likely to be the victim of a generational curse of family curse placed upon your forefathers. This can be very difficult to break curses of this nature and a lot depends on how far back the curse or hex goes.

Generational Curses also known as Family Curses can sometimes skip a generation.

The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye, widely known throughout Turkey and Greece is usually inadvertently placed upon someone and can lead to bad luck, illness, loss of wealth and loss of sexual libido. Although the Evil Eye can be placed on you without malicious intent the consequences can be long lasting and devastating.

Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Magic

Voodoo dolls and poppets are fashioned to create both physical and mental harm to the target. Some forms of Voodoo Magic can be life threatening, so any attempt to reverse a curse like this needs a great deal of expertise. 

Black Magic Spell Curses

Black Magic curses are usually placed upon someone as revenge. Sometimes known as Black Magic Revenge Spells this form of curse is particularly difficult to attempt to remove. Extreme caution needs to taken if you are the victim of a Black Magic curse. Any attempts at curse removal should not be treated lightly as you may cause more harm than good if your approach to breaking a Black Magic curse is not conducted in the correct way.


There is no discernible difference between a hex or a curse. The word curse is normally used in Northern European countries, whereas the word hex is preferred by North America.  Hexes are generally placed upon a target by a practitioner of the dark arts, whereas curses can in theory be placed by anyone with ill intent.

Karma from Past Lives

In your past lives you may have had curses placed upon you and are only now suffering the consequences. It may be that the things you did previous lives such as criminal or vengeful acts have cause bad Karma in this life for you.

Finacial Curses

Financial curses also known as money curses cause poverty, lack, debt and misery. People who have had a financial curse put upon them will find it nigh impossible to free themselves from poverty and debt without help.

3 Fold Law

The 3 Fold Law also known as the Law of Return or the Rule of Three is where good or bad deeds, in this life, will be returned to that person three times. So if you have made mistakes in your past, the consequences are likely to return to you in the form of bad luck three times as bad.

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Hex Breaker Talisman

A Hex Breaker Talisman is a protective Good Luck Charm to reverse a Hex, break a curse and remove bad luck. Used also for protection against further hexes and negative energy.

As a very experienced, skilled and knowledgeable White Witch and expert Spell caster, I know all about the power of hexes and curses and the misery, heartbreak and misfortune they can cause. And that is why I’m always happy to help in any way I can to break a hex, reverse a curse or eliminate the Evil Eye, so that you can be released from the negative bad luck that has plagued you.

A Hex Breaker Talisman is a protective charm to carry with you to protect you from future hexes, curses and negative energy.

If you experience continued bad luck and believe that you have been hexed or cursed, you need to protect yourself urgently.

There are a number of ways that you can lift a curse or break a hex. These include using Hex breaking herbs, Hex breaking oils, Hex breaking rituals or Hex breaking chants. But the easiest way is to carry a Hex Breaker Talisman with you.

Once you’ve made payment and told me a little of why you need a Hex Breaker Talisman, I’ll begin immediately to make preparations to customize it specifically for you and your unique position.  Once I’ve Spell infused it with a very powerful hex breaking ritual, I will bless it and charge it so you can feel the effects as soon as you receive it via mail.

Once you’ve received it you need to first take time to bond with it. Keep it close by every day and night for at least one month. This assists your energies to blend so that it becomes part of your aura, and creates a connection between you and your infused Hex Breaker Talisman, allowing you to draw towards you positive energies and repel any negative energies you may have picked up.

Your Hex Breaker Talisman should be treated as your most precious possession. Do not let others touch it and keep it where you know it is safe. It is priceless.

Each Hex Breaker Talisman is unique and individually and specifically Spell infused, charged and blessed for you. No other identical and exact crystal exists anywhere on the planet. It is unique to you and you alone

How does a Hex Breaker Talisman work

It works in two ways, firstly I Spell infuse, ritually bless and charge your Hex Breaker Talisman with powerful, purifying and potent positive energies to rid curses, expel Evil Eye curses, banish bad luck and break any hexes placed upon you.

As an expert Spell caster and experienced White Witch I have all the credentials needed to overpower even the strongest and most evil of Voodoo Spells, Black Magic curses and Evil Eye curses.

Repelling and reversing generational curses are a speciality of mine.

Generational curses are when a hex or curse was placed upon one of your ancestors and the bad luck, evil intent and malicious malevolence has continued down your family line for generations causing you a great deal of extremely bad luck. 

Although my Magic is pure and positive it is incredibly powerful and can easily overwhelm even the most evil intents.

Secondly, the Hex Breaker Talisman acts as a protective lucky charm. It helps guard and protect you from any future curses, hexes, negative entities and negative energies. So, not only will you be finally released from evil curses, hexes and bad luck, but you’ll also have a protective shield around your aura protecting you from harm.

Gemstone Crystals with Ancient Power

My Hex Breaker Talismans are created using gemstone crystals which hold ancient and powerful energies. I handpick your stone specifically for you and your purpose. I choose the best crystal for you and your situation. I Spell infuse, bless and magically inscribe it with your sigil, for added protection.

Black Obsidian is an extremely powerful protective crystal stone. It has the ability to shield and protect your Aura and to repel negative energies. Black Obsidian can heal and repair past traumas that cause anxiety, low mood and general bad luck. It is strong, powerful and grounding.

Hex Breaker Talisman Crystal

$ 20.00

After making payment click here to enter and submit your details on my Talisman Details Form. You will be asked to provide:

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