The Secrets of Sexual Attraction!

Sexually attractive person

Many people feel that they will never be sexy. But that's not true!

There are lots of things you can do to increase your sexual attraction - including using Magic!

Looking after your appearance, building your confidence, cleansing your Aura and enhancing the influence of natural pheromones will all contribute to you increasing your sexual attraction.

Sexual attraction has nothing to do with looks. It's all to do with the subtle ways we can manipulate how people perceive us.

Your Appearance

To be sexually attractive you need to look carefully at how you present yourself.  Obviously it is of tremendous importance to ensure your appearance is the best it can be. This of course means eating healthily, keeping fit and being scrupulous in your hygiene. Hair, teeth and nails should always be well kept. A fit and healthy body oozes sex appeal.

People of all body shapes can be sexy.

You can help yourself to sexually attract potential lovers by paying close attention to your shoes and clothing. Make sure they are clean and in good repair and most importantly ensure they flatter your body shape.

By far the best colours for women to wear to increase their sex appeal are red and pink. The colour red especially is associated with energy, passion, lust - and sexual attraction.

Style is more important for men, rather than colour. However, earthy shades such as browns and greens convey an earthy reliability, confidence and strength.


Confidence is the biggest turn on for any potential lover. So if you want to improve your sexual attractiveness do all that you can to build up your confidence.

Practice positive affirmations daily. Focus your thoughts only on your positive qualities, things that you excel in, achievements you have made. Do not dwell on the negatives. Don't dwell on any perceived failures, weakness or bad points you may feel you have.  

For more information on Affirmations, including some great examples, go to my Powerful Affirmations page!

Another essential element in developing confidence is to spend some time widening your horizons, learning new things and broadening your experiences.

In social situations try to ensure that you practice the art of good conservation. Your confidence will build up if you are able to converse eloquently with many and varied people. Remember listening is just as important as talking in conversations. Remember also just to be yourself, you are a unique person, and you don't need to impress others, because you are impressive anyway!

As a general tip, in conversation, try to avoid using closed questions such as "Do you live in the city?" as this can be answered with a "Yes" or "No" reply and shuts down the flow of conversation.  Whereas: "Where do you live?" has a wider capacity for a longer and hopefully more interesting reply.

Generally questions beginning with 'are' or 'do' are closed questions, producing yes or no answers. Questions beginning with 'who', 'where', 'which', 'what' and 'when', are open questions, which command fuller answers.


Pheromones are the natural occurring scent or signal given off to attract mates. You can buy artificially produced pheromones that supposedly enhance your sexual attraction but you cannot beat your own natural scent. This can be naturally enhanced with the careful selection and application of pure essential oils or perfumes made from them.

To draw towards you the sexual attention from males you should use Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Jasmine – either on their own or combined.

To sexually attract females you need to be wearing Cinnamon, Vanilla or Patchouli.


Finally, your Aura is a vital ingredient in how people perceive you and how sexually attracted they are to you.

Your Aura is the invisible vibrational energy field that surrounds you. This should be bright, vibrant and glowing. The 'vibes' or vibrational energy emanating from you can sexually attract new love partners. But if your Aura is dull, clouded or contains dark shadows, this can repel potential lovers.

There are many ways to cleanse you aura including energy healing and aura cleansing undertaken on your behalf by professional Psychics and Energy Healers.

Here's a link to my Aura Cleansing.

I'm sure these tips will help you grow your confidence and increase your sexual attractiveness!

Always try to maintain a positive attitude about yourself, shutting out negativity and thoughts that you may have that put you down in your own mind, and your confidence and your sexuality will shine through!

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