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Colours can influence your moods, feelings and emotions. Colours influence your actions and how you respond to people, situations and ideas.

Colours can affect us profoundly and in ways that you may not have thought of. Of course, we are surrounded by colour and normally take colours for granted.

Learn a little about the meaning of colours and how they affect your personality, your choices and your actions. Learn how you can use the magic of colour for healing, spiritual rituals and in everyday life.

Learn how wearing different colours can attract to you love, wealth and happiness.

Colour in Magic

For Magical Rituals and Spell work special importance is placed upon the meanings of colours. Each colour corresponds with a vibration, with an energy, with an element and with a desired outcome. Getting the colours wrong can at best make a Spell fail and at worst could backfire on the Spell caster or recipient of the Spell’s manifestation.

Coloured candles, the colour of crystal gemstones, the altar cloth and even the colour of clothing worn by the Spell caster are vitally important.

I pay particular attention to all my Spells and the colour associations and correspondences related to them.

For example in casting Love Spells I will use Pink candles and Pink Rose Quartz crystals. For Money Spells I use Green candles and Green Aventurine crystals. And similarly I use the colour Blue for candles and crystals for Healing and Protection Spells

Colour in Everyday Life

It is well known that colour can affect your moods. You can find some colours uplifting and exciting while others depressing and draining. We often use terms like, 'feeling blue', ‘in a black mood’, ‘green with envy’ or 'seeing red', without really thinking of the meaning behind the words.

The atmosphere of a room can be changed by the colour choices of paint and furnishings. The individual colours you choose for clothing or decorating a room can reveal much about who you are. Having a favourite colour of say purple expresses that you are highly spiritual and are searching for meaning and answers to many thought provoking questions about what life means to you. Purple as a favourite colour often means that you have psychic abilities that need to be encouraged and developed.

Choosing pink as a favourite colour shows that that you are likely to be in need of some love. This maybe love for yourself or love from others. Possibly those around you have not been as affectionate, caring or attentive as you want them to be.

Awareness of colour meanings and why you are attracted or repelled by certain colours can be very enlightening.

Read more about the different colour meanings:

Colour Meaning - The Science of Colour

Sir Isaac Newton used a prism in 1666 and saw the rainbow of colours that we know as the electromagnetic spectrum. He discovered that the entire electromagnetic spectrum is made up of ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared. The human eye can only see the light sector of the spectrum. That is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet – the colours of the rainbow.

Scientists measure the wavelengths of light in this spectrum in nanometers or billionths of a meter. In the visible spectrum of light the colour red has the longest wavelength, and violet has the shortest. So, the colour you can see depends on the wavelength of the light you absorb into your eyes.

The primary colours are red, green, and blue, from these colours; every other colour can be made.

Colour Meaning - Colour Therapy

The use of Colour as a Therapy dates back thousands of years with evidence of this being found in ancient texts from Egypt, India and China.

Colour is light of varying wavelengths and is a form of light energy. Each colour has its own specific wavelength and vibration. These wavelengths resonate with energies in different areas of the body and can have a healing effect.

Healers use different colour vibrations to help assist their clients. Focusing on the Chakras, which are the seven main energy centres of the body, the healer can use a variety of methods including:

  • Placing of colour silks on the body.
  • The directing of coloured light on to the body.
  • Meditation with colour

Colour Meaning - Colour in Auras

An Aura is a field of energy that surrounds all living beings. Some gifted people are able to see the colours of an Aura. The Aura is made up of layers and patterns of colour, although an Aura can also be felt, heard, or sensed through other means other than colour recognition.

The colours of an individual’s Aura can reveal much about their physical, spiritual, emotional and mental state. The Aura reflects the well-being, mood and energy of a person, animal or plant.

Dominant Blue in your Aura, for example can indicate that you are highly spiritual, have a strong will and a determined focus. It can also show inability to open up and express deep emotions and have doubts about your own abilities, talents and skills.

A principal colour of Green in an Aura indicates strong home and family orientation and a deep connection to nature. It can show that you are a natural healer in tune with nature and its forces.

Read much more about Aura colours in my special Aura Colours Section

Colour Meaning - Just for Fun

Try to wear bright multi coloured clothing one day. Prepare and eat as many different brightly coloured foods as possible on that day – a salad containing orange and yellow peppers, tomatoes, beetroot and green leaves is perfect. Throughout your day be aware of all the colours around you.

This is a great way of really thinking about colour in your life. Try every day to look around you and feel the colours.


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