Colour Personality

Colour Personality

We are instinctively drawn to certain colours at certain times as they can influence our moods, feelings and emotions.

Apologies to my American friends who use the spelling color in place of colour as I will be using the English spelling throughout this website.

Find out the colour meaning of your favourite colour. Each colour represents certain character traits that are known as colour personality. Find out, if from your favourite colour, your character matches your colour personality. Your colour personality can reveal a lot about you – perhaps more than you think. Your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental well being is reflected in the colour choices you are drawn to.

Culturally, socially and emotionally you may have formed likes and dislikes to certain colours, but in the main people are drawn to the colour they most need and the one that reflects their personality.

Meaning of Favourite Colours

What is your favourite colour? Do you have two or more colours that you like equally as much? Have you switched your favourite colour over time? Most people do have a more favoured colour. That is a colour that makes up much of their wardrobe and/or is most prevalent in their choices for home decor. Many people are attracted to a particular colour and just as many repelled by that same colour.

Your favourite colour represents your personality, your likes and dislikes, your outlook on life and why you make the choices you do. Very often the colour that people are most drawn to is the predominant colour of their own Aura.

Colour Meaning

Personality Colour White 

If your favourite colour is white it indicates that you are a truthful and honest person and seek the same qualities in others. You are clear about what you want in your life and are open and receptive to newness. You are not afraid to step outside your comfort zone and to sample different experiences. White also indicates an interest in Spirituality and in a desire to increase your knowledge around this area.

Personality Colour Pink 

If your favourite colour is pink it often shows a desire for love. This can be a need to increase your own self-love or gaining love from others. Possibly those around you have not been as affectionate, caring or attentive as you want them to be.

Personality Colour Purple

Purple as a favourite colour represents that you are deeply spiritual and are looking for meaning and answers to many thought provoking questions about what life means to you. You have psychic abilities that need to be encouraged and developed.

It shows you have a vivid imagination and should explore creative ideas such as writing poetry or other artistic pursuits.

Personality Colour Blue 

If your colour personality is represented by the colour blue it indicates that you have a powerful need to be protected and nurtured and are seeking calm in your life. You possibly have to deal with some difficult issues at present, of which you may not feel supported and cared for, by those close to you. You crave peace, quiet and a chance for full relaxation and recharging of your energies. Your desire to have open communication and all cards placed on the table is very strong. 

Personality Colour Green 

Choosing green as a favourite colour shows that you may need to grow as a person. You have the desire to really stretch yourself and reach your fullest potential. You crave new adventure, growth and need constantly to move forward and loathe stagnation.

Personality Colour Yellow 

If your favourite colour is yellow it means that you are very open and receptive to learning new things and education in general. Study, using your mind and soaking up knowledge comes easily to you. People of high intellect prefer this colour to others. 

It shows that your mind is receptive to receiving knowledge and is positively alert to gaining new insights and skills. Try to focus on what you feel is a priority at this time, as it may also indicate an overly loaded mind needing clarity and a logical stepped approach.

Personality Colour Orange 

Orange as a favourite colour indicates that you are a fun person, young at heart and very adaptable. You could be in need of some fun, joy and laughter right now! Orange is a very joyous and vibrant colour. It is said to free and release emotions and it is a great anti-depressant and will lift your spirits. 

Creativity and optimism are key words for this choice of colour.

Personality Colour Red 

If your colour personality is represented by the colour red it shows that you are a passionate and motivated personality. You put full and vibrant energy into everything you set your mind to. You are determined and fully motivated and will let nothing and no one get in your way if you are pursuing one of your many passions.

Personality Colour Brown 

Choosing Brown as a favourite colour indicates that you are very in tune with nature and are very gifted in communicating with and dealing with animals. Your connection to animals makes you a very caring and nurturing person. You also have your feet on the ground and are very practical and not afraid to roll your sleeves up and get down to work.

Personality Colour Gold 

Choosing Gold as a favourite colour indicates that you love success and are filled with optimism, intelligent ideas and plenty of motivation to put plans into action. It shows you use your personal power wisely and are courageous. Gold is a very successful colour and is linked with creativity.

Personality Colour Silver 

With silver as a favourite colour you can be narcissistic and feel you are superior to others. If you have silver as a favourite colour opportunities for you to use your talents are awaiting you. Now is the perfect time to attract increased intuition and inspiration and getting to the truth in situations.   

Personality Colour Black 

If your colour personality is represented by the colour black it means that you are a very independent thinker and have some unique and unconventional thoughts, views and opinions. You are seen by others as somewhat a mysterious character that not many people can fathom.

The use of colour, their colour meanings and what they represent are very important in my Magic Spell Casting to change destiny for the better!!!


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