October – Blood Moon

October – The Blood Moon

October – the Blood Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon in Celtic traditions or Hunter’s Moon in Thomas's Old Farmer’s Almanac.

During this time it is important to ensure that you are well protected from negative energies and there are as many positive beginnings as endings in your life.

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Magic of the Blood Moon

During the Blood Moon period it is well worth conducting Magic that allows protection. Cast the following Spell on the evening of the full moon during the Blood phase and be prepared for strong protection.

This Protection Spell will help to protect you from negative energies.

Prepare your tools & ingredients on your Altar on the Blood Moon

Dried Rosemary, dried Lavender & dried Sage in a flameproof dish
An altar candle
A small container to hold salt
A small dish or bowl to hold water
A tall blue candle with holder
Lavender oil
Geranium oil
Cypress oil

You can also add blue quartz crystals such as blue lace agate and the Tarot card of Temperance and Strength to your Altar.

Before you commence Blood Moon Spell Casting

Blend two drops each of the Lavender Oil, Geranium Oil and Cypress Oil with a small amount of carrier oil.
Ignite the dried herbs in the flameproof dish so they emit smoke.
Light your altar candle.

Create your Sacred Space & Circle

Concentrate and visualise a sphere of gold light forming around you and expanding outwards in every direction to form your Sacred space

Call upon the Elements

Concentrate on all five elements of Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Spirit and how they are within you, represented on your Altar and in the world around you.

Raise Energy

Raising your energy is bringing forth all your energy inside you and preparing to release it at the end of the Spell to go out into the world and create the changes you desire. Imagine the energy in the form of a white light flowing throughout your body forming a ball of light deep in your chest. Tense every muscle in your body until you feel ‘fully charged’. Relax and take a few deep breaths before proceeding

Recite your Spell

Anoint your tall blue candle with the bended oil by carefully and purposefully rubbing the oil all over the candle. Set the candle in a holder at the centre of your altar and light it with the flame of your altar candle.

Carefully, pass the blue candle in a wide circle around your head, transferring it from one hand to the other behind and above your head. Do this three times, visualising the candle flame leaving behind it a circle of protective blue light that surrounds you.


‘By the power of the Moon of the night
Let all negativity be cast from sight
The energies of protective light
Protect me now with energies bright
Bring henceforth to me
So mote it be’

Release Energy

After your Spell is complete you will need to release and send out the energy that you raised. This energy is released into the world to create the change you desire. To do this you will need to stand before your altar and imagine the ball of light in your chest once more. Again tense all your muscles and begin to ‘push’ the energy upward.

Then stand comfortably with your feet apart and thrust your arms upwards and outwards to form a star shape with your body. Exhale and imagine sending this energy out into the air. When this is complete, stand with feet together and touch each shoulder with opposite arms to form a cross against your chest.

Ground Yourself

Relax, take some deep breaths and imagine and visualise the golden sphere around you becoming smaller until it disappears.

Halloween - October 31st

Halloween is the most important of the eight Witch’s Sabbats and is celebrated throughout the world with traditional Pagan feasts, bonfires, and rituals to honour the spirits of deceased loved ones. The last night of October was the ancient Celt's New Year's Eve. It marked the end of the Summer and the beginning of Winter (also known as the dark half of the year).

Halloween Honouring the Gifts of the Night

Plan in advance a night walk to honour the gifts of the night. Ensure your safety by having a companion with you and a torch or lantern. Go to a forest, lakeside, the ocean, the mountains or hillside or a quiet garden or public park, somewhere where you can see the stars and the moon, weather permitting. Breathe deeply as you take in all the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of nature as it surrounds you. Pay attention to all the elements that surround you and how they relate to all your senses. Let the joys of nature seep into your soul as you stroll along.

Look into the dark sky and connect with the energy of the moon and stars. Silently ask the element of Spirit to connect with you. At this time be open to any messages that come to you.

On your return home, place representatives of the night upon your altar. This could be the Tarot cards of the Moon and the Star, a moonstone crystal, or beautiful things with the pattern or shape of the stars or moon you have already in your possession.

As you look upon your altar take a few moments to remember your senses, the elements and the darkness of the night on your walk and know that they will remain with you to give you inner strength, increased intuition and awareness that you are connected with everything and everyone in the universe.

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