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The Real Meaning of Halloween, Why is Magic Potent at Halloween?, Spells for Casting on Halloween,  Black Cats – Good Luck or Bad Luck?, Things to do to Celebrate Halloween and Invoke the Magic!

The Real Meaning of Halloween

Halloween (or "Samhain" as the Pagans would call it) has been celebrated in Britain for centuries, but has taken off, particularly in the US, as a family friendly festival incorporating a Trick or Treat escapade where children dress up and pass around the neighborhood trading good behaviour for a treat in the form of candy.

Halloween however, is a very important date in the Pagan calendar, for it marks the Feast of the Dead. Many Pagans also celebrate it as the old Celtic New Year.

According to Pagan Celtic traditions, it was the time of year when the veils between this world and the Otherworld were believed to be at their thinnest. When the spirits of the dead could most readily mingle with the living once again.

Although skeletal costumes and regalia associated with ghouls, zombies and vampires are popular choices for children terrifying neighborhoods throughout the western world, for Pagans death is not a thing to be feared.

Rather, loved ones who have recently died are remembered and their spirits often invited to join the living in the celebratory feast. It is also a time at which those born during the past year are formally welcomed into the community.

Death also symbolizes endings and Samhain is therefore not only a time for reflecting on mortality, but also on the passing of relationships, jobs and other significant changes in life. A time for taking stock of the past and coming to terms with it, in order to move on and look forward to the future.

So, Samhain is a time to remember those who have left us. This is a time to remember our ancestors, both ancient and wise. This is the time when the barriers between our world and the next become blurred, and those from the other side are free to visit our world, as well as guide us.

This is a time for reflection, to look back over the past year. A time to come to terms with the one great phenomenon of life in which we have no control of - Death.

This is also a time to let old habits die and to meditate on who we wish to become. The Winter months are months to muse inward, seeking one's Self. Spend this time in your studies, calm meditations and gentle reverie so that, come spring, you may rise renewed, rejuvenated, fresh and whole.

Why is Magic so Potent at Halloween?

Hallowe'en, as the traditional Celtic New Year's Eve, is the beginning of the coming year and of the future. As such, the Horned or antlered God, who in Celtic Tradition is viewed as the divine male principality, being both equal and opposite to the Goddess, must depart the physical world and reside in the land of spirits and waiting souls. Before departing, this is the last opportunity he will have to perform this greatest of all Magics. His departure at Halloween is very dramatic and powerful as it opens the gates of the entire Netherworld for a brief period thus rendering Samhain a period of awe for all who have the senses to feel it.

Pagans use this time to tap into the Power that is unleashed, greater than any other in the year, greater even than the Blue Moon!

Halloween Spell Thrice Cast by Alizon

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Black Cats! – Lucky or unlucky?

Black cats are famous as the witch's loyal companion or familiar. As such they often feature in Halloween symbolism. Many cultures around the world regard Black Cats as lucky omens, while others avoid them like the plague, fearing that if they cross your path, bad luck will befall you.

Which is it – lucky or unlucky?


Things to do to Celebrate Halloween and Invoke the Magic!

Predicting the Future

Divination (or seeking knowledge about what the future holds) are traditional at Samhain to foretell the coming year's, challenges and gifts. At this time of the year those that seek to predict or foretell the future are believed to be at their most accurate, as the veil between worlds is so thin.

Divining by fire is popular and you can use either a candle flame or a fireplace. If you use a candle, the color purple is a good choice. Light the candle and begin gazing at the flame, quiet your breath and center your energies and body. Begin playing with the flame mentally, establishing your connection.

Watch the flame grow taller, flicker and flatten. Watch it wave wildly then quiet it. Once you have your connection, unfocus your eyes slightly, and ask a yes or no question. If the flame grows taller, your answer is yes, if it flattens the answer is no.

Using your fireplace allows you to see pictures in the dancing flames that answer your questions. Again quieten your breathing and center yourself. Gaze into the flames and slightly unfocus your eyes. Ask your question and watch the flames play with each other as they form pictures and as the embers glow and wink out forms and numbers to give you your answer.


There are things you can do to protect yourself at Halloween with great effect.

Light candles and place them in a safe place facing a window to protect your home and light the way home spiritually for those you love who may be far away. Burn from dusk until midnight on Halloween.
Place a clove of garlic on a west-facing window, saying: "May only good enter here."

Leave the favorite foods, flowers and photographs of deceased family members at the family hearth or a focal place in the home. Cook great-grandmother’s favorite recipes and retell the family legends, especially to younger members of the family.

Create eight holes instead of a face around a pumpkin and place a candle inside. Peer through each hole to see into other dimensions and receive wisdom.

Gaze into a fire or candle and allow images of past worlds and maybe past lives to emerge spontaneously.

I do hope you have a joyous Halloween and that you receive Peace and all you wish to have in your Life!

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