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The Colour Meaning of Yellow

The Colour Yellow is part of my Colour Meanings series...

As I am English, I use the spelling of 'colour' throughout my website, rather than the American version of 'color'.

Yellow is a very sunny, bright and vibrant colour. Just looking at the colour yellow makes you happy! Of course yellow is a very common colour in nature with many flowers and fruits displaying a variety of hues and shades of this wonderful colour.

If you're feeling down, give yourself an instant pick up by treating yourself to a vibrant yellow bunch of flowers, eat some sunny yellow coloured food or wear something in this colour. Wearing yellow gives an instant sunshine glow to the face and makes you look both cheery and youthful.

Yellow Colour Meaning

The colour yellow represents happiness and fun. The traditional yellow colour meaning is that of inspiration. The meaning of yellow is also associated with vitality, energy and illumination.

Yellow is associated with the expression of thoughts and the intellectual side of the mind. It can therefore aid the powers of memory and clear thinking, decision-making and good judgement.

Yellow is such a joyous and happy colour and can make you feel instantly cheerier. It is very uplifting and can stimulate the mind and intellect. Students would do well to include more of this colour around them to help them study. Yellow is also good for anyone who suffers from low moods and depressive states because of its uplifting qualities.

Yellow can stimulate new ideas, creativity and clear thinking. However too much yellow can over stimulate the brain and lead to hyperactivity and anxiety. It is not a good idea to decorate a nursery or children's bedroom in yellow as the colour is too active and will cause children restlessness. Older people do not like too much yellow either as the fast paced, active colour is often too much for them.

Yellow Colour Meaning in Healing

In colour therapy and colour healing yellow is used to lessen the effects of depression and anxiety by arousing feelings of joy, happiness and cheerfulness. Yellow is very stimulating and helps strengthen the mind and the nervous system. This colour can also energise the muscles. So mentally, emotionally and physically yellow can act as a tonic or pick me up.

Yellow is linked with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This Chakra is connected with identity and the concept of self. The Crystal Citrine can aid the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Yellow Colour Meaning in Magic and Correspondences

Yellow is connected with the Element of Air, the direction East, the zodiac signs of Libra and the Sun. Yellow is also connected to the Tarot card of the Star and the suit of Swords.

The colour yellow is used by Witches for magical purposes such as rituals and Spell work. Aspects associated with this colour are increasing motivation, inspiration and intelligence.

Yellow Crystals such as Citrine are used to boost feelings of joy and happiness.

I use yellow candles and crystals in the Spells I Cast, for Prosperity and Confidence.

Using yellow candles and yellow crystals can assist any Magic Spells that involve inspiration, concentration, learning and creativity.

Light a yellow candle if you need to concentrate, study or need inspiration and fresh ideas.

Enhancing your Life with the Colour Yellow

Wearing yellow, decorating your home in this colour, or just enjoying this colour within nature will help you adopt a cheery, uplifting and positive personality.

If you are feeling down or are undertaking study of some kind wearing yellow can be very helpful. Use it as an accent colour in an office or study to help sharpen your mind, and improve memory and clear decision making.

Have a daily dose of yellow by walking in nature under bright sunshine.

This colour is perfect for undertaking new areas of study and for learning new things. It also enhances inspirational and creative ideas.

You can begin to use the power of color to enhance your life!

Choosing Yellow as a Favourite Colour

Choosing yellow as a favourite colour indicates that you are very open and receptive to learning new things and education in general. Study, using your mind and soaking up knowledge comes easily to you. People of high intellect prefer this colour to others.

It shows that your mind is receptive to receiving knowledge and is positively alert to gaining new insights and skills. Try to focus on what you feel is a priority at this time, as it may also indicate an overly loaded mind needing clarity and a logical stepped approach.

The use of colour, their colour meanings and what they represent are very important in my  Magic Spell Casting to change destiny for the better!!!


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