Have I Been Cursed?

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Have I been cursed? As a Real Witch and Psychic, I am often asked this question. So here I want the look in detail at the signs of a curse and explain ways to lift a curse, get rid of a generational curse, banish bad luck, break a hex or remove the evil eye.

Being the victim of a curse can subject you to a cascade of unfortunate events and a seemingly endless stream of bad luck. The effects of being cursed can manifest in various areas of your life, leading to distressing circumstances and very bad outcomes.

If you're experiencing a lot of bad things happening to you, like constantly spilling things, losing or misplacing personal items, being forgetful or facing major setbacks such as losing your job, being cheated on, suffering ill health, having major difficulties with debt and other financial issues or being under threat from sinister characters, it could be a sign that you're under a curse. The curse can also affect your personal safety, leading to more accidents or mishaps. These can range from small incidents like tripping and falling to bigger ones like major car accidents, suffering life threatening injuries, the end of significant relationships, being made bankrupt, losing a loved one or being diagnosed with serious health conditions. The curse disrupts your ability to stay safe, making you more prone to unexpected harm.

It's important to remember that the curse's influence extends beyond physical harm. It can also make you feel anxious and fearful, always worried about what might go wrong. This constant state of anxiety can limit your freedom and make it hard to enjoy your life fully.

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If you find yourself experiencing a streak of bad luck, a string of accidents or mishaps, it's worth considering the possibility of a curse. I can identify and remove curses for you and help you regain control over your safety and  well-being and enable you to break free from the cycle of bad luck. Remember, having  a curse banished can bring back stability and restore your confidence in living a secure and worry-free life.

A curse can affect multiple areas of your life. It can lead to ongoing financial difficulties, making it hard to save money and causing unexpected expenses. It can also impact your overall well-being, causing chronic stress, fatigue, and emotional distress like anxiety and depression. It's important to remember that each curse is unique, targeting individual vulnerabilities and circumstances. Seeking help from someone like me is crucial to break the curse's hold and restore balance in your life.



Do you currently experience more than 5 of the following? If so, you are very likely to have been cursed.

  • Physical Discomfort
  • Persistent Anxiety
  • Disturbing Nightmares
  • Financial Struggles
  • Unexplained Illness
  • Constant Bad Luck
  • Relationship Struggles
  • Unexplained Fatigue
  • Sudden Personality Changes
  • Feeling Watched or Followed
  • Disrupted Sleep
  • Unexplained Misfortunes
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Are you worried that someone has placed a curse upon you? Do you want to find out for certain, once and for all if you are truly cursed? And if you are cursed, what can be done about it?

Rest assured, your information is treated with utmost care and confidentiality.


It's as easy as this: just provide me with your details, and within 48 hours, I'll personally send you a detailed Free Curse Assessment via email.

To give you the most accurate insights, I'll need your full name and date of birth. With these details, I can tap into the energies surrounding you and uncover any potential negative influences.

Have I Been Cursed?

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Being afflicted by a curse can have a profound impact on your overall well-being, leading to a constant state of stress, fatigue, imbalance, unhappiness, and depression. These negative energies not only weigh heavily on your mental and emotional state but can also attract further dark energies into your life. As a result, you may experience strained relationships, difficulties in various aspects of your life, and a perpetual sense of struggle and stress.

The effects of a curse can be far-reaching, permeating every aspect of your existence. You may find yourself encountering a string of unfortunate events and continuous bad luck. It can feel as though the universe is conspiring against you, creating obstacles and challenges at every turn. These circumstances can further contribute to feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and despair.

Moreover, being under the influence of a curse can disrupt the natural flow of positive energies in your life. It can hinder your ability to attract happiness, abundance, and fulfillment. Instead, you may find yourself grappling with a series of setbacks, missed opportunities, and unfulfilled desires.

The negative energies associated with curses can also impact your relationships. Strained connections, conflicts, and misunderstandings may become commonplace in your interactions with others. These turbulent dynamics can create additional stress and strain, further exacerbating the emotional toll of the curse.

The continual presence of negative energies can create a cycle of negativity, making it challenging to break free from the curse's grip. It becomes crucial to address and remove the curse to restore balance, harmony, and positive energy in your life. I can help you and can provide you with guidance and support in the process of breaking the curse, allowing you to regain control over your life and invite positive energies to flow once again.

The Quickest Way to Banish Bad Luck, Lift a Curse, Break a Hex or Remove the Evil Eye

If you are cursed with bad luck, or feel victim of negative influences or psychic attacks, then have me,  Alizon, experienced, skillful and knowledgeable White Witch and Spell caster to help you.

This unique Powerful Curse Removal Spell rids all negative energies, curses, hexes, voodoo black magic, evil eye or general bad luck. Also it works immediately to protect and shield you from further harm using safe and positive energies.

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Curse Removal

Are you Cursed with Bad Luck? Have real Witch Alizon cast a Curse Removal Spell to banish bad luck, rid curses and hexes.

Cast within 24 hours by Alizon, an experienced White Witch and Spell Caster.

Types of Curses and Their Effects

"Have I been cursed by the Evil Eye?"

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The Evil Eye, commonly known in Turkey and Greece, is unintentionally directed at someone and can bring about bad luck, illness, financial troubles, and a decrease in sexual desire. Although it's not done with malicious intent, its consequences can be long-lasting and harmful.

When the Evil Eye affects you, you may experience a continuous streak of unfortunate events, like things constantly going wrong. It can also lead to physical ailments, making you feel sick or tired. Financially, it can bring difficulties and loss of wealth. Additionally, it may have an impact on your sexual desire, causing a decrease in your interest.

Although the Evil Eye is unintentional, it can still have serious effects.

"Have I Been Cursed by Black Magic?"

Black Magic

The nature of Black Magic curses and their intended purpose for revenge makes them potent and complex. Therefore, it is crucial to respect the power behind these curses and the potential consequences they can bring. By entrusting the removal process to me, a skilled professional, we can work towards breaking its harmful grip on your life. With my guidance and help, you can strive for a positive resolution and regain control over your well-being.

"Have I Been Cursed Because of My Ancestors?"

If you find yourself constantly facing the same types of bad luck as your parents and grandparents did, there's a strong chance that you're caught in a generational or family curse that was placed on your ancestors.

These types of curses can be incredibly difficult to break, and the extent of their impact often depends on how far back the curse originated. Generational curses, also called family curses, can sometimes skip a generation, affecting individuals in unexpected and unpredictable ways.

"Have I Been Cursed by Voodoo?"

Voodoo doll pierced by needles

Voodoo dolls and poppets are made with the intention of causing harm to someone's body and mind. They are tools used in certain forms of Voodoo Magic that can have dangerous consequences, even posing a threat to someone's life. If you find yourself targeted by a curse involving Voodoo Magic, it is crucial to proceed with extreme caution. Removing such a curse should not be treated casually because using the wrong methods can make the situation worse.

It is important to approach the removal of a Voodoo Magic curse with utmost care and respect for the powerful forces involved.

Expert intervention is always necessary when dealing with curses associated with Voodoo Magic. I have the intricate knowledge and experience of this type of curse reversal to ensure a safe and effective resolution. Attempting to remove the curse without proper expertise can lead to unintended consequences and potentially aggravate the effects of the curse.

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