13 Unlucky Things to Never Have in Your Home

Rid these 13 unlucky things from your home to avoid bad luck, negative energy and bad karma. Top tips from real English Witch Alizon. She explains why keeping certain items in your house will bring bad luck.

1. Peacock Feathers (the worst of the 13 Unlucky Things!)

Peacock Feather

Anyone who witnesses the magical spectacle of the beautifully decorative and coloured peacock displaying his feathers in dance to impress his rather dowdy mate, cannot fail to be impressed by the sheer beauty of the majestic display.

To keep a peacock in your garden is considered lucky but to bring peacock feathers into the home can prove to be disastrous. Of the 13 unlucky things to bring into your home, this could be the worst.

It is believed that keeping peacock feathers indoors can bring bring loss, misfortune, illness and death. It can also indicate that single women in the household containing peacock feathers will never marry.

2. An Empty Purse or Wallet

It may seem a simple thing, but number 2 of the worst 13 unlucky things, an empty purse or wallet can carry really bad energy.

This is because it indicates a state of affairs where poverty and lack of money are the expected norm. Always have some money in a wallet or purse. Preferably notes or if not, coins. A gold coin is particularly lucky to keep in a purse or wallet.

3. Green Painted Walls

Green is of course the colour of nature and is a wonderful calming, fertile and nurturing colour. Its prevalence in nature makes it very easy on the eye and attractive. It has always been associated with luck and wealth. In Magic this colour  is used to draw forth good luck and abundance. It also symbolizes freshness, fertility and growth. If you want to become pregnant make sure you eat plenty of green vegetables, wear this colour and spend plenty of time in nature amongst green fields and trees.

Wear something in this colour when buying lottery tickets for extra luck.

But you should take care if you are considering painting interior walls in the colour green. The fertile and abundant energy of this colour becomes toxic and negatively charged when covering walls in a home.

4. Broken Clock or Watch

Broken Clock

Number 4 of 13 unlucky things is a broken watch or clock kept in the home . This is because it indicates a stopping of time energy. This stops the flow of positive energy in a home and can have negative consequences.

Take any broken clock or watch to be repaired or if beyond repair dispose of it carefully at least 300 feet from your home.

5. Cacti

The prickly Cacti family has its place in nature. And there it must remain. Brining a cactus plant into the home encourages, spiky, thorny and prickly energy. This energy can cause arguments, hurt feelings and a belief that someone has wronged you.

6. Open Umbrella

Opening an umbrella indoors has always been considered to be unlucky. It is believed that if you do choose to open an umbrella bad luck will rain down on you.

7. Shoes on a Table

Putting shoes on a table, particularly new shoes is considered to bring very bad luck to the perpetrator and the entire household. Shoes, of course belong on the ground and to raise them up is taking them into a different element. Shoes of old, were often made from leather, and the spirit energy of the skinned animal could feast at your table.

8. Taxidermy

The natural element of wild animals is of course outdoors. To bring an animal or part of an animal – horns, skin, fur etc,. disturbs the natural rhythm of life and death.

The spirit of an animal, killed, stuffed and then displayed in a home is considered to bring misfortune, ill health and eventual poverty to the household.

9. Ivory

In the same way as taxidermy, the ivory trade is considered to be unlucky if brought into the home. Decorated and carved pieces made from elephant tusks and brought into the home to be admired and displayed are thought to bring misfortune, misadventure and early death to the household.

10. Sad, Scary and Negative Imagery

Sad, scary or negative imagery displayed in a home is thought to bring nightmares to the household. The negative energy contained in these images can pervade to soul energy of members of the household making them anxious, depressed and fearful.

11. Out of Date Calendars

An out of date calendar stops the time energy flowing and can allow members of the household to be stuck in the past and fearful of new and exciting adventures. Always remove or keep out of sight out of date calendars.

12. Tarnished Cutlery

Tarnished cutlery or dulled silverware represents a lack of positive, vibrant and reflective energy. Riches, rewards and outstanding success will not befall a household that contains tarnished cutlery.

13. Chipped Crockery

The same applies for chipped crockery. The negative energy of the broken piece displays a fault. This less than perfect state can only replicate itself to the destiny of the household. Remove any broken crockery and dispose of it at least 300 feet from your home.

You owe it to yourself to ensure you are free of bad luck and negative influences to help you lead the best life you can and achieve all your goals without negative barriers and obstacles. Avoiding having these 13 unlucky things around you, in your home, or office will go a long way in helping you attract good luck. Here's some more resources to help you:

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Positive energy is very important if you are to live an abundant and prosperous life and build up good karma. A great way to do this is by undertaking some charity work.


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