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Here is your chance to own a Magic Crystal Pendulum to answer all the perplexing questions you may have.. It is cleansed, magically charged and ritually blessed
We all make bad choices occasionally – some with serious consequences to our health, wealth and happiness.  But this can be a thing of the past because a Magic Crystal Pendulum is THE guaranteed safe and effective way to shape your future. It is easy to use and can be simply carried everywhere you go.
Wouldn’t it be amazing to get the immediate answers you need, to get help with decision making, to choose always the right way forward and even to select lottery numbers! This is the ideal tool for wealth creation.

From ancient times powerful pendulums have been used for dowsing as a magical divination tool to guide people with their decision making and to answer mystifying questions. You will have amazing results too.

The Crystal Pendulum I offer to you is a powerful dowsing tool that can work to bring you well being, abundant wealth and the love, happiness and success you deserve.

Discover the amazing and effective secret to wealth creation, finding and keeping true love and guaranteed correct decision making.  In an instant you can discover your true destiny. Imagine a time when there is absolutely no need to trouble friends, ask for guidance, seek costly advice or consult psychics. You have all the answers you’ll ever need at your disposable instantly by using your Crystal Pendulum.

A Magic Crystal Pendulum is the hidden secret to success. Save time, energy and expense instantly. Discover just what a Magic Crystal Pendulum can do for you!

How to maximise the powerful energy of your Magic Crystal Pendulum

How to use a crystal pendulum for dowsing

Your Magic Crystal Pendulum 
ONLY $29.99

Once you receive your very own Crystal Pendulum you need to take a little time to bond with it. Use it each day. With regular use your energies blend with your Magic Crystal Pendulum which allows it to become a part of your aura. This creates a connection between you and the crystal properties of the pendulum, which in turn allows you to draw towards you positive energies.
Never let others touch your Magic Crystal Pendulum and always keep it somewhere you know is a safe place. Others may ‘pollute’ the crystal with their own personal energy which maybe negative, toxic or damaging.

The pendulum is created from genuine clear quartz crystal which amplifies and transforms energy and as such is a very powerful tool for both healing and magical purposes as it holds ancient and powerful energies. I use Clear Quartz in my rituals and Spells to aid manifestation.

Clear Quartz is connected with all of the Elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water and all the directions of South, East, North and West.

Almost every ancient culture has revered and valued Clear Quartz. The ancient Greeks believed Clear Quartz was actually water from the heavens that was frozen into eternal ice by the gods. The word ‘crystal’ derives from the Greek word "krystallos" meaning ‘ice’.

How to use your Magic Crystal Pendulum for the first time

Before using your pendulum for the first time, (and for all consequent times) hold the crystal in both of your clasped hands. It is better to be standing, rather than sitting if possible. Also stand away from electronic equipment. Ensure your legs are uncrossed. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and ‘feel’ the energy of the crystal.

Next hold the chain in your dominant hand between your thumb and forefinger. Place your other hand, (palm upwards) a few inches below the crystal. Let the pendulum become completely still and do not be tempted to ‘assist’ the movement. The pendulum will move without your help.

Establish your pendulum’s responses by saying aloud “Please Answer Yes”. The pendulum may swing back and forth or it may swing in a circular motion, for example anti-clockwise. This is now always the ‘Yes’ movement for you.

Once the pendulum has settled and is relatively still, immediately say aloud “Please Answer No”. The pendulum may swing in the opposite direction, perhaps clockwise or forwards and backwards. This is now always the ‘No’ movement for you.

Now you are ready to ask whatever yes or no questions you want and you will get your answers. Start off with simple questions first to allow time for the energy between you and your Magic Crystal Pendulum to strengthen and develop.

Always ask your questions aloud. Sometimes the pendulum will move only slightly, other times quite dramatically. Take dramatic movements and answers very seriously and act upon the response.  

If you are asking a number of questions clear the energy from previous questions by simply lowering the tip of the crystal into your underneath hand. Then recommence with your next question. Your holding arm might get quite tired too if you are asking a number of questions.

Your Magic Crystal Pendulum has been cleansed, fully charged under a full moon and personally blessed by me in my Magic ritual, so there is no need to re-cleanse or re-charge the crystal. It is immediately ready for your use.

More than two options

Sometimes you may need more than just a yes or no answer. If for example you have a choice of jobs to pursue, new homes to view, calendar dates to select, or colleges to attend – write out or have pictures of each option in front of you.  Hold the pendulum over each word or picture and take notice of the most dramatic movement or gravitational pulling sensation from the pendulum. The pendulum may feel heavier over some options. Once you have narrowed the choice down to two. You can then revert to the yes or no method of asking your pendulum for a specific yes or no answer. 

Lottery Numbers

Write out a series of numbers on a piece of squared paper. Hold the pendulum over each number and take notice of the most dramatic movement or gravitational pulling sensation from the pendulum. The pendulum may feel heavier over some numbers. These are now your lottery numbers.

Your Magic Crystal Pendulum 
ONLY $29.99

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