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Thank you for showing an interest in joining the Green Witches Coven. I have the great pleasure in commencing your initiation.

After correctly submitting your details, you will then be under my guidance and tutelage for one year and a day. Traditionally this is the length of time to serve an apprenticeship to become a Witch.

During this time I will guide and instruct you on how to live a Magical life.

The first part of the FREE year and a day course is a thirteen week online course.

I have created the simple thirteen week course to instruct you on how to live a magical life and commence your path to become a Witch.

This simple course covers the basics of Witchcraft and Magic, including practical and useful skills that apply to everyday life. Each part will be sent to you, via email, at one week intervals. 

After the 13 week course you will continue your practice for the remainder of the year and a day, receiving an additional 12 instalments, covering the Esbats and Sabbats one each month. After approximately a year and a day the Course is complete..

IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter your email correctly AND check your Bulk and Spam folders if you don't receive the emails.

Your Coven or Magical Name

Before you submit your details, You must choose your Coven or Magical name, which will be your Coven name.

Becoming a member of the Green Witches Coven is a life changing step into a new way of thinking, a new lifestyle and a new you.

Carefully choosing a Magical name is the first step into this lifestyle, and taking the time and effort to choose wisely at this crucial point will build a strong foundation for the future.

Your new Magical name is symbolic of you being "born" into a new life. It also helps you separate your old self from your newly chosen one.

Traditionally Witches would choose for themselves a secret or Magical name. This was different than their given birth name and used when they conducted Magical workings.

As a member of the Green Witches Coven you can, if you wish, select a name that represents things that mean something special to you. Many Witches choose magical names from nature – such as Willow, Amethyst or Star. Others use their favourite goddess as their magical name – for example: Tara, Isis or Artemis.

There are many reasons to select a particular name. Your Magical name could be one that is representative of something you hold sacred, something or someone who inspires you or something that is representative of who you really are.

My given birth name is Alison, so I chose the name Alizon for my Magical name. This name is in memory of Alizon Device who was hanged for Witchcraft at Lancaster gaol in England in 1612. She lived and died not far from my home town.

Take time to choose your Magical name. Give the same amount of thought, care and time you would to naming a baby or a pet. (If you can't choose a Magical name you can use your own first name if you wish to, but please try to adopt a name linked to Nature if you can).

Once you have chosen your Magical name, reply to this email and let me know and I will note this new name, bless it and refer in future to you with your new name.   

You will need a Magical Journal through the coming weeks and months and throughout the total apprenticeship of this one year and a day initiation to the Green Witches Coven. 

Finding Your Magical Name

You can choose one, two or even three names eg: Star, Moon Star or Moon Star Hawk.

Here are a few suggestions to where to find your Magical name.

There are lots of lovely names derived from plants or herbs. Here are just a few:

Althea, Dittany, Honeysuckle, Iris, Lavender, Rosemary, Rowan, Sage, Willow.

You could choose names from the natural environment:

Cloud, Forest, Moon, Mountain, Rain, Rainbow, River, Star, Storm, Wind.

Crystals and gemstones have beautiful names that you can choose your magical name from:

Amber, Amethyst, Aqua, Carnelian, Diamond, Jet, Opal, Ruby, Topaz.

Animals, birds and insects make wonderful magical names too:

Cat, Dragonfly, Eagle, Fox, Hawk, Raven, Robin, Spider, Swift, Wolf.

Goddesses are a rich source of magical names:

Anu, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Brighid, Freya, Selene, Tara, Venus.

Finally you can choose qualities or aspirations for your Magical name.

Charity, Destiny, Faith, Grace, Harmony, Hope, Serenity, Unity.

IMPORTANT Take care when entering your Coven name on the form - it can't be changed later. Start each name with a capital letter, for example! And, make sure it is spelt how you want it to be spelt.

Good luck with choosing your Magical name!

Please enter your details on this Form to join the Green Witches Coven. If accepted, membership is free.

IMPORTANT: Please be assured that your privacy and information will be respected and none of your details will be given to anyone.

In order to be considered for the Green Witches Coven complete ALL details, including your full name. People submitting incomplete details will not be considered as a member of the Coven.


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