Cancer Sex, Love & Relationships


Cancer Sex

Cancer sex is rarely just a physical act. Cancerians feel deeply and are always strongly dominated by their feelings and emotions. As a Cancer lover, love comes first and the physical act of sex second.

Because you are so compassionate and caring you ensure a lover is happy, content and satisfied. You are a very considerate lover. You are a natural giver and like nothing more than to see others deriving pleasure from your attention.

Cancer Love & Relationships

If you are a Cancer lover…

As a Cancerian you crave the closeness and intimacy of a committed relationship. And as home and family mean everything to you; your lover will need to be accepted by your family.

You love to nurture, care for and look after a lover. Be careful not to smoother them with too much affection and over the top attention, though. A lover already has a mother – you don't need to replace her!

As you are strongly psychic you can often sense the emotions and thoughts of a lover. This ability to almost read their minds assists you further in being an attentive lover.

Being in love with you Cancer can be suffocating for some Star Signs but for others the attention, love and loyalty you can give will be just what they are looking for.

If you have a Cancer lover…

To keep your Cancer lover happy, secure and satisfied you'll need to show them loving and caring attention. Although they are the most caring, considerate and loving of all the Star Signs, they also are the neediest in terms of receiving love.

Coming from the element of water, Cancerians are naturally romantic and sensitive. Add to this the fact that they are ruled by the Moon and you have romance worthy of a romantic novel. You will need to keep this romance alive if you are to succeed in a long term relationship with a Cancerian. Regular candlelit dinners, silky lingerie and surprise gifts are the way to a Cancerians heart. And never, never, never forget their birthday, anniversary or Valentine's day

If you want a Cancer lover…

If you want to attract a Cancer lover you'll need to connect with their feelings and emotions. To do this you will need to become their friend first before they can open up enough to trust you with their delicate heart.

Try wearing something in the colour silver to attract their attention. The colour silver connects with the emotions of a Cancer lover. Jewellery featuring a crescent moon is also very appealing to a Cancerian. If you can woo a Cancerian under a full moon you will almost certainly be guaranteed success.

Cancer Compatibility

Check the Aries compatibility in sex, love and relationships below.

Cancer with Aries Compatibility
Cancer with Aries is not usually an ideal astrological love match. As a Cancerian you are from the element of water and thus far more shy, sensitive and emotional then hot, fiery, go-getting Aries. Your best approach to a Cancer-Aries love match is to try and accept a faster pace than you would normally like. Physically, emotionally and mentally an Aries may prove just too hot for you to handle.

Cancer with Taurus Compatibility
Cancer with Taurus is an excellent astrological love match. You both are very affectionate and like to demonstrate your love to each other. Taureans are steady and secure and can bring calmness and stability to you Cancer. They may not understand your changeable emotions but will do their best to bring calm to the relationship. Because Taureans are practical with down to earth qualities they temper your watery emotions.

Cancer with Gemini Compatibility
Cancer with Gemini can work but you both need to accept each other's differences. Geminis are thinkers, whereas you Cancer are a feeler. You feel emotions deeply – Geminis don't. They tend to go through life trusting their head rather than your heart, whereas you do just the opposite. If you both can understand each other's perspective on life and can compromise when making joint decisions you will have a happy and lasting relationship.

Cancer with Cancer Compatibility
Cancer with Cancer is a very good astrological love match. You already share similar personality traits so should understand each other easily. And with your natural empathetic nature you can really 'get' a Cancerian love partner. Your strong intuition, sensitive nature and often psychic ability allow you to sense what the other is thinking and feeling. This makes for an almost perfect love relationship. But with a Cancer – Cancer pairing care should be taken not to lose your personal identity.

Cancer with Leo Compatibility
Cancer with Leo can work but you both need to accept each other's differences. Leos are normally very confident, extremely enthusiastic and have fiery passionate natures. If you possess the typical Cancer traits of shyness and sensitivity a Leo lover can add passion to your life and boost your confidence. You can, in return, temper and soften their sometimes aggressive approach to life. This Cancer – Leo paring can be a perfect love match if you work with your differences.

Cancer with Virgo Compatibility
Cancer with Virgo is an excellent astrological love match. This seems to be a match made in the heavens. Although very opposite in many respects you both are thoughtful, caring and loving and can share a very strong and lasting relationship together. You, as a sensitive Cancerian may need to toughen up to the often overcritical Virgoan. And Virgoes need to soften their approach to dealing with your emotions. If you can do this you'll be very happy.

Cancer with Libra Compatibility
Cancer with Libra can be an extremely difficult astrological love match. Librans are very social beings and cultivate a wide range of friends, contacts and acquaintances. Whereas you, as a Cancerian, prefer close one to one relationships with family and close friends. On the upside both of you love to be loved and to give love wholeheartedly. You both share a desire for peace and harmony and if you can strive to achieve this in your relationship it will work.

Cancer with Scorpio Compatibility
Cancer with Scorpio can be a good astrological love match. You are instantly attracted to each other and both come from the same element of water. You as a Cancerian will feel comfortable with a Scorpio, but don't expect to feel comforted. Scorpios share with you the personality trait of being sensitive but are much more demanding than you. A Cancer – Scorpio pairing can be a little one sided with you doing what you do best – giving. If you are happy to do this, then the love match will work.

Cancer with Sagittarius Compatibility
Cancer with Sagittarius is a challenging love match. Although you'll be attracted to the confident, honest and up front Sagittarian, their bluntness and insensitivity may wound your sensitive soul too much, too often. They'll adore the love and attention you lavish upon them. But if you are to make this Cancer – Sagittarius pairing work you will need to develop a much thicker skin and your Sagittarian lover would need to learn the art of diplomacy.

Cancer with Capricorn Compatibility
Cancer with Capricorn is not a match made in heaven although with compromise by both parties it can work. You have major differences between you. As a Cancerian you like to demonstrate your affection and love – Capricorns cannot. This could be difficult for you as you need to feel needed and loved. Capricorn can only offer somewhat restrained affection and are not renowned for their display of devotion and warmth. For this Cancer – Capricorn love match to work you'll need to accept each other's differences.

Cancer with Aquarius Compatibility
Cancer with Aquarius can work well together but you both need to be prepared for compromise. Aquarians are filled with wanderlust and love to be free to explore and don't like to be tied down to any one place, person or situation. You, on the other hand, as a Cancerian are quite shy, timid and conservative and home and family mean everything to you. For this relationship to work you will need to accept your Aquarius lover's spontaneous and inquisitive nature.

Cancer with Pisces Compatibility
Cancer with Pisces is an excellent combination and some would say a perfect match! As you are both from the element of water you already have so much in common. You share great emotional compatibility and can connect with each other instinctively. You also share spiritual awareness with each other. And as both of you have strong psychic abilities; you'll be able to read each other's minds. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually you're a perfect match.

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