Minoan Healing Energy

Here you can find out about how you can become a Minoan Energy Healer. 

How can I become a healer?

We are all natural healers and have innate healing abilities. We all have within us the power to use vibrational energy to help ourselves, other people or animals. If you have begun the journey to become a healer or are hoping to, then read on.

If you feel that you have been given a gift to become a healer then it is your duty to pursue learning and crafting of this gift. If you feel that you have been given a calling to healing energy work then don't hesitate in pursuing the most ancient, powerful yet gentle form of healing energy. This is healing energy that has been around long before the time of the healer Jesus. This is Minoan Healing Energy.

How do I know I have the gift of healing?

This is a question asked by conscientious and caring people who perhaps, know already in their hearts, that the path of a healer is the one for them. But they often need reassurance. If you know that people are drawn to you in difficult times because you make them feel better, then you have the gift of healing. If you have a natural affinity with animals and nature, then you have the gift of healing. If you know, without being told or seeing any outward visible signs that someone is suffering, then you have the gift of healing.

I'm already a Reiki healer, does this matter?

No, Minoan Healing Energy can only enhance and compliment any other healing energy system including Reiki. To be an effective healer you cannot know too much, you cannot use too much healing energy and you cannot ever say you have finished with learning.

Ancient civilization healing

I am fortunate to live on the magical Greek Island of Crete. I now understand why I was drawn to make my home here and to rediscover the Minoan Healing Energy.

The ancient Minoan culture was the first European civilization. Founded on the Greek island of Crete, the society was peace loving, egalitarian, advanced and very sophisticated. Art, culture, religion, commerce and therapeutic healing developed in the complex labyrinthine architectural palaces. In the Minoan palaces Priestesses would conduct powerful healings in their ceremonial religious rites.

Unfortunately, the thriving and rapidly advancing Minoan society was said to be wiped out by a massive earthquake at around 1500 BC. The earthquake triggered a volcanic eruption on the nearby island of Thera (now known as Santorini, fabled to be the lost city of Atlantis), which in turn created a massive Tsunami effecting Crete.

This unique idyllic advanced culture was lost to human memory for over three and a half millennia. Uncovered by archaeologists in the early 20th century the Minoan palaces of Crete revealed the amazing advanced Bronze Age culture. The most famous of the Minoan palaces was that of Knossos.

And Knossos is where I channelled the ancient healing energy that has become known as Minoan Healing Energy. I was drawn to live in Crete and believe I had a past life here as a Minoan Priestess and Healer. I now want to share this very special healing energy with as many people as possible.

How you can become a Minoan Energy Healer

To learn to use and share Minoan Energy with others yourself, you must receive an Empowerment from me, Alizon. Once you have been empowered and have followed the simple instructions I will send out to you in the form of a Manual you can immediately begin giving Minoan Energy treatments to yourself family and friends, animals and plants etc.

One simple Empowerment is all you need for you to begin to give treatments.

A Minoan Healing Energy Empowerment, along with a comprehensive Instruction Manual for you to download will be sent to you via email.

Additionally a Minoan Healing Energy Certificate will be sent to you via email to show that you are attuned to the healing energy and can practice healing treatments on others.

I prepare Empowerments as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours and send out soon afterwards.

I have been very successful in helping to alleviate and ease symptoms and pain to those whom I have sent the powerful Minoan Healing Energy to. The healing therapy is aimed to help to heal physically, mentally and spiritually and draw towards the recipient healing and protective energies.

The powerful yet gentle healing energy is suitable for everyone, including animals. Once you are attuned to this wonderful energy, you can begin to treat and heal others.

Please make payment to become a Minoan Healing Energy Healer. 

One single payment of $79.99

After making your payment for a Minoan Healing Energy and Empowerment for you to become a Minoan Energy Healer, click here  to enter and submit the details on my Empowerment Form.

Minoan Healing Energy
& Empowerment

Disclaimer: Minoan Healing Energy is a complementary healing therapy and is not a substitute for medical care.
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