How to Become Immortal

The Keys to Immortality

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Immortality has been a dream of humankind since we were capable of conscious thought. Who doesn't want to defeat death and to live a healthy and happy life forever? How to become Immortal unlocks the secret.

In popular culture, the Vampire is burdened with everlasting life. Destined to live forever in the same body, a body with  remarkable powers of rejuvenation and preservation

The biggest problem with immortality for mortal souls, is the fact that our bodies are not designed, with a few exceptions, to last much longer than 70-80 years.

If we can remove the need to rely on the body, immortality could be a reality. To live forever, we only need our mind, memory and personality. If these core elements of who we are could be transplanted into other, consecutive bodies, then immortality could be achieved.

This sounds like the origins of a script for a fantasy sci-fi movie.

But what if that's exactly what happens now?

Past Lives and Immortality

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How to become Immortal starts with the belief of many people that they have lived as other people in the past, and that they will be reborn in another life in the future after they die and leave this life.

"Past Life" is a term used to describe this previous existence. Some people believe that they have lived many Past Lives over many centuries and generations.

Some people believe that they have met the same people constantly throughout their Past Life experiences. Even meeting up with Lovers time and again as they travel from one life to the next. These are true Soul Mates!

Belief in having lived previous lives may stem from people having dreams, premonitions, flashbacks, or strange feelings of similarity about places and things that exist in foreign places. Strangely, places that they have never visited before.

Similarly, photographs and films can also spark strange recollections in the mind and fill their thoughts with unfamiliar images and remembrances.

However, it's not guaranteed that everyone can remember a Past Life. In fact, it's quite rare. It seems that only a small proportion of people claim to have some feelings or recollections of one or more lives lived generations before. These people have something in common however, and that seems to be a profound psychic ability and strong intuition,

If you live past Lives, then you must live Future Lives, and all you need is the complete memory of Past Lives to live an Immortal Life.

So, if Past and Future Lives are real, then could this be the secret to Immortality?

The idea that when you die, you are reborn in a future life means that immortality is possible, and within reach. All you need is the ability to remember previous lives just as you remember the past in your current life.

But how can you remember your Past Life existence, as if it were just "yesterday?"

All you have to do is simply create a conscious link to your past and future lives, and you can do this through Complete Psychic Development.

The Importance of Complete Psychic Development

The more "Psychic" you are the more you remember your Past Lives. If you can complete your Psychic Development, and reach a level of optimal Intuition and awareness, then you will be able to remember your Past lives in any future life, just like you have the memories of your current life.

Without any Psychic Development, you won't remember any Past Lives, or at best, any such awareness will be limited to just hints of their existence from mere brief memories, flashbacks, or vague awareness.

A fully developed Psychic Power and an advanced level of Intuition will provide a direct link between your current life and your Future Lives, allowing you to tap directly with ease into experiences from this Life, as if your current Life was just yesterday, and your future life is today.

By developing your Psychic Power, you'll discover how to become Immortal.

The Subconscious Mind and Your Inner Voice

Some people believe that your Inner Voice is your Subconscious trying to communicate to your conscious.

Whilst the conscious mind is busy with all the conscious things you have to deal with every day, your subconscious mind is that part of yourself concerned with all things not in the purview of the conscious mind. For example, it's the thing that keeps telling your heart to beat and your diaphragm to keep inflating the lungs, even when you and your conscious mind are asleep. Without this sleepless sentinel, you would die.

Your Subconscious deals with all the unconscious motor mechanisms of your life, your bodily functions, learned functions like driving, and avoiding danger.

But your subconscious does something even more remarkable.

It is a bottomless reservoir of all the sensory experiences you have had in your whole life, from the first sharp shock of a midwife's hand on your naked bottom, to the smell of coffee you experienced fresh this morning.

Everything you have seen and touched, every odour, every sound, every taste, from all of your senses, these experiences are locked in. Everything said to you, every song heard, every piece of advice, every word of wisdom, every single piece of hard earned and sometimes painful experience you yourself have gained, are all stored in the deep reservoir that is the subconscious mind - most lost forever.

People often revert to hypnotherapy to access memories and experiences locked and stored deep within the subconscious. This therapy involves putting people into deep relaxation bordering on a semi-sleeping state of mind. All outside stimuli are reduced to allow access to the subconscious without all the chatter and noise of conscious clamour.

Because your subconscious is the sum total of all your experiences, good or bad, in this life, some people believe that it also harbours the sum of all your experiences and memories of past lives.

If you can free the flow of communication to your conscious mind from your subconscious, then you will unlock the experiences of all your Past Lives, and for your Future Lives too.

How to Become Immortal: Developing Your Psychic Power

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Even if you feel that you have experienced Past Lives, through flashbacks, dreams, disturbing memories, etc., you'll have no feelings of any immortality, because these memories will just feel like dreams.

They don't feel like memories at all.

The key to Immortality, is the development of your innate Psychic Power and Ability.

To guarantee your Immortality, you should start to develop your Psychic Ability as soon as possible. The longer you have to practice and pursue this development, the greater the chance that you will have the Keys to remember this life's experiences and memories to take into the next life, after you die and leave this one.

Developing your Psychic Ability, to the level you need, cannot be done overnight, but will answer the question of how to become Immortal.

A good starting point is to immediately begin to simply listen to your Inner Voice, that part of your consciousness that urges you to do things, that makes you decide on what to do, that warns you about things, and advises you on who and what to avoid.

Take some time everyday, when you are in quiet places, free from the clammer of the outside world, t0 empty your mind,  isolating yourself from any outside distraction - and listen.

Begin now keeping a notebook by your bedside. Your inner voice will also talk to you in your dreams. Write down the memories you have of your dreams as soon as you wake - they are quickly forgotten after sleep. Your inner voice will call you at unexpected times and manifest itself through revelations, memories and even ideas.

Learn more about Psychic Ability:

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