Taurus Star Sign


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Taurus Star Sign

The Taurus Star Sign is the second in the Zodiac. Of all the Star Signs of the Zodiac Taureans are the most sensuous and their sense of touch is heightened.

The Taurus Star Sign is represented by the Bull and comes under the influence of the planet Venus. The planet Venus governs love and beauty, friendships and creativity.

The Taurus Star Sign is from the element of earth which relates to practicality and groundedness. Because of this Taurusans are very practical and work hard to achieve all they want in life. And because of the influence of Venus they seek comfort and beauty in everything.

Taurus Decans

Each Star Sign of the Zodiac can be divided into three subsections called Decans.

Each Decan roughly corresponds to 10 degrees or 10 days of the Star Signs time period. Decans can provide a more detailed account of an individual's personality traits and character and reveal how people born under the same Star Sign can be very different.

The Taurus personality can differ according to which one of the Taurus Decans an individual is born under:

If you were born between April 21 and May 1

This is the first of the Taurus Decans and is ruled by the planet Venus.

The first Decan Taurus personality is characterised by determination, stability and sensuality.

You are determined to get the things you want form life and will do everything in your power to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Material wealth is very important to you and the acquisition of beautiful yet practical things fuels your desire to do well for yourself.

As a Taurean born in the first Decan you seek stability in all aspects of your life including career, relationships and family life. In love relationships you are loyal and loving and forever faithful. In your career too, you set your mind to your career path and seldom waiver from it, working your way to the top. Home life is very important to you and you strive to make your home as comfortable and comforting as possible.

Because you are from the element of earth the sense of touch is very important to you. This makes you want to touch and be touched. And as you are ruled by the planet Venus this makes you very sensual. You love to love and love to be loved.

If you were born between May 2 and May 11

The second of the Taurus Decans has the planet Mercury as its ruler.

The second Decan Taurus personality is characterised by tactfulness, charm and practicality.

Tact and diplomacy are desirable attributes possessed by if you were born in the second Decan of Taurus. You take care to gather all the facts before taking action or speaking your mind. You sense the feelings of others and take care not to unwittingly hurt anyone.

You possess a lot of charm and charisma and have a brilliant way of communicating your ideas and points of view to others. People find you pleasant to be around. Although you connect well with many people you have few friends. But the ones you do have are true and loyal friends. You set great store in being open and honest with friends and lovers.

You have a very practical approach to life and rather than thinking or dreaming about what you want from life, you go out and get it. If something needs doing you just do it. And you are happy to work behind the scenes without fanfares or applause so long as the job gets done. For you too, if a job is worth doing its worth doing well.

If you were born between May 12 and May 21

The third of the Taurus Decans is ruled by the planet Saturn.

The third Decan Taurus personality is characterised by loyalty, discipline and patience.

You are fiercely loyal to all those you hold dear and will protect and defend them to the death. Your sense of duty, loyalty and faithfulness is very strong. Your home and family life means so much to you and you will do your utmost to provide material wealth to make your home life secure and stable.

You are ordered and disciplined and always finish any task you set for you – on time and perfectly too. Being from the element of earth you are very hard working and strive for financial security. Your steadfastness in acquiring success is not for accolades, praise or applause but instead is for the material wealth you can create.

You have the patience of a saint and make for an excellent parent, teacher or mentor. Your patience can be tested, though by people who have fanciful ideas, flighty ways and don't take anything seriously. These people will invariably come from the element of air – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. You just don't 'get' them.

Most people would consider you to be very serious, but underneath your stern exterior you have a heat of gold, are very humorous and sensuous too.


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