A Ritual to Attract Wealth

Ritual to Attract Wealth:
The Ancient Opulence Rite


This is Ritual to Attract Wealth is a profound ritual derived from ancient wisdom and rarely seen secrets. This potent spell invokes powerful entities, taps into cosmic energies, and utilizes specific materials to manifest wealth and success.

This ritual should be approached with respect and sincerity as it demands precision and reverence. Only proceed if you feel ready and committed to respect the ritual's sanctity and potential repercussions.

You can Cast this Spell Ritual yourself by following the instructions and details below.

Alternatively, you can have me Cast the Spell Ritual for you. Click the blue button to learn more:

Materials for a Ritual to Attract Wealth

A gold-colored altar cloth
Two green candles
Incense (preferably Frankincense)
A small cauldron or fireproof container

Seven coins (preferably gold)
Fresh basil leaves
A small pouch made of natural cloth
An offering of honey and milk

Pen and a piece of parchment

The Ritual

  1. Prepare your Altar
    Begin by spreading the gold-colored cloth on your altar. This symbolizes your intent to draw in wealth. Place the two green candles on opposite sides of the altar to represent prosperity and success.

  2. Timing
    Start the ritual on a waxing moon, preferably on a Thursday, which aligns with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and fortune.

  3. The Invocation
    Light the incense and both candles, then hold your hands above the altar and say the ancient invocation to the Goddess Fortuna: "O Fortuna, imperatrix mundi, veni ad me. Divitias et prosperitatem mihi dona"
    (Translation: "O Fortune, queen of the world, come to me. Grant me riches and prosperity.")

  4. The Offering
    Pour honey and milk into a dish and place it on the altar as an offering to the spirits you're invoking.

  5. The Coin Charm
    Take each coin in your hand, envision the wealth and success it symbolizes, and place it into the cauldron saying:
    "As this gold enters the crucible of transformation, so may prosperity flow into my life."

  6. The Basil Binding
    Add fresh basil leaves to the cauldron. As an herb of fortune, basil will bind the energy of the coins to your aura.

  7. The Cauldron Call
    Light the contents of the cauldron (be careful!). As it burns, chant the ancient wealth incantation:
    "Divitiae veniunt ad me, ut prosperer et crescam in opulentia."
    (Translation: Wealth comes to me, that I may prosper and grow in opulence.")

  8. The Sealing
    Once the cauldron's contents have burnt out, collect the cooled coins. Write your full name on the piece of parchment, fold it tightly, and place it with the coins in the cloth pouch. Keep this pouch in a safe place where it won't be disturbed. It is a charm that will draw wealth and success.

Remember, this spell channels powerful energies. Do not misuse it for greed or harm others. Use the wealth and success it brings to contribute positively to the world around you.

The Ritual to Attract Wealth: Ancient Opulence Rite
History and Origins

past lives

The origins of the Ancient Opulence Rite trace back to a time shrouded in mystery and enchantment, to the lush, abundant land of ancient Egypt. The tale weaves a rich tapestry of characters and places, across epochs and realms, and it's believed that the foundation of this powerful spell was laid in the golden age of Pharaohs.

In the thriving city of Heliopolis, during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II, lived a wise and enigmatic woman named Amunet. A High Priestess in the Temple of Ra, she was known for her deep connection to the divine and her unique affinity to wealth and prosperity. Legend suggests that she was the first to formulate the basic structure of this spell. She felt a divine calling from Ra, the Sun God, and in his honor, she crafted a ritual to invoke prosperity through the symbol of gold, which was revered as the skin of the gods.

Fast forward a few centuries, the practice of this ritual had gradually faded into obscurity until it was discovered by a Roman Priestess named Fortuna in the 2nd Century BC. She was drawn to the ancient Egyptian artifacts that depicted the wealth ritual and dedicated her life to decoding and restoring this lost knowledge. Being a devout follower of Jupiter, the god of wealth and abundance, she adapted and enhanced the ritual to incorporate the planetary influence of Jupiter and thus, Thursday became the ideal day for performing the spell.

During the dark ages, the practice of such rituals went underground, to be kept alive by secret covens of witches across Europe. One such coven in the misty highlands of Scotland, led by a witch named Eilidh, took it upon themselves to guard this sacred ritual. Eilidh was known for her immense wealth which, despite numerous attempts, could not be seized by the Church. It's said she would often whisper an incantation over her coins and basil, an herb she grew in her garden, known for attracting fortune. This became the additional element in the spell.

Finally, in the 19th Century, the ritual came to be known in the New World. An immigrant witch from Scotland, named Moira, brought the rite to Salem, Massachusetts, during the time of the infamous witch trials. Keeping her practices secret, Moira amassed significant wealth, enabling her to establish a safe haven for persecuted witches. The spell, under her guardianship, was now equipped with the burning cauldron element and the usage of the charm pouch to secure wealth.

These keepers of the Ancient Opulence Rite, from Amunet to Moira, believed in the power of this spell to not only bring wealth but to use that wealth for the benefit of their community. This ritual is a testament to the unity, resilience, and wisdom of these witches throughout history and serves as a reminder of their contributions to our shared magical heritage.

May their wisdom guide us all on our path to abundance.

A Ritual to Attract Wealth
How to Order from Alizon

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I will perform the spell on a waxing moon Thursday to align with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and fortune. With a gold-colored altar cloth, two green candles, fragrant Frankincense, a small cauldron, and seven gold coins, I will call upon the Goddess Fortuna, offer honey and milk, and bind the energy of the coins to your aura.

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Ancient Ritual to Attract Wealth


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