Numerology 1 Meaning

Numerology 1

Calculating Your Life Path Number

Here you'll find information for Numerology 1 Life Path number.

Your Life Path number is found by reducing the digits in your birth date to one (or in some cases) two digits.

An Example

For someone whose birth date is 13th September 1975, the Life Path Number would be derived as follows:

The birth date is written in numbers: 13.9.1975 (or 9.13.1975) in North America).

The numbers of your birth date are then reduced to a single number, or in some special cases two numbers called Master Numbers.

Start by adding the day, month and year together. In this example 13+9+1975, which reveals 1997.

Each of these digits is added together: 1+9+9+7, to produce 26. These digits are added together, 2+6, to produce a Life Path number of 8.

A Master Number is produced when you are left with 11, 22, 33. These numbers are not reduced further.

The Meaning of the Number 1

This Numerology 1 page is part of my Numerology Meanings series...

People with Life Path Numerology 1 are incredibly independent and highly individualistic in the way they live their lives. Natural leaders and very charismatic number 1 Destiny Path people are destined to live fulfilling, successful and purposeful lives.

Number Ones can be extremely confident with a strong and vibrant character. They are very ambitious and have a great deal of determination, drive and passionate energy. Number Ones like to get things done their way and can be very wilful – often stubborn. Their assertiveness can sometimes be mistaken for aggression.

Number 1 Destiny Path people like to lead and because of their charisma often have many followers and admirers.

People with Life Path Numerology 1 are also highly creative and can use their talents, strengths and gifts given the right opportunities.

Work, Career or Vocation for Numerology 1

With a life path number of 1 you are a natural leader and can excel in leadership careers such as teacher, business director, manager and politician. You are extremely ambitious, determined and driven to succeed in the work place arena.

You make for a wonderful employer but a poor employee as you love to boss but hate to be bossed. A career working for yourself in your own business is also a very good option for you as you trust yourself to always do an excellent first rate job. This trust does not extend to others.

You thrive on responsibility and need to control. If you cannot get enough responsibility and control in the work arena you soon become bored and frustrated.

Love & Relationships for Life Path 1

You are a difficult person to find a perfect match for as you don't like to give in to the will of others. You like things done your way or no way. You set exceptionally high standards for yourself and expect the same from others. You cannot tolerate a partnership that falls short of your high expectations. You would prefer to be single for a while rather than be in a 'so-so' relationship. When you do find your ideal match, you are faithful, loyal and extremely loving. You add excitement, passion and positive energy to a relationship and a partner should consider themselves well blessed to have such a wonderful love partner.  

Money Destiny for Numerology 1

Money seems to slip through your fingers. You get money, you spend money and it is as simple as that. Throughout your life you will have times of plenty and times of need but on balance the good times will outweigh the challenging times. You like to have nice things and like to treat yourself and those you love to the little luxuries in life.

Your desired lifestyle borders on the extravagant and if money was not an issue you would have the grandest house, in the best area of the most exciting city. You like to impress others and with your overly generous nature can spoil those you love with expensive gifts and treats.

Money Spell is the perfect solution for you. 

Happiness, Personal Growth & Spiritual Growth for Life Path 1

You find happiness in all manner of ways. You are optimistic and have a positive view of life. Because of this you do not dwell on the bad times but instead count your blessings and find the best in everyone and everything.

Your creative talents, gifts and skills should be used fully by you to give you the sense of self satisfaction you need.

You are very brave and courageous and not afraid to take on new challenges and are always open to new opportunities coming your way.

You are a natural leader, teacher and mentor and your personal growth will be enriched if you can use these natural talents to help others.

Spiritually you are very attuned to your own psychic connections and have a very strong intuition. 

Life Changing Lucky Numbers

Of course having the number 1 as your Life Path Number makes the number 1, one of your lucky numbers. To find out your other five lucky numbers, derived from a variety of mystical sources Click Here

Numerology 1 Personality

Positive aspects

You have a strong independent streak and are highly individualistic in the way you think, the way you live your life, and in the way you perceive your future. You have strong leadership skills and abilities. If not at the moment, then in the future people will turn to you and look up to you. You will command attention because of your great courage and your obvious determination to achieve things for yourself and for those who follow you.

You are not afraid to start things and to initiate things that would frighten other people. When others see your enterprise, they will follow you.

Negative aspects 

Any negative aspects associated with you derive from the courage and assertiveness of your influence. Assertiveness can tip over to aggression, especially where you feel frustrated at other people's lack of faith and courage. There is a danger you will dominate others, especially those who are weak and fearful.

Destiny Path for the Number One

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