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I've gathered here all the advice and tips you will need to help free yourself from Curses or bad negative energy that are holding you back in your life. These strategies will help you if you’ve been hexed, cursed with bad luck, are the victim of the Evil Eye, a Generational Curse, evil Black Magic or Voodoo Doll Magic. Perhaps you have bad luck because of karma from past lives or past life curses placed upon you in previous lives. You may be the victim of a Black Magic Revenge Spell placed upon someone you have crossed.

As a very experienced, skilled and knowledgeable White Witch and expert Spell caster, I know all about the power of hexes and curses and the misery, heartbreak and misfortune they can cause.

And that is why I’m always happy to help in any way I can to break a hex, reverse a curse or eliminate the Evil Eye, so that you can be released from the negative bad luck that has plagued you.

Perhaps you’ve been told by a Psychic that you are cursed or that a dark entity has attached itself to you. Perhaps you feel your Aura has far too much negative energy pervading it.

Whether the curse is real or perceived the very act of taking concrete steps to remove it can release you from the negative cycle you find yourself in. This can allow a new lease of life with a brighter attitude opening yourself up to opportunities to increase good luck, fortune and happiness.

As an ethical and genuine Spell Caster and White Witch I am determined to help people eradicate, diminish and reverse curses and negative influences from their lives. If you believe you've been hexed or cursed with Black Magic or Voodoo Magic, then I'm determined to help uncross a Hex, reverse a Curse or remove the Evil Eye for you with some effective Curse Removal Strategies.

Signs you've been cursed

It is understandable and quite normal to suffer with some of the signs of being cursed from this list throughout your life. But if you find that you suffer some of them, or most of them, or even all of the signs of being cursed, then these strategies will help you break free, and soon you'll be the lucky one in all you do!

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained health issues
  • Unexplained aches and pains that come and go
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Sexual problems
  • Continual and persistent bad luck with money
  • Continual and persistent bad luck with relationships
  • Fear, dread or despair for your future
  • Vivid nightmares
  • Things that go missing or break more than is normal
  • Excessive yawning
  • Brain fog
  • Body weakness

Free Curse Removal Strategies

3 Ways to Lift a Curse

1. Fire Purging

First you need to write out the word "CURSE" in black ink onto a piece of paper. Cross out the word "CURSE" with red ink. Now carefully burn the paper in a metal dish or ashtray by igniting it with the flame from a white candle.

When the ashes from the paper have cooled, cover with salt and then transfer the salt and ash mix to a glass jar.

Travel at least one mile north from your home and find a place where you can safely and legally scatter the ash and salt mix onto the earth. Stamp on the earth and grind the ash and salt mix into the ground.

Some people choose graveyards to perform this ritual.

Repeat this chant 3 times as you grind the ash and salt mix into the ground:

"To the ground any curses I grind
Any bad luck energy I plea to unbind
From all that has befallen me most unkind
To release now my soul, body and mind."

2. Barrier of Earth (salt)

You will need to perform this ritual outdoors. Avoid wind, rain and snow.

Use about a pound (half a kilo) of salt to make a circle on the ground. The circle should be about three foot (one metre) wide. 

Step into the circle and count backwards from 666 all the way to zero. Do not allow yourself to be distracted. This seems a simple Curse Removal ritual but it needs time, dedication and commitment.

3. Fiery Water Purging

For this Fiery Water Purging prepare a tumbler or glass of water by setting it on the window ledge overnight during the Full Moon. You will need to use a mixture of the Full Moon Enchanted Water and a strong clear spirit such as vodka, tequila or gin for the ritual.

In preparation, add equal amounts of the spirit and Enchanted Water to a bowl.

In a quiet darkened room, lit only by candlelight, remove all your clothing and find a comfortable place to sit.

Dip your finger into the glass of spirit and Enchanted Water. Next, rub firmly with your finger onto the sole of your left foot. Dip again into the Water and spirit and rub onto the sole of your right foot. Next repeat this process on the palms of your hands. Firstly your left palm followed by your right palm. To finish dip your finger as before and rub firmly on your sternum (breast bone) which is located in the centre of your chest.

