Cleansing Your Aura

Aura Cleansing is a form of spiritual healing to help heal, cleanse and repair damaged, dull and clouded auras. An aura is a luminous energy field that surrounds all living things. Ideally the aura should be clear, bright, glowing and contain vibrant colours.
However the aura can become tainted with dark shadows or clouds which attract unwanted negative energies. This tainted aura can leave you feeling ill, tired, down, unbalanced and depressed. Worse still it can attract more negative energies and fail to attract positive energies. This vicious circle can lead to more challenges and difficulties being drawn towards you.

Aura Cleansing

Sometimes known as an Aura Healing, an Aura Cleansing can combat negative energies and help clean, brighten and heal the aura.
Cleansing auras can be done by a variety of methods. Most can be done by yourself but a professional Psychic and Energy Healer may need to asked for help for stubborn negative energies that are dulling the aura.

Aura Cleansing with Sage

Sage has traditional been used over many centuries to clear away negative energies. Just set alight a small leaf of sage in a metal dish. Inhale the smoke that is emitted through your nose and mouth, holding it for about 10-30 seconds.
Another method for cleansing auras using sage is in the form of a lit smudge stick. Waft the smoke around your body from head to toe.

Aura Cleansing with Crystals

Crystals contain strong vibrational energies and have been used for thousands of years for healing.

While lying down place a Clear Quartz crystal upon your Brow Chakra, just between your eyes. Relax, meditate and visualise a white healing light emanating from the crystal and bathing your entire body in healing white light.

Another method using the power of crystals for aura cleansing is to make crystal infused water. You can spray the liquid around your body as a fine mist in an atomizer to cleanse your aura. You can use as many crystals as you like to create liquid. Crystals such as Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Moonstone can be used. Place the crystals in a bottle containing spring water. Place the bottle outside overnight under the moon. The following day use the crystal infused water as a spray or atomizer. Spray all around your body from head to toe.

Aura Cleansing with Flowers

You can also use flower petals, blooms and blossoms to create an atomizer spray for cleansing auras. In the same way as using crystals you can use fragrant flowers such as honeysuckle, jasmine, rose, orange blossom or almond blossom and place them in spring water overnight.

You can combine the flowers with crystals for extra strength and potency. Again use the flower water as a spray or atomizer. Spray all around your body from head to toe.

Aura Cleansing with Essential Oil

Essential oils either singly or combined make excellent aura cleansers. Essential oils such as Juniper, Cinnamon, Cypress, and Diktamos can be used. Simply use a few drops on your finger tips and apply to the back of your neck, your wrists and your inner ankles. Inhale the remainder of the essential oil from your fingers and breathe deeply.

You can also use essential oils in an oil burner and inhale the aroma.

Aura Cleansing with the Elements

Harnessing the power of the natural elements is perhaps one of the most effective forms of cleansing auras.

The element of Air can be utilised by standing against a strong wind. The power of the wind and the element of air helps release unwanted energies and is a natural aura cleanser. Sea breezes are particular good as they contain minerals, ozone and sea spray.

The element of Water is of course an obvious aura cleanser. Bathe in the ocean or sea, lake, river or stream.

Get connected to the element of Earth by hugging a mature and deep rooted tree.

The element of Fire can be harnessed to cleanse auras in the form of powerful sunlight. Be careful to avoid sunburn.

Professional Aura Reading & Aura Cleansing

As a gifted Psychic and Healer, I am able to conduct an Aura Reading with Aura Cleansing for you. I can identify your predominant aura colour or colours and cleanse any blemishes within your aura that might be dulling your energies and preventing you living the type of life you want for yourself.

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The Aura and Aura Cleansing

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