Psychic Ability – Are you Psychic and
Can You Develop It?

People often ask me if I can tell whether they have psychic ability or not.

Are You Psychic?

The answer is always a definite - YES THEY DO - and so do you!

Psychic ability is innate in all of us. You can learn how to develop your own psychic powers and to bring to the fore your own intuition.

We have 5 senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell. For many of us, one or more of these senses can be impaired. We sometimes don’t have perfect vision or hearing for example, especially as we grow older.

Other times we can impair our senses by our actions. For example, smoking affects your sense of smell. Some would say that this is self-inflicted impairment. However they are impaired, it is still a physical impairment.

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Our other sense, our Sixth Sense, is psychologically and emotionally impaired in 99% per cent of us. We have forgotten how to use this sense. This sixth sense can guide our intuitions, so that we always make the right choices in life. But because it is so impaired we tend to repeat bad choices, time and time again.

Have you got Psychic Ability?
Unfortunately, we often don't learn from our mistakes. Your psychic ability, or being in tune with your intuition, is as natural as breathing. We all possess intuition to a greater or lesser degree. All it takes is a willingness to recognise what we feel, and to act on what you notice.

So how can you develop your sixth sense? How can you use your psychic ability? How can you learn to sense, see, feel, hear, smell, and taste ALL of the energies that affect your life and to manipulate the energies around you to get what you want from life?

Just like taking the earplugs out of your ears obviously improves your sense of hearing, so we need to unblock the emotional energies that are obstructing our sixth sense. These blockages may have been in place for many years, with others adding to them over time. There are ways to dislodge these emotional blockages by allowing your inner energy to flow freely.

Follow the simple advice given below, and in the linking web pages, to open up your intuition to aid your psychic development.



By using an Amethyst Crystal daily it will open up intuitive and psychic abilities.

Click the link for more on Crystals and how they can help with your psychic development.

The Colour Purple

The Colour Purple

Surrounding yourself with the colour purple will increase your psychic ability and intuition. Spending just a few moment looking at, and meditating on anything that is purple will help you: a flower, a coloured piece of paper, or even this lilac coloured website, will help you.

Click the link for more on Colours and how they can help with increase your psychic ability.

Connect with Nature

Psychic Development

Psychic development can be made easier if you accept you already possess immense, latent, psychic abilities. The only thing that's holding you back is your own sense of confidence.

Click the link for how you can develop your Psychic Abilities further.

Connect with Spirit Rainbow

Connect to Your Spirit Guides

You need to connect with "Spirit" to fully make changes to your life and manifest the Magic you need to effect this change.

Click the link for more on how you can connect to your Spirit Guides and how it can help with your psychic development.

Tarot Reading

Learning the Tarot

Learn the art of Reading the Tarot. The Tarot without doubt is one of the best ways to increase your psychic ability and gain knowledge about divination techniques.

Click the link for more on learning the art of Tarot Reading and how it can help bring out your confidence in your psychic abilities.

Free Psychic Ability Guide
Download my FREE Psychic Ability Guide

My FREE Psychic Ability Guide can help you learn more about your psychic abilities and how they can shape your daily life. Download it now.

Click the link for more on how you can Download FREE my Psychic Ability Guide

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