The Element of Air ...

Element of Air

The Element of Air is an Element of the East. The East is where the sun rises at dawn of every new day and is associated with a time and place of new beginnings.

Air has associations with thought processes, thinking, intelligence and learning. The Celtic name for this Element is Airt with the magical tools of incense and the wand.

The Moon phase associated with the Element of Air is that of the Waxing Moon with the Maiden aspect of the Goddess.

The colour yellow, the season of Spring, clouds, the dawn, birds, feathers and insects are all associated with this Element.

Music of Air is that of wind instruments and bells.

The natural symbols associated with the Air Element are feathers, incense smoke and fragrant flowers and herbs.

Plants and herbs associations are frankincense, myrrh, pansy, primrose, vervain, violet and yarrow.

Astrological Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

In the Tarot, Air is represented as the Suit of Swords.

To make a connection with the Element of Air, go to a place in nature, preferably where the air is clean. Breathe deeply; inhale the fragrance of a heavily scented flower or herb. Experience this Element and its energy as you visualise the air you breathe going deep into your lungs and then exhale. Feel the breeze on your body and be aware that although invisible the Element of Air is all around you – both within and without.

Positive Qualities

Positive human emotions and feelings associated with the Element of Air are:

Analytical, articulate, clever, direct, ethical, forthright, honest, incisive, intellectual, knowledgeable, literate, logical, moral, objective, outspoken, quick-witted and well-informed.

Negative Qualities

Negative human emotions and feelings are:

Arrogant, blunt, cold, condescending, controlling, critical, cutting, domineering, insensitive, intolerant, opinionated, patronising, standoffish, thoughtless, unfeeling and unresponsive.

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