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Spirit Guides

What are Spirit Guides?

Many people believe Spirit Guides are spiritual entities who protect and advise people in the earthly plane. It is generally accepted that at birth we are all assigned several Guides who come from the Spirit world as passed loved ones, or from the Angelic Realm and even from Ancient Ancestral Spirits.

The Past Life Connection

Your Spirit Guides have most likely crossed paths with you on Earth in Past Lives you have experienced. They know you very well – more so even than you think you know yourself. They know your strengths and weaknesses, they know your talents and gifts - and they know your destiny.

Your Spirit Guides are always ready and willing to help and assist you, but will not interfere in your life without a specific invitation.

A Spirit Guide is a divinely assigned powerful being that walks beside you to guide you in different areas of your life. We are all at birth assigned several Guides who may come from the Spirit world as passed loved ones, from the Angelic Realm and from Ancient Ancestral Spirits.

A Spirit Guide may have also crossed paths with you on earth in past lives you have experienced. They know you very well – more so even than you think you know yourself. They know your strengths and weaknesses, they know your talents and gifts, and they know your destiny. If you want to get to know your Spirit Guide then here's your perfect opportunity.

Working with your personal Spirit Guides

Working with your personal Spirit Guides is a wonderfully enlightening adventure. You can begin to reveal to yourself your true nature and purpose on this planet. 

You will learn that through the loving guidance of your personal Spirit Guides, that you are never alone and that you can overcome your perceived limitations and begin to reach for the stars in terms of your awareness, creativity and understanding. Your Spirit Guides will free you to be who you truly are.

Your creativity will be inspired, you will achieve abundance, receive insight and information, be protected and supported - even when you don't realise it.

However, you will need to raise your awareness and open your mind and heart to receive the full benefit of their assistance and love.

My Psychic Ability Spell is perfect to help you connect with your Spirit Guide.

Contacting Your Personal Spirit Guides

The most effective way of contacting your personal Spirit Guides is through meditation. There is no secret to meditation; it is simply a process for slowing down mental activity and focusing your mind on a particular outcome. For example by focusing your attention on improving your health, wealth or creativity, will in time bring about the desired results.

Making time for yourself is not something you may find easy in the pressured and often stressful modern world. Developing your psychic ability doesn't require any special religious practice, high moral or saintly values. It's a skill, and like any other skill it can be learnt, all it takes is perseverance and practice. So spending ten to fifteen minutes a day on stilling the mind is beneficial not just in terms of contacting your personal Spirit Guides but for relaxation and getting in touch with that inner peace and calm that most of us have forgotten.

Try to make your meditation a special occasion, so find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. To add ambience you could play some low calming mood music, light candles and incense sticks and dim the lighting. Also it is beneficial that you know a little about Chakras, if you do not already.


Most meditational techniques require visualisation and using your imagination. It's through creative imagination and the use of symbolism that the link is made to the Spirit world. The first stage is to get yourself grounded, working with sensitive energies can have an effect of drawing your attention away from your everyday life and it's important to keep yourself grounded or connected with the earth. You can do this by visualising beams of energy coming from your feet and base of the spine, imagine these beams of energy passing deep into the earth. Next, imagine drawing green earth energy back up until it fills your body. In a similar way, imagine a beam of white light coming from high above you. As it reaches the top of your head, let it pass through into your body, filling it, until you become a radiant being of light. Let this light travel through each of your Chakras in turn.

Meditation is all about drawing our attention from the outer world to the inner. An effective way to increase your awareness of your personal Spirit Guides is to create a special place in your mind where you can meet them. Begin by relaxing away from any distractions. When you feel ready, close your eyes and begin taking three or four deep breaths, letting them out slowly, and as you do this, feel all the stress and concerns of the day leave your body with every breath. Next place your attention on your breathing and notice the sinking feeling that you get on each of the out breaths. Use this as a vehicle to allow you to let go and relax even more.

Before you, you see a familiar and well-worn path. This path leads you into the woods. As you happily walk along, you see high grass and trees all around you. In front of you, a sunbeam is shining on a clear, round circle of grass. You step up to the edge of the trees, and you can see the clearing is very soft and peaceful. The soft ray is shining down, making the area very bright. You stand in the ray of the sunlight rather like a spotlight upon you.

