White Meaning

White Colour Meaning

White Colour Meaning

Favourite Colour of White

If your favourite colour is white you are likely to display at least some character qualities of the colour personality linked to white. You may also hold some of the more negative character traits associated with the meaning of white.

White Meaning

White is the colour of purification, perfection and innocence. The meaning of white is that of virginal untainted purity. White is both a healing and spiritual colour.

White Colour Personality

The white colour meaning linked to personality explains the character traits most associated with people who have white as a favourite colour.

So if you have a white colour personality you have a clean and clear view of how you want to live your life. Cleanliness for you is next to godliness as you have impeccable standards of hygiene. You also have high moral standards and expect the best from yourself and others.

You are intelligent and seek knowledge and inspiration from many sources. You are highly spiritual, a natural empath and healer. You like to use your talents to help others.

If you have white as a favourite colour you are an optimist and always see life as the glass half full. Because of your positive nature you like to surround yourself with likeminded positive people who are uplifting and motivating.

You are seen as an inspirational figure and are admired and respected by many.

On the downside of a white colour personality, because you have a superior intelligence, you can seem arrogant, lofty and self righteous at times.

With white as a favourite colour you sometimes border on a control freak mentality.

If you have white a favourite colour positive opportunities seem to flow to you naturally. So be on the lookout for chances to enhance your life in very positive ways.

White Meaning

These white kittens - one with blue eyes, the other with brown are the offspring of an odd eyed cat. They live here, semi-wild on the Greek Island of Crete.


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