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The Colour Meaning of White

The Colour White is part of my Colour Meanings series...

As I am English, I use the spelling of 'colour' throughout my website, rather than the American version of 'color'.

Although not strictly a colour in its own right, the colour white contains all the colours of the rainbow. White is pure, healing and spiritual. The pure and virginal colour of white is often used in many cultures for bridal wear. Although white is also worn by the dead for burial or cremation and even by mourners in some cultures.

White also indicates beginnings and starting afresh. So wear something in white if you are beginning a new adventure, such as the first day at college, a new job or the start of a new project.

White Colour Meaning

The colour white represents purity and innocence. The traditional white colour meaning is that of cleanliness. The meaning of white is also associated with peace, protection and hope.

White represents new beginnings, fresh starts and innocence. It is such a pure and healing colour and as it contains every colour of the rainbow it has many benefits.

White can sometimes be too sterile if used too much to decorate the home and create feelings of emptiness and incompleteness. Having a full room completely decorated in white is not quite as bad as the troubled teenager insisting on their room being completely black, but other colours are needed to bring a sense of well being.

To counteract this use other colours in the form of candles, cushions, or decorations to strike a balance between the purity of white and a need to have others colours in your life.

White Colour Meaning in Healing

White is a healing colour and has clean purification vibrations and can be used to clear blocked energies. Although not strictly a colour in its own right, it contains all the colours of the rainbow and therefore all their qualities. This makes it a very useful and versatile colour to be surrounded with.

White is very purifying and can provide clear thinking and clarity. It is very cleansing and helps you find the truth in people and situations.

White Crystals such as Clear Quartz are linked with the Crown Chakra but may be used to amplify and align all Chakras.

Having balanced Chakras allows you to fully direct all your energies to optimum use.

White Colour Meaning in Magic and Correspondences

White is connected with the Element of Spirit, the zodiac sign of Virgo and the Moon. White is also connected to the Major Arcana Fool Tarot card 

The colour white is used in rituals and Spell work because it is associated with cleansing and protection.

White Crystals such as Clear Quartz are used for psychic ability, channelling and scrying.

I use white candles and crystals in the Spells I cast including my Cleansing Spells and Protection Spells.

Using white candles and white crystals can assist any Magic Spells that involve new beginnings, inspiration and healing.

Light a white candle if you need to rest, recuperate or heal.

To learn more about my Spells and Spell Casting, go to my Spells Page.

Enhancing your Life with the Colour White

Wearing white clothing, decorating your home in white, or just enjoying this colour within nature, will help you find truth, honesty and truly value all that really matters.

White is thought to be incredibly purifying and you should wear something in this colour when wanting to make a fresh start and embrace newness.

If you are craving a need to de-clutter your life and are looking for a simpler, less stressful phase to enter then include more of the colour white into your life.

Place white crystals such as Clear Quartz around your home or office to help purify your environment.

Choosing White as a Favourite Colour

Choosing white as a favourite colour indicates that you are a truthful and honest person and seek the same qualities in others. You are clear about what you want in your life and are open and receptive to newness. You are not afraid to step outside your comfort zone and to sample different experiences. White also indicates an interest in Spirituality and in a desire to increase your knowledge around this area.

The use of colour, their colour meanings and what they represent are very important in my  Magic Spell Casting to change destiny for the better!!!


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