You see the seven colours of the rainbow appearing in the sky. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. (These of course match up with colours of the Chakras). You are now standing at the foot of the Rainbow with the colours surrounding you, in the same sunlight spot.

This is your sacred space and whenever you visit it you feel comfortable and protected, it is a place where the physical and spiritual worlds meet. It is a place that you have created through the power of your imagination.

The first colour you focus on is that of Red. You look at this colour directly at you feet and sense it. Remember the passion of this deep, intense colour. Remember what you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you smell. Look at the colour very carefully.
Remember this, and then move your focus to the next colour of Orange. Let this colour envelop you and feel the vibrancy of this deep, intense colour. Remember what it looks like. Remember what it sounds like. Remember what it smells like. Look at the colour very carefully.
Remember this, and then move your focus to the colour Yellow. Remember the brightness of this deep, intense colour and let in engulf you in warming energy. Remember what it looks like. Remember what it sounds like.
Remember this, and then move your focus to the colour Green. Remember the comfort of this deep, intense colour. Feel comforted, loved and cared for by this colour. Remember what you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you smell.
Remember this, and then move your focus to the colour Blue. Remember the calmness of this deep, intense colour. Let this protecting colour surround you entirely. Remember what it looks like. Remember what it sounds like. Remember what it feels like.
Remember this, and then move your focus to the colour Indigo. Remember the focus of this deep, intense colour. Let the colour enter and surround you. Remember what it looks like. Remember what it sounds like. Remember what it feels like.
Remember this, and then move your focus to the colour Violet. This is your personal Spirit Guide. You begin to notice in the distance a figure approaching who walks slowly towards you. The person asks if they can enter the Rainbow’s coloured light to stand besides you.

At this point you can open communication with them. You can begin to ask questions. Don't force the answers; let them come naturally and effortlessly. It is quite normal for answers to come at a later time, and most likely when you least expect it. So don't become impatient or downhearted if you don't get an answer first time. If you don’t literally see or hear something, you will usually get at least a feeling or sensation and you can start with that.

Finally, as the person bids you farewell they tell you that they have a gift for you. You open your hand and they place an object on it. The object is personal to you and will have a symbolic meaning, and it is worth contemplating the meaning once you've finished your meditation. As your Spirit Guide leaves you thank them and say goodbye.

Step back now from the Rainbow’s end and look once again as your Spirit Guide, and the colours of the Rainbow fade. Breathe in and out very softly and begin to leave by walking through the woods. Turn and look; it is now very quiet in the circle, and the sun is no longer shining down.

As you walk away, feel yourself coming back to your body, the warm, familiar physical presence. When you feel ready and back to full consciousness, open your eyes stretch and take some deep breaths.


One of the main obstacles in making contact with any Spirit Guides through meditation is the effect of your logical mind taking over and thinking it was all imagination and not reality. Persistence and determination is the key to developing a good sound relationship with your Spirit Guides. The very fact that you are open and trusting is very important. A lot of psychic communication is based on trust, messages that come through may sound at times far-fetched or not relevant but slowly as you become more and more aware of your Spirit Guides you will begin to trust what they have to say.

As you become more familiar and comfortable with contacting your Spirit Guides you may begin to ask if there is something that you need to be aware of or what is the best way to deal with a particular situation or person. Ask for their assistance during times of change or in stressful situations. Also ask for you to be ready and open for any opportunities coming your way so that you don’t miss out.  

An important thing to bear in mind is that this is a joint venture, a two way process. Your Spirit Guides will do their very best for you, but they won't and can’t do it all for you, you have to take responsibility for taking action and putting in the necessary effort. Your Spirit Guides will never interfere with your free will. Manifesting a luxury car, home or certain celebrity-like lifestyle is not a reasonable request, nor is asking to win the jackpot lottery. But, asking advice on ways you can best earn enough money to purchase the goods that you would like is a valid request. Asking for ways that you can bring your talents to the fore is also valid.

You can also ask for an indication of your Spirit Guides presence. This can be a physical sensation at a particular time of the day. This may be a feeling of pins and needles, tingling sensation or the hairs standing up on your arm or leg or a particular area of your head. It is quite common for Spirit Guides to contact people through dreams. Whenever you quickly want to ask for guidance, simply remember the personal symbol that your Spirit Guide first gave you as a gift. However you make contact, be assured that your Spirit Guide is there for you with life’s big problems but also the day-to-day niggling nuisances. Ask for their help – and it will come.

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