You may feel pain or discomfort on your feet, palms or sternum doing this ritual, and this will surely be a clear sign that you have been the victim of a curse.

Repeat this ritual over as many nights as you need to until the pain or discomfort is gone. This will mean the curse has been lifted.

Energy Clearing to Lift a Curse

Energy Clearing can be an effective way to break free from Curses and negative influences.
Free Energy Clearing

Cleansing Your Aura

Aura Cleansing is a form of spiritual healing to help heal, cleanse and repair damaged, dull and clouded auras. You can do this yourself by following the tips and techniques after following the link below.
Cleansing Your Aura

Using Crystal to Ward off Curses and Negativity

Crystals are powerful and mystical semi-precious stones that can help and promote a wide range of healing, spiritual and magical purposes. Find out which is the best crystal for protection against curses and bad luck. This crystal is renowned to ward off curses, repel negativity and open up positive success and achievement.

If you feel cursed with bad luck in any or all areas of your life, then the Blue Lace Agate is the best crystal to help you ward off curses, remove negativity and protect you from misfortune.

Magical Aspects of the Crystal

For magical purposes, this crystal is used in rituals for Protection, and rituals to promote healing, calming and soothing.

For people who feel that they are cursed with bad luck, either in general or in specific areas of their life, will benefit from this magical stone. If kept close, it will help promote positivity and attract good luck, repelling negativity.

Those involved in Spell Work will use this crystal for articulation and truth finding, and also Weight Loss Spells.

Healing Properties of Crystals

This crystal is very powerful and can be used in addition to accepted "conventional" medical treatment.

This crystal has a positive effect on the mind, and can promote all round health and healing. As a formidable power stone, it can be combined with others to promote calm and peaceful transformation.

Because of its powerful aura, it can be helpful for many physical ailments caused by blockages to glands, digestive problems, and weight problems.

This stone is helpful for problems involving the head, brain and eyes. It is also useful for problems related to bones and arthritic conditions and is helpful when used to help mend breaks and fractures of the bones.

Spiritual Purposes

The Blue Lace Agate crystal is ideal for meditating as it is renowned for its calming and stress relieving properties.

With its connection to the throat Chakra, this crystal is excellent in promoting articulation, communication and truth finding regarding people and situations.

For people who feel they are subject to negativity and who want to rid themselves of a real or perceived curse, or run of bad luck, this crystal is perfect to promote a change in fortune.

Break a Curse with "Smudging"

Smudging is a very popular form of ritual purification. It is very simple to do with materials that are very easy to gather. The herbs are simply burned, either in a bowl or another container, or in stick form, and the smoke from the herbs is wafted over an individual or object to purify them. The smoke may be directed toward the subject using a feather, a hand, or the practitioner's breath. Smudge sticks are made by bundling herbs together and binding them tightly with a string. Incense may also be used for smudging.

The spiritual basis of smudging is rather a difficult concept to master and even more difficult to explain, but I will do my best.

When an offering is placed in the fire, the fire burns away all of the waste, leaving the pure essence of the offering which is taken away on the smoke. By smudging ourselves, we are offering ourselves to the spirits, gods or whatever and seeking to become purified in the way that offering has, by burning away our impurities, leaving just our essence for magical workings. However, we can't very well burn ourselves up, that would be counter-productive. So, we allow the smoke to waft over our body, a sort of purifying by proxy.

It is also interesting to note that most herbs used for smudging today actually have antiseptic qualities. That is to say, the burning herbs really do purify the air! Many of these herbs were burned in sick rooms in ancient times for the same purpose.

Smudging may be used to purify an individual before beginning magical workings, or to purify magical tools or the magical space before rituals.

Smudging can also be helpful in breaking a Curse. Follow the link below to learn about this, and other ways you can break a curse.

Breaking a Curse

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Still Troubled with Bad Luck?

Try these more advanced solutions for the trickiest and most difficult cases.

A powerful Protection Spell will protect you from the negative effects of Curses, Hexes, Generational Curses, Voodoo, etc.

