Cancer Tarot Reading

Cancer Tarot Reading

This is your Cancer Tarot Reading.  As a Cancerian the Tarot card that relates to you is that of The Moon.

The Tarot card of the Moon is from the element of Water and relates to you as a Cancerian. It has the number 18 connected to it and the colour silver. This Water element and people from the water Star signs are of significance to you relating to trust, loyalty and love.

Moon Tarot CardMoon Tarot Card

The Moon itself is associated with mysteries, the female spirit, emotions and intuitions but also can trigger fears of the unknown. When the Moon Tarot card appears you may be going through a time of highly charged emotions and confusion.

But under that confusion and unseen, situations are resolving themselves. You must allow things to run their course and not try to force issues that you may not fully understand yet.

The Moon card is also the card of illusions, being deceived and taken advantage of. It acts as a warning to you not to rush important decisions and ensure that you are not deceiving yourself or being deceived in any situation.

In a Cancer Tarot Reading the Moon card shows you have a good strong psychic connection to your own intuition and can use this to connect with others. Take care then of whom you place your trust in and be sure to look beyond the visible. Something may be hidden and not yet out in the open and you'll need to trust your own intuition when seeking out the real truth. All the facts of the situation have yet to be revealed as the Moon indicates some kind of illusion or confusion around you for you.

You have the good fortune of experiencing true joy and happiness even within the smallest thing but at the same time can suffer deep pain and sadness if someone misuses the trust you have placed in them. Arguments, upsets and turmoil tend to wear you down but you find strength to be the peacemaker and smooth over many troubles because of your truly caring and sensitive nature.

In a Cancer Tarot Reading the Moon is also an indicator of strong psychic abilities within you and natural 'listening' skills. This can be a blessing or a curse for you, as you seem to go through similar emotions to those who confide in you. You can experience and share with others deep feelings of happiness and joy but can also feel their pain when they are going through rough times. This can grind you down causing you to feel somewhat depressed.

But the good news is that any lowness is only a temporary state for you as you find ways to find the good in situations and people. Your tendency to look towards the positives in your life rather than dwelling on the negatives will help you overcome even the most difficult of times.

You have far more Water energy around you now than any other element and as such may have a tendency to be too emotional, especially when you see others hurting. You may offer too readily your time and energy, your listening ear and your shoulder to cry on to others who are going through bad times. Your psychic sensitivity picks up on their sad emotions and may seep into your own soul.

You may need to distance yourself from more ‘needy and ‘clingy’ souls so you don’t become an emotional sponge. Your caring, nurturing and loving nature may need to be turned upon yourself a little more.

You need a counter balance of practical and grounded Earth, clear-headed, inventive Air and vibrant and passionate Fire. Once you have allowed more of these elements into your life you will begin to see positive changes within yourself.

Practical things you can do to help balance your elements

  •     Wear less of the colours of brown and green

  •     Spend more time in the company of enthusiastic and energetic people

  •     Take a bath instead of a shower

  •     Take time to relax and read more

  •     Take time to think more before taking action

  •     Drink more water

  •     Eat more spicy foods

  •     Say 'yes' to any invitation to party

  •     Light red candles to add ambience to your room

I hope you enjoyed your Cancer Tarot Reading.

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