How to Manifest Money

Cascading Dollars

Here you can learn how to manifest money and other things you need or want, with some simple techniques. These strategies are designed to help you get started with one of the most exciting benefits of developing and mastering the techniques for attracting money, wealth and success – and the ability to attract specific material items you need or desire.

You might want a lot of money or simply enough to help you with a specific problem – these techniques will help with both. Whether it's cash, a washing machine to replace the one that's just broken down, a special gift for a loved one you can't afford, or even a red Ferrari, these techniques in how to manifest money can be harnessed to achieve wealth attraction or specific material items that you need, or want.

There might be times when you are in need of a specific item. Your washing machine has broken down and you need a new one and you don't know where you are going to get the money from. You want to get your child a specific gift they want for Christmas, but you can't afford it. You've always dreamed of that special car but felt it was beyond your reach.

The techniques and philosophy involved are not revolutionary or new, they are tried and tested and have existed and been used under many guises by many people, often unwittingly, for many years - especially since the advent of the obsessively materialistic society.

Many people believe that you can get almost anything you want, within reason, simply by following certain basic techniques. These techniques involve communicating with your subconscious mind – facilitating and activating the ideas and opportunities that will lead you to your goal(s).

"Cosmic Ordering", "The Secret", the "Laws of Attraction"; all these are all labels given to the same system, promoted by people and organisations who claim to have discovered a secret and mystical way of helping people achieve what they want in life. However, they all share the same principles, even if these principles are not fully identified or understood by the proponents of these lifestyle techniques.

How to Manifest Money: The Science and Magic


The scientific principles around how to manifest money and material things are simple. On an evolutionary basis, the human being, and all animals for that matter, have an intrinsic ability to harness all their conscious and unconscious resources to seek out, locate, and acquire what they need to survive.

We see it all the time in nature. The ability to find food, seek shelter and seek a mate.

For this process, we simply need to convince the subconscious that we need these items to survive, then with the help it will use its considerable power to help us acquire them. These are the fundamental principles of how to manifest money.

  • Be Specific - Specific Goal Setting
  • Emblazon it on your mind - Visualisation
  • Believe you have it already - Actualisation and Affirmation

Be Specific

It's important to express specifically what your goal is. Lay down a clear path to what you are seeking. When concentrating on acquiring specific material items, try to avoid asking about vague amounts of money. This is not specific enough to open up the various and diverse opportunities you will get to acquire a specific material item. When attracting cash, specify the amount.

Emblazon it on Your Mind

The next step is to actively visualise the the amount of money or the item that you want to attract to you.

In your mind, count out the cash in large bills on the table. Whatever specific material item you desire, picture it in your mind as vividly as possibly. Look for its image on the internet and in magazines. Think about it all the time, or at the very least, spend a few minutes several times a day sat quietly in comfortable armchair, visualizing. Think about it, touch it, smell it, hear it. Try to involve all your senses. Overwhelm your imagination with its image.

See my Wealth Visualization page for effective techniques to help you.

Believe You Have it Already

One of the most effective and profound ways to help you achieve specific material items is to believe that you have it already. We don't fully understand the principles yet - the mind and how it works is a very complex thing. What isn't in doubt is the efficacy of this technique in helping you achieve what you desire, no more so than with specific material things.

If you can develop those feelings and emotions of having what you desire, your whole outlook will appear rosier. You can bask now, in the happiness and contentedness of having what you desire.

The positive feelings and emotions this will engender will affect your whole outlook on life and on your ability to achieve, eliminating all doubt, reducing resistance and feelings of "it'll never happen." It will reinforce belief and focus your attention, knowing that reality will follow. It will reduce feelings of need and the existence of that hole in your life that is the absence of the thing you desire, that feeling in your gut.

Developing those feelings now, that you will have when you achieve that thing you want, and those things will be given to you.

During this process, it's important not to worry about how things will arrive, just that they will.

How is not important, because there are ways that things will be attracted to you that you could never anticipate. Don't get bogged down in How. If you worry about How, you will be feeding into a blockage. If you can't imagine How, you can't imagine it happening at all. So, bypass How altogether, and believe you have it already.

Asking for Cash

Luxury sports car

You can ask for a specific amount of money, but one of the most important principles of acquiring specific material items using these techniques is that what you wish for is specific.

If you are going to ask for money, make it a specific amount, not just some vague number that bears no resemblance to the actual cost of what you want to get.

Also, by asking for money to buy a specific thing, you close off the subconscious mind's ability to attract the item from other sources. All it is looking for is money, not a washing machine which might be available to you from some previously unimagined source.

With these techniques, attracting specific items is often easier than acquiring money. Specific items can come from a more diverse set of sources than money.

Know always that the subconscious mind, when it's aware of your specific need will take steps to guide you to do things to help you achieve your goal, even if you are not aware of it at the time.

Positive energy is very important if you are to live an abundant and prosperous life and build up good karma. A great way to do this is by undertaking some voluntary charity work.   

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