Hex Breaker Talisman

A Hex Breaker Talisman is a protective charm to carry with you to protect you from future hexes, curses and negative energy.

But that is not all, I can and will Spell infuse, ritually bless and magically 'inscribe' your personal and specific wish to the Universe into your Talisman. This wish can be anything of your choosing and could be:

To reunite with an ex lover

To attract a true soul mate

To attract abundant money and wealth

To attract good luck

To allow you vibrant health

Or any positive purpose

My Hex Breaker Talismans are created using gemstone crystals which hold ancient and powerful energies, known as the Silver Leaf Jasper. I handpick your stone specifically for you and your purpose. I choose the best Calligraphy Stone for you and your specific purpose, Spell infuse, bless and magically inscribe it with your specific request.

Silver Leaf Jasper is the stone of personal power, integrity and change. It encourages self-knowledge, integrity, and willpower. It increases independence and discipline. It helps people to use their personal power justly, balancing compassion and empathy for others with personal needs, talents, and desires. It helps people to manifest their will in ways that bring positive change to themselves and the world.

Hex Breaker Talisman Crystal

$ 20.00

Don't miss out on the coming April New Moon 2017...

Your chance for a fresh start:

You may want a New Moon Spell to:

Attract a new love into your life

Begin a fresh start with an ex-lover

Commence a new beginning in your career

Create a new successful business

Manifest a new period of abundant wealth and prosperity

Bring positive good luck for lottery wins and gambling

Enable a completely fresh start in your confidence

Or any positive purpose you may have



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