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The Rune Meaning of Thurisaz

The Rune Thurisaz is part of my Rune Meanings series...

The ancient meaning of the Thurisaz Rune is that of Giant or Devil. In the modern day the Thurisaz meaning is concerned with temptation, evil and acts as a warning.

In a Rune Reading the Thurisaz Rune is seen as a bad omen and may mean bad luck is coming your way. Temptation to do things against your moral code is also contained within this Rune.

Dishonesty and deception is also associated with the Thurisaz Rune and can indicate someone close to you plotting against you. In a Rune Reading concerned with love and relationships, the Thurisaz Rune can indicate unfaithfulness, cheating and lying. In career or business matters this Rune can show competitors using underhand methods to gain advantage. In matters relating to health and well being the Thurisaz Rune can mean a serious threat to your health.

Overall the appearance of the Thurisaz Rune is seen as a bad one.

Thurisaz Reversed Meaning

The Thurisaz reversed meaning shows that evil can be overcome but extreme caution should be taken.

Runes of Magic & Divination

The Runes of magic and divination have been used throughout the ages to foretell futures and to aid Spell casting and manifestation. Rune secrets are revealed and used for inscribing magical meanings onto candles used in Spell casting.

The Thurisaz Rune symbol should never be used in positive Magic.

Thurisaz Rune Correspondences

The Thurisaz Rune corresponds with the colour red, the number 3, the Tarot card of the Emperor and the astrological body of Mars. The god Thor is also associated with the Thurisaz Rune. The element of Fire is contained within the male Thurisaz Rune.

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