How to Cast a Spell

How to cast a Spell that works!

Here I hope to show you how casting Spells that work to bring wealth, love, success or anything you desire can be accomplished.

Spells that work best are those that are cast with love and light. This means having the purest intentions and without bending the will of anyone and causing harm to none.

Casting Spells is the manipulation and harnessing of specific energies combined with will, intent and action. The specific energies needed for Spells that work in the way they were intended need to be carefully put together. When Spell casting it is necessary to have a wide knowledge of the energies contained in specific ingredients needed for Spells to work.

I have for many years developed my Spell casting techniques, using all my expertise and experience.  But if you want to learn how to cast a Spell yourself

How to Cast a Spell

How to Cast a Spell Yourself

It is easier than you think in devising, writing and casting Spells. As with anything in life, research, care and attention to detail will always bring good results.

Decide on the intention of the Magic Spell. What do you hope to gain or manifest by your Spell Casting. What specific goal are you aiming for? Bear in mind that your Magic Spell must be for a positive purpose with harm to none.  Any mischievous or malicious intent will backfire upon you three fold.

Everything possesses elemental energy that corresponds to the elements of fire, earth, air, water or spirit. The term 'Correspondences' refers to the appropriate classification of many Spell ingredients, objects, timings, directions, colours, emotions and qualities etc.
It is very important in all magical workings and particularly in Spell casting to select the correct ingredients that correspond to the outcome you are aiming for. Carefully choosing the right herbs, coloured candles or timings will reap benefits in your Spell casting practice.

Select the matching correspondences to your aim. A Magic Spell for money manifestation could include green candles, green crystals such as aventurine, and herbs of sage or mint. The Money Spell could be cast at sunrise facing the direction north.  A Love Spell would perhaps include rose quartz crystals, rose buds or Dittany of Crete and pink candles and be cast at midnight.

Money Spells
Herbs and plants used in Magic Spells for money manifestation include Sage, Mint, Mugwort and Honeysuckle. The predominant colour for Money Spells is green – so candles and crystals in this colour should be used.  Money Spells correspond with element of earth and should ideally be cast at sunrise facing north.

Love Spells
The plants and herbs most associated with any Love Spells are rose and Dittany of Crete. Pink is the colour that corresponds with love spells so crystals and candles of this colour should be used. Love spells resonate with the element of water. Timing of Love Spells are usually set for midnight and can be cast in the direction of west.

Success Spells
Magic Spells for success correspond with the element of fire, the colour red, the direction south and the time of midday. Herbs and plants best used in Success Spells are Basil, Bay Laurel, Rosemary or Nettle. Fiery crystals such as Amber, Tiger's Eye, Red Jasper and Carnelian should be used to manifest success.

Moon Phase
Decide when to cast your specific Magic Spell by taking into account the phase of the moon. A Love Spell is best cast on a full moon, whereas a Cleansing Spell would be best cast on a new moon. It is important to select the right moon phase for a specific Magic Spell. Spell casting to gain, increase or draw towards you love, abundance, prosperity etc should ideally be cast when the moon is waxing (from new to full). To rid, decrease or send away negativity or bad habits choose the waning moon phase (from full to new).
The peak energy is at the full moon, and as such is the most powerful time for Spell Casting. The new moon is the next most powerful time for working magic.

It is not essential to have your Magic Spell worded in rhyme. But the very process of attempting to make a rhyming poem of the outcome of your Magic Spell takes time, energy and effort. This ensures you have really thought about what it is you want exactly.
Your Magic Spell should be written down. It must be 'spelled' out to the Universe.  You must also speak aloud your Spell – preferably 3 times to ensure the universe can hear your request.

Be very specific in your Magic Spell request and include a time span if there is a dead line. A Magic Spell to win the lottery, badly worded, may result in the lowest payout some years hence and not the big prize you wanted within months!  A badly worded Love Spell may result in you attracting a bunch of weirdoes! So, be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it!

Traditionally the words "So mote it be" should end your Magic Spell. This is a very ancient phrase and means 'So as I will it, so shall it be done."  It is basically an affirmation that your request will manifest into reality.

Spell Casting
If you conduct any magical working half-heartedly, with little thought to the ingredients, tools or wording you will only achieve half hearted results. So take great thought and care and give yourself the best chance of manifestation of your desires by taking each step of the Spell casting process seriously.

Remember that a Magic Spell cannot replace physical actions, only enhance them. So if you want to attract a soul mate into your life, you need to mix and socialise with lots of people. If you want a brilliant job, then you have to ensure your CV or resume is brilliant. If you want to win the lottery – then you have to buy a ticket!

I hope you've learned how to cast a Spell and wish you luck with your endeavors,

Spell Casting by Alizon

If you are still worried about how to cast a Spell successfully, I can Spell cast on your behalf.

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I personally guarantee that I will give a 100% effort using all my expertise and experience and do my utmost to cast a successful Spell to get the results you want, with harm to none. The moment I cast a Spell for you it immediately begins working on your request.

Casting a Spell can change your destiny for the better with amazing results. Discover what your life could be with endless possibilities. Living life to the full without being held back with a lack of abundance.

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