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Libra Sex

Libra is ruled by Venus and as such is incredibly susceptible to sensuous love and beauty. Some of the most stunningly attractive people are Librans and adore sex.

Blessed with external and internal beauty, you as a Libran, will have your choice of sex partners. You will need your partners to be of equal beauty and intelligence to you.

You love the art of seduction and can usually talk your way into the bedroom with your charm and wit. And as balance and harmony is of paramount importance to you, you expect and demand equality in the bedroom. The idea of one partner dominating the other is alien to you.

You are a wonderful, charming lover when given the right partner and are not afraid to experiment in the bedroom as long as both of you feel comfortable with it.

You love luxury so satin or silk sheets, sensuous perfumes and subdued romantic lighting enhance your sexual performance and pleasure.

Libra Love and Relationships

If you are a Libra lover…

As a Libra lover you are both sensuous and loving and once committed make an ideal partner.

To have you as a lover is an accomplishment in itself as you are particularly choosy in selecting only the best of everything and this includes love partners. Most Star Signs would consider themselves lucky to bag such a prized possession such as you.

If you have a Libra lover…

To keep your Libra lover happy, secure and satisfied you'll need to constantly provide them with balance and harmony. No heated arguments and disagreements. Librans simply cannot bear disharmony and will run a mile if you have any disputes between you.

Librans need to have their egos massaged with plenty of compliments and admiration. They also like to have the best things in life so you'll need to find ways to keep up with their lavish lifestyle.

You will need to share your Libra lover with others. Allow plenty of room for them to surround themselves with many friends. Librans are very sociable and need the company of many friends and not just you.

If you want a Libra lover…

If you want to attract a Libra lover you'll need to captivate them with charming wit, brilliant conversation and stunning beauty. Look your absolute best wearing designer clothes, classy jewellery and invite them to dinner at the very best restaurant. Librans have an eye for the finer things in life. So make sure you are the finest you can be.

Try wearing something in the colour blue to attract their attention. Blue is the colour of communication and Librans are expert communicators. Seeing this colour on you will make them want to open up and talk to you and Librans love nothing more than to talk. Perfumes containing violet are also very attracting to a Libra lover.

Libra Compatibility

Check the Libra compatibility in sex, love and relationships below.

Libra with Aries Compatibility
Libra with Aries can be an extremely difficult astrological love match. Aries is the exact opposite sign to yours. Based on the principle that opposites attract some astrologers believe that this is a very good combination. But in reality this is rarely the case. They are quick, decisive and assertive – you are just the opposite which can lead you to become very overwhelmed because of your indecisive, cautious nature.

Libra with Taurus Compatibility
Libra with Taurus is a very good astrological love match. This because both of you are ruled by Venus. There is an instant attraction between you two. You connect well physically, mentally and emotionally. A Taurean lover will admire your brilliant communication skills. You will be drawn to their sensual earthy qualities. You both enjoy being around people so will have a good social life together.

Libra with Gemini Compatibility
Libra with Gemini is a brilliant love match. You both share so much in common as you are both from the element of Air. You will be attracted to each other instantly and once you commit it will be for life. You are a perfect balance and pairing and because you, as a Libran, are all about balance and harmony and Gemini strive to combine their two sides, this will work out well for both of you. You are naturally communicative, articulate and intelligent too.

Libra with Cancer Compatibility
Libra with Cancer can be an extremely difficult astrological love match. As a Libran you are a very social being and cultivate a wide range of friends, contacts and acquaintances. Cancerians however, prefer close one on one relationships with family and close friends. On the upside both of you love to be loved and to give love wholeheartedly. You both share a desire for peace and harmony, and if you can strive to achieve this in your relationship it will work.

Libra with Leo Compatibility
Libra with Leo is an excellent astrological love match. Their bright, bold and energetic style will be very attractive to you as a Libran because you love to be around vibrant people. You both share a love of socialising and the finer things in life. You will complement each other mentally, physically and emotionally if you can refine their sometimes brash and showy nature. And they can add more warmth to your personality. Good communication is the key to the success of this relationship.

Libra with Virgo Compatibility
Libra with Virgo can be difficult and problematic because as a Libran you are free and easy, whereas Virgoans like order and rigidity. However your friendly outgoing and communicative nature can lighten and brighten a Virgo. You can balance their reserved nature. They, in return can give some order and stability to your life. You are also well able to cope with the constructive criticism Virgoans are only to happy to give out as you always strive to have a balanced view.

Libra with Libra Compatibility
Libra with Libra is perfectly balanced and we all know that as Librans you seek out balance. You obviously share such a lot in common already, so a love match between you seems almost automatic. You will connect with each physically and emotionally very well but being from the element of air you will particularly connect on a mental level. This will make for some interesting and stimulating conversations together.

Libra with Scorpio Compatibility
Libra with Scorpio can work but you both need to accept each other's differences You are both sensual and will enjoy each other sexually but other than this there could be problems. Emotionally you are on separate planets. As a Libra you are open, free and easy and don't like the thought of being tied down. Scorpio on the other hand can be secretive, possessive and demanding. This Libra – Scorpio pairing can prove too challenging for some.

Libra with Sagittarius Compatibility
Libra with Sagittarius is a very good astrological love match. You will instantly feel at ease in each other's company. You both love life, social interaction and are very flexible and adaptable in your thinking. You both also have an adventurous and explorative spirits and need to constantly be stimulated by exciting and new experiences. But you will need to get the brashness of Sagittarius and gentility of Libra balance right in this relationship.

Libra with Capricorn Compatibility
Libra with Capricorn can be challenging because as a Libran you can sometimes be larger than life, loving to socialise and exploring exciting adventures to embark upon. Capricorns simply do not share similar personality traits. They are happiest in a secure, stable and conventional relationship. Whereas you will flit from lover to lover, never wanting to be tied down and constrained. A Capricorn may be too restraining for you and you will infuriate them with their freedom loving ways.

Libra with Aquarius Compatibility
Libra with Aquarius is an excellent astrological love match. You are immediately attracted to each other as you are both from the element of air. You connect mentally, physically and emotionally. You share a lot of similar interests and have similar views on life. They adore the balance and harmony aspect of you and you love their creativity and adventurous spirit. You both respect each other's mental prowess.

Libra with Pisces Compatibility
Libra with Pisces can either be a match made in heaven or one that is doomed to failure. You will either find a strong emotional bond together or just simply confuse each other. You will either instantly 'get' each other or you never will. Pisceans love their alone time when they can do most of their imaginative dreaming, whereas you as a Libra never like to be alone and constantly need social interaction. This difference could prove to challenging for both of you.

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