How to make a Sagittarius Man
fall in love with You

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Sagittarius Men and How to Attract One

To attract a Sagittarius man can sometimes be a problem because they are so het up in pursuing sporting activities, travelling and enjoying a wide and varied social life that they have little time for romantic love. It's not that they don't like women, because they do but they also have many passions and interests to keep them occupied.

The best approach to adopt to capture the heart of a Sagittarius man is to become firm friends first. Join in their social and sporting activates and suggest new and exciting things to try. Even if it means you joining him climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, skydiving or bungee jumping. He'll love that you can keep up with his adventurous side. If you can't or won't take part in extreme sports with him at least be there to cheer him on.

Once you have become good friends, the difficulty is gaining some sort of commitment from a Sagittarius man. They tend to be serial daters with any one woman not exceeding half a dozen or so dates with him. If you want to have a long term and committed relationship with him you'll have to be inventive and flexible in the way you handle him. Allow him some freedom and independence as Sagittarian men do not like to be stifled. Do not be too needy, clingy or overly sensitive with him. Admire, respect and most of all support and encourage him in everything he does.

If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius man, or want to be then you'll need to develop a thick skin. Sagittarius men are known to be blunt and brutally honest. They do not make good diplomats at all. If you are looking for sensitive, caring and thoughtful man then a Sagittarius man is unlikely to fit the bill. If, however you are looking for a wild, bad boy with a heart of gold, who is fun, exciting and spontaneous then a Sagittarius man will do very nicely.

Tips on how to attract a Sagittarius Man and have them fall in love with you

If you have your eye on a Virgo man then try these methods to attract them and get them to fall in love with you.

1 Wear something in the colour orange to attract a Sagittarius man. The colour orange is an active and very social colour and is attracting to a Sagittarius man. And as Sagittarius men are both sporty and active and like to be sociable this colour suits their personality. Also wear perfumes containing Neroli, (orange blossom) and any citrus based fragrance to attract a Sagittarius man. They will find it irresistible.

2 If you can arrange a surprise outing or fun date that involves travel or an activity in the great outdoors your Sagittarius man will love it. They are well known for their impulsive and spontaneous personalities and will be excited that you've planned such an exciting event for them.

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