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Here, I'll teach you all you need to Cast an Attraction Spell that works on Virgo men. I have other Spells that are designed to attract men from every Star Sign. You can Contact Me on my website if you want a Spell to attract a particular man or use the link below.

Virgo men are born under the star sign of Virgo within the period of August 23 - September 22.

Generally Virgo men are incredibly shy and difficult to get to know even as a friend, never mind as a lover. Casting an Attraction Spell is something you can try if even if you possess little knowledge and awareness of Spell casting and Magical Correspondences. You will also need to have a strong will and be determined to succeed!

Spell Casting Essentials

The environment in which you Cast a Spell is an important factor in effective Spell Casting. I always encourage people to cast a spell at an "altar", either inside or outdoors, weather permitting.

An Altar doesn't have to be an elaborately carved stone edifice. It can simply be a table, box, or even a pile of books, adorned with an appropriate plain or coloured cloth.

Try to cast your spell in a place you find peaceful and tranquil, where you are unlikely to be disturbed.

Magical Correspondences

Things that contain similar vibrational energies and are associated with each other are named Magical Correspondences. They can be items, ingredients and substances that have a natural affinity to each other. Magical correspondences include times of day, days of the week, colours, crystals, herbs, oils, moon phases, star signs, Tarot cards etc. These are different, depending on the Star Sign of the person you want to attract.

Using the right magical correspondences relating to the star sign Virgo can ensure that you can cast Attraction Spells that works.

Magical correspondences for Virgo include the following:

The Colour Pink
Wear something pink and/or adorn your "Altar" with a pink ribbon.

The Planet Mercury
Avoid casting this Spell during the Mercury Retrograde (this year 2021 September 27th to October 17th) as this could affect results unless you are particularly skilled and experienced.

The Element of Earth
Place a container on your Altar containing some earth, sand or salt.

The Crystal Aventurine
Try to place an Aventurine Crystal on your "Altar". If you can't get this Crystal, then use any crystal you can.

The Day Wednesday
This Spell is best performed on a Wednesday.

The Herb Marjoram
Place a small container of some Marjoram on your "Altar". If you can't get marjoram, you can substitute oregano, sage or thyme.

The Tarot Card the Hermit
If you have a Tarot Deck, then select the Hermit and place it on your "Altar". If you can't get the Hermit Tarot, you can copy draw an image of it onto some paper from the image below. It doesn't have to be perfect! You should really get a Tarot Deck if you are serious about Spell Casting and developing your Psychic Ability!

The Essential Oil Lavender
This is a great ingredient for Casting Spells of Attraction. Use any essential Oil if you can't get hold of it.

The Flower Jasmine
The real flower Jasmine is a particularly powerful energy for this Spell. Substitute another fresh flower though, if you need to.

A Candle of any colour
Choose a candle of any colour. It's the flame that's important, so even a t-light will suffice.

Casting Your Spell to Attract a Virgo Man

Now, you will need try to use SOME OR ALL of these Magical correspondences in any Attraction Spell to attract a Virgo man.

In Casting this Spell you will be manipulating and harnessing the specific energies that these Correspondences bring, combined with will, intent, and action.
These are the basic steps for Casting Spells:

1. Prepare your tools & ingredients on your Altar

Gather some or preferably all of the Correspondences listed above and place them on your "Altar".

2. Create your Sacred Space & Circle

In the place where you have set your "Altar", stand, or sit, and close your eyes. Visualise for a few moments a sphere of shimmering golden light forming around you and expanding outwards in every direction to form your Sacred Space. Ensure the sphere expands beyond and including, your "Altar" with all your Correspondences.

3. Call upon the Elements

Concentrate on all four elements in turn: Earth (the earth below your feet), Fire (the fire within your core), Air (your breath), Water (your blood) and how they are within you. Notice how they are represented on your Altar, and in the world around you.

4. Raising energy

To raising your energy sit or stand and relax your muscles. Now concentrate on each muscle in your body and tense each one until your whole body is stiff and tense.
Hold this for a moment as you imagine the energy in the form of a white light flowing throughout your body forming a ball of light deep in your chest. Relax and take a few deep breaths before proceeding.

5. The Spell

Anoint your candle with the Lavender oil by carefully and purposefully rubbing the oil all over the candle. Think of your Virgo Man as you gently rub the oil into the wax until the candle is covered and evenly scented. Set the candle in a holder at the centre of your altar. If using s t-light, add a drop into the metal pot near the flame.  As you think of him. Light the candle.

Say the following rhyme 3 times aloud :

‘Bring to me my Virgo Man
And manifest my Loving Plan
Bring henceforth to me from this day on
My true love who is the one
My Virgo Man
So mote it be’

6. Release energy

After your Spell is complete you will need to release and send out the energy that you raised. This energy is released into the world to create the change you desire. To do this you will need to stand before your altar and imagine the ball of light in your chest once more. Again tense all your muscles and begin to ‘push’ the energy upward. Then stand comfortably with your feet apart and thrust your arms upwards and outwards to form a star shape with your body. Exhale and imagine sending this energy out into the air. When this is complete, stand with feet together and touch each shoulder with opposite arms to form a cross against your chest.

7. Ground yourself

Relax, take some deep breaths and imagine and visualise the golden sphere around you becoming smaller until it disappears.

Attraction Spells that Work

Now to ensure that your Attraction Spell manifests safely and causes no harm and does not backfire you will need to be positive and certain that your motives are sincere and true. If you are totally convinced, without any doubts, that he is the man for you then proceed and conduct an Attraction Spell on him.

Your Spell is Complete!

If you have a particular man you want to attract, AND you know (or suspect you know) his Star Sign then Contact Me with the details and I'll send you a personalised Spell to cast, completely FREE!

Alizon's Attraction Spell Cast for You

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