Love Potions

Love Potions

For centuries people have believed that love potions can help make someone fall in love with them, or at the very least help them attract love, either from a particular person, or generally.

Such potions are common features of magical stories passed down the ages, as are the recipes of the potions themselves. Here is some essential background.

The ancient Greeks called it a Philtre, and probably used the magical herb Dittany as the main magical ingredient in their special potions for love.

A love potion has 3 important elements.

  • One or two elements that constitute the potent "Magic."
  • The "Magic" of the potion has to have a medium by which it can be drunk and this constitutes the beverage.
  • A special incantation to invoke the Magic of the potion.

The Love Potion must then be drunk, often aligning the influence of the Moon to help manifest the Love Wish. So, mixing and drinking the Love Potion on the start of the Waxing (growing) Moon, will help love to grow.

So long as the magic potion is created with the best of intentions, mixed and drunk at the right time, and with one or more suitably enchanted or magical ingredients, the other ingredients can be quite varied, and mostly what is available can be used.

Any Love Potion must be made with love, from healthy and natural ingredients, and must taste pleasant!

A bitter, unhealthy or unnatural potion will without doubt produce a bitter response from the object of your desire.

Often, the best way to maximize the influence of the Love Potion is to get the object of your desire to drink it, of his or her own free will. In this way, the giver of the potion will attract the love and attention of the person who receives the potion. Many amusing storylines for television and the movies have hinged on the notion of the wrong person receiving the potion!

However, Love Potions can be drunk by the person who creates it, with appropriate ingredients and in the correct way. Such a Potion will act as a charm or love spell to increase attractiveness and the likelihood of being loved, when accompanied by an appropriate incantation.

When considering alcohol in a Love Potion, it is important to use it sparingly. Too much alcohol, rather than predisposing someone to love you more, could have the opposite effect. Using a light red or rose wine is a common ingredient for potions of this kind.

Colour can play an important influence in the effectiveness of the Love Potion, so red ingredients will work well, because red is the colour of love and passion! An effective passionate potion is made from red wine. A little red wine, red fruit juices such as cranberry and strawberry, and red edible flower petals, can all produce a vivid and sexy red colouring for the Magic Love Potion.

Some of the best Love Potions are made with Green Tea using pure spring water. To these are added fresh herbs, fruit juices and honey. A special incantation is uttered when mixed, invoking the power of love and passion to the special liquid.

A Love Potion is best mixed at the start of the Waxing Moon, and a magical ingredient included, such as an herb bathed overnight in the light of the Full Moon, fresh leaves of mint or fruit trees blessed by a white witch, or the magical herb Dittany from Crete; either dried or its essential oil can be used.

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St. Valentine's Day Love Potion Recipe

From ancient times and throughout the ages love potions have been brewed, drank and their effectiveness measured by lovers of romance. A love potion is aimed to allow one person to draw towards them the love of another. This could be a specific person or potential lovers in general.

Love potions and their recipes are many and varied and have been made to greater or lesser effect throughout the ages.

St. Valentine's Day Love Potion

Here is my special St. Valentine's Day Potion recipe for love that if made with love and care and good and true intent should work its special magic to allow you to draw love from someone special.

On the eve of St. Valentine's Day prepare the following ingredients:

One measure of red wine

One sprig of fresh rosemary or a teaspoon of the dried herb

One red rose

One measure of any red fruit juice –elderberries, strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate or cranberries.

One teaspoon of honey

Strip the rose petals from the rose and place in a clean jar with a screw top lid. Add the rosemary and the measure of red wine. Steep this love potion mixture overnight.

The following day - St. Valentine's Day, February 14 – strain the prepared love potion mixture and discard the petals and herb, retaining the liquid. To the liquid stir in the fruit juice and honey and set aside until evening.

Prepare yourself physically and mentally to consume the Valentine Love Potion by bathing, meditating and concentrating on whom you desire. Carefully light red candles and let them burn during your preparations. Add rose or lavender essential oil to your bath water. Visualise your perfect partner in your arms, loving you as much as you do them.

When you feel ready, relaxed and ready to receive the love you deserve decant the Valentine Love Potion into a fancy glass. Now you are ready to drink your Valentine Love Potion.

Take one sip and say:

As I drink may love be mine

Take another sip and say:

To me bring forth my Valentine

Take a third sip and say:

Allow our love and hearts entwine

Finally take a last drink and drain the glass and say:

So mote it be!

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