Carry with you a powerful, Spell infused Ancient Symbol of Power:

The Pentagram Carry this amulet and enjoy powerful protection.

Be the bearer of this Charm and you will benefit from several
powerful Spells, infused over several days by White Witch Alizon,
to attract Power, Love and Wealth.

Your Unique Protective
Pentagram Pendant

This is a brand new Protective Pentagram Pendant and is presented now as a result of Infusing a number of Powerful Spells over several days, which when worn:

  • Provides Commanding Protection
  • Repels all Negative Energy
  • Purges Curses and Evil Hexes
  • Lures Love Irresistibly
  • Is a Magnet for Wealth
  • Draws Abundant Good Fortune
  • Increases Magnetism
  • Creates an Aura of Confidence and Presence

Alizon has a great deal of experience in Spell Casting for Wealth, Attraction, Love and Relationships and in the past has offered specialist unique Spell Infused Amulets, Charms and Talismans.

This Powerful Pentagram Pendant contains many Spells infused over several days and is permeated with her Psychic Powers to attract money and wealth, love and security and good fortune and health, whilst repelling negativity in all forms, crushing curses and smashing hexes, freeing the wearer from physical, mental and emotional burdens.

Finding success, happiness and peace, despite what's gone on in your past, is easier than you might believe. But we often make it hard for ourselves, missing opportunities that will change our lives.



Attract real love from a special person, or feel the power of Universal Attraction. When wearing this Pentagram, expect to be noticed and expect to attract the attention of whatever sex you want.


As the wearer of the Powerful Pendant you will become more confident with every passing day, and others will see you as strong, self-assured, and assertive. Where once you were a follower, you will be followed and others will look to you for leadership.


As the wearer of this Powerful Multi-Spell Infused Pendant you will become more able to make real decisions in your life, and you will be presented with a multitude of opportunities, which you will have the confidence and awareness to seize, improving and advancing your circumstances in all areas of your life.

Bad fortune will turn to Good Fortune and you will find yourself being lucky in all the choices you make including wagers, lotteries, gambling of all kinds. In decisions too, you will always make the right choices: in love, career, and relationships of all kinds.


Locked within this Protective Pentagram Pendant are MANY powerful Spells, infused over several days, into a Powerful symbol of Ancient Magic, the Pentagram.

This Magic will give you the power, knowledge and
confidence to achieve your goals.

This amazing, powerful and life changing Spell infused Pentagram Pendant is available to you for $50.00

Alizon looks forward to hearing from you. Don't hesitate, you can soon have this valuable item in your possession, changing your life forever, and helping you achieve all you desire.

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When you have paid for this item (through PayPal<span style='font-size: 50%'>*), please send the necessary information on the form below.

  • Your name at birth
  • Your date of birth
  • The postal address you want the Pentagram Pendant sent to

When your details and payment are received, you will be sent your Protective Pentagram Pendant as soon as possible. This is usually within 5-7 days to European destinations and 6-10 days to all others.

NORMALLY $100.00

After making payment please enter and submit your details on the Spell Infused Pentagram Pendant Details Form below.

Green Witches Coven Pentagram Pendant

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Client Feedback:

"Thank you Alizon, for the very powerful Pentagram Pendant you sent to me. I feel so much stronger and empowered every time I wear it." – Aaron, South Australia.

"As soon as I started wearing my Pentagram Pendant I felt like I could take on the World! Thanks Alizon." – Brian, New Jersey, USA.

" Your powerful Magic can be felt in the Pendant you sent to me. I've already had two men ask me out! " – Carol, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Full Moon Magic

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