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Here I hope to share some information about Palm Reading. The divination art of Palm Reading known as Hand Analysis or Palmistry involves looking at the shape, size and lines of the hands.

Palm Readers known as palmists look at hands as an outline of a person's life. A Palm Reader can glean information about someone from the past, present and future.

There are three main forms of hand analysis that are known as Chiromancy, Chirognomy and Dermatoglyphics.


Chiromancy is the study of the lines and mounts on the palms of the hands. This is perhaps the most common form of hand analysis that most people have some awareness of. Many have at least heard of the life line, heart line and head line and know that Palm Readers interpret these lines and give guidance about the past, present and future.

Find out more about the Heart Line, Life Line, Head Line, Health Line and Destiny Line along with the Mount of Venus, Mount of Mercury, Mount of Saturn, Mount of Mars and Mount of the Moon in my Palm Reading Guide 


Throughout the ages and in diverse cultures different forms of categorizing hand types and their meanings have developed. Chinese Palmistry, for example divides basic hand shapes into five types. More complex methods have been developed and divide basic hand shapes into as many as twelve different types. By far the most common and popular is the elemental method of hand shape recognition. Elemental Chirognomy has just four major types – the Fire, Water, Earth and Air hand types.

Find out more about the Fire, Water, Earth and Air hand types and what character, nature and personality they indicate in my Chirognomy Guide


Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints. Palm Readers look at the skin ridges and their formation to determine the character, personality and life style choices of a person. Fingerprints are fully formed in the womb and can never change and are unique to a person.

Each fingerprint is made up of between 50 and 100 lines. The type and formation of the lines generally fall into four categories – whorls, loops, arches and tented arches.

Palmists can look at the type of fingerprint lines and determine the basic traits and character of a particular person. 


People who have mainly whorls tend to be domineering, bossy and like to be in charge. They do not thrive well in subordinate roles and prefer instead to be their own boss. They are always on the go and very energetic and active.

Many whorls on the finger tips show a person who makes for a very passionate lover. Whorls also indicate ambition and drive and the desire for success, recognition and reward.


Many loops on the finger tips show that the person is sensitive, caring and considerate. With many loops it means that the person is very sensuous and romantic and needs to be in a loving, equal and meaningful relationship.

They can be very intense and somewhat emotional in relationships and need to feel secure and safe. 


Many arches on the fingertips can denote a person who is steady, practical and cautious. People who have mainly arches tend to be faithful and loyal lovers. They also make dutiful and industrious employees.

To be admired and respected as responsible upstanding citizens in the chief aim of someone who has many arches on their fingertips.

Tented Arch

A tented arch indicates a person who is imaginative, inventive and intelligent. People who have tented arches tend to have many admirers are very reluctant to commit and settle with just one person.

Free spirited, intellectual and sometimes unusual and eccentric, people with tented arches on their finger prints are never dull.


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