A serious consequence of being cursed is a damaged Aura. If you feel the need to have your Aura cleansed, then take advantage of my Aura Cleansing: Chakra Energising and Aura Cleansing

The negativity you are experiencing may be the result of Past Life trauma or behaviour. In that case, you will benefit from a Past Life Healing. Follow the link: Past Life Healing

There's a particular, special and unique Spell that can help in your battle against bad luck and negativity.

The Waning Moon, the time after the Full Moon, is the traditional time to cast Spells to rid negative energies and negative elements from your life, banishing evil and curse. Casting a Spell on the Waning Moon can rid illness, overcome obstacles and end personal poverty.

Waning Moon Spell

Want to lift a Curse Quick?

The Quickest Way to Lift a Curse, Break a Hex or Remove the Evil Eye

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This unique Powerful Curse Removal Ritual & Protection Spell rids all negative energies, curses, hexes, voodoo black magic, evil eye or general bad luck. Also it works immediately to protect and shield you from further harm using safe and positive energies.

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This FREE Spell Ritual will help remove any negativity, Curse, Hex or other impediment that might have infected you and blocked or hindered your wishes, goals and happiness in the past.

Ridding negative energy is very important as it can be very damaging and toxic and cause all kinds of bad luck. It can prevent you living the kind of life that you most desire.

This FREE Spell will rid you of any curses, hexes, being the victim of the evil eye or general bad luck.

I will cast this FREE Spell on your behalf to clear any negative energies swiftly and allow the supportive influences and positive elements of your Spell to act very quickly and enables you to be open and ready to receive your desired outcome.

Are you Cursed with Bad Luck?

Whenever I Cast a Spell for someone, I also cast a FREE Cleansing Spell, often referred to as a Curse Removal Spell. This is because many people who come to me for help, feel that for some reason they are unlucky in life. They are often the victims of negative energy surrounding them, or of even being Cursed. This free Spell destroys that barrier and opens up the ability to receive blessings and good fortune.

There are generally two reasons why you experience continual bad luck that holds you back from living the complete life you want for yourself. These are by having a curse placed upon you and/or having a weak or damaged Aura.

Being cursed, hexed or the victim of the Evil eye, Voodoo Magic, Black Magic or a Generational curse that is passed on through family ties will have serious consequences to your health, wealth and happiness, and your ability to achieve your goals.

Being cursed is the number one reason for continuous bad luck that plagues your life. Problems with money, sex, relationships and health can all be the result of a curse placed on you. And having a curse upon you will radically and drastically damage your Aura.

Have you a Weak or Damaged Aura?

Man's head and aura

Your Aura is of course the invisible energy field that surrounds and protects your body from negative energy, negative forces and negative entities.

Everyone is born with an Aura that is bright, vibrant and extremely protective. But overtime and due to stressful and sometimes traumatic events the Aura becomes weaker. It becomes dark, dull and ineffective when you experience emotions such as grief, fear, worry and anguish. Experiencing surgery, damage to bones or organs, illnesses, bacteria or viral infections, poor sleep, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and traumatic events also damage the integrity of your Aura.

Basically, the more historic stress and trauma you have suffered and the more anxiety and depression you experience, the more damaged your Aura becomes.  

A weakened Aura causes an immense amount of negative energy to damage your soul, heart and mind. Without intervention this naturally leads to a depressed spirit, which makes living a free and joyful life almost impossible. Your sleep patterns are affected and a decline in your health is inevitable.

Everything seems bleak to you and life is very difficult and stressful. Hypersensitivity to stress leads to an increase in anxiety and depression, which in turn causes immeasurable harmful emotions and negative energy.  This vicious cycle of stress, anxiety and depression leading to negative energy that further weakens your Aura needs to be broken. Your damaged and weakened Aura needs to be restored to a vibrant state. I can do this for you.

That is why with every Spell I cast I also perform a FREE Curse Removal Ritual and FREE Aura Cleansing. And this is why my Spells are so popular and successful.

This will allow you to be free from the bad luck, once and for all! You can begin to live the kind of life you have always wanted!

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There are further Resources to help with Curses below. Scroll down to see.

Love Spells

Sex Spells

Positive energy is very important if you are to live an abundant and prosperous life and build up good karma. A great way to do this is by undertaking some charity work.  

Resources for Victims of a Curse

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