Lucky Talismans


Here you can find out about ancient empowered Talismans.

You may need increased good luck to help you achieve a specific purpose such as attracting money, good luck with gambling or increasing your overall success.

You may want to attract, commit to or reunite with a lover. Having something physical, Magical and tangible to carry with you allows powerful and positive energies to flow to you.

You may need increased protection from dark forces, negative and harmful people and circumstances and bad luck in general.

Along with my Spell casting services I offer my Magic charms in the form of Talismans which are ritually blessed, Spell infused and magically 'inscribed' lucky charms.

They are lucky charms that are authentic, individual and personally selected for your specific purpose and desired outcome.

Magic charms may be used to help you attract money, attract love, fame, fortune, good luck, good health, fertility or any other positive purpose.

My Talismans are charmed personally by me, Alizon, experienced and expert Witch to provide power, energy, and specific benefits to its eventual owner.

This is your opportunity to own an ancient empowered lucky charm that has been Magic Spell infused, ritually blessed and magically 'inscribed' to carry your personal and specific message to the Universe.

ONLY $20.00

After making payment click here to enter and submit your details on my Talisman Details Form. You will be asked to provide:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • The purpose of your Talisman

Once you have purchased your lucky charm I will send it as soon as possible to your given mail address. 

Now you just need to expect the Magic to begin…

Crystals as Lucky Charms

I have been using crystals for many years and am very attuned to their special energies.

All my crystals have been cleansed and fully charged under a full moon. During my Spell Casting rituals I empower, bless and Magic Spell infuse the crystals. To personalise each crystal to its new owner and their specific purpose, wish, dream or goal, I magically inscribe - from an ancient alphabet, their desire. This is where the term Magic Spell comes from. I 'Spell out' magically your desired outcome into the crystal.

Of course this cannot be physically seen, but nevertheless your own specific wish is imbued into the charmed crystal carrying your desired outcome message to the Universe.

This complex process takes me time and energy. And it is powerful energy too! When I magically transform a simple crystal into a talisman the magical energy created charges the atmosphere. This begins the process of ensuring your desired outcome becomes reality.

In bygone times, when Witches were persecuted, they developed a Magical secret alphabet that allowed them to write out their Spells and other magical workings in Grimoires. This prevented the uninitiated from discovering their secrets and protected them from persecution. I use this secret magical alphabet to inscribe the Talismans I offer.

I can create and charm a crystal for any positive purpose, there are no limitations to what a lucky charm can be used for – so long as it harms none.

Unique Lucky Charm

They can be carried in your pocket, bag, purse or wallet. They are natural crystals and come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Each one is uniquely different. Your lucky charm may vary in size, shape, colour and type to the ones shown here. Your crystal will be your own unique lucky charm. No other will exist like it anywhere on earth. 


When you receive it you need to first take time to bond with it to make it your very own lucky charm. Keep it close by every day and night for at least one month. This assists your energies to blend so that it becomes part of your aura, and creates a connection between you and your personal crystal, allowing you to draw towards you positive energies.

Achieving Your Desires, Dreams or Goals

Whatever positive purpose you use a Magic charm for whether it's for attracting love or financial abundance, business success etc. your subconscious mind will work toward this purpose and bring opportunities to your attention. This is very empowering and you will become more confident and gain power and control over all aspects of your life that will finally allow you to live the life you deserve. You will be harnessing the powers of the Universe to attract what you want, and to repel what you don’t want.

Owning an ancient empowered lucky charm is like finally having the golden key that opens all kinds of doors for you.

Opportunities will flow to you and allow you to fulfil your deepest wishes, desires and ambitions whilst, at the same time protecting you from dark forces, misfortune and bad luck.

All my talismans are created and charmed by using only pure and positive energies in love and light, with harm to none. It is therefore impossible for any lucky charm you get from me to be anything but positive. This means no ill effects and no negative backfiring. The sole purpose of a Magic charm is to attract only good and positive benefits and opportunities to its owner.

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