Six of Cups Meaning


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Six of Cups Meaning

The Six of Cups Meaning is part of my Tarot Card Meanings series...

Today's feature is the Six of Cups Tarot card. Here I'll be looking at the Six of Cups meaning and what significance it has for you today.

The Six of Cups meaning keywords are childhood, happy memories, nostalgia, reminiscing, sentimentality.

The Six of Cups meaning is one of nostalgia. The Six of Cups is known as the nostalgia card with happy memories of days gone by. It is a joyful card with connections to children, happy family life and a sense of wonderful bygone days.

The Six of Cups Tarot card shows that positive elements will be entering your life, perhaps connected with people or events from your past that will shape your future direction.

The other Six of Cups Tarot card meaning is that of a predictor of strengthening the bonds of love. It can indicate a deepening and strengthening of a love relationship, having children and building a happy home.

The Six of Cups Tarot Card is a Minor Arcana Tarot card and as such is not as powerful and life changing as any of the Major Arcana cards such as the Death Tarot card, The Fool Tarot card or the Empress Tarot card. However the Six of Cups Tarot card can still have significance and can predict happy events.

Upright Six of Cups Meaning

The upright Tarot card meaning of the Six of Cups Tarot card for you today shows reunions, family gatherings and reminiscing about times gone by. Someone from your past is set to appear and have a positive impact on your future.

Reversed Six of Cups Meaning

The reversed Tarot card meaning of the Six of Cups Tarot card can show that someone may turn up from your past who is about to cause trouble for you. Embarrassment, regret and guilt are all contained within the reversed Six of Cups.

Another meaning of the reversed Six of Cups Tarot card can indicate unhappiness concerning children. This could be the inability to have children, custody battles involving children or problem teenagers.

The Six of Cups Tarot card can often show health, wealth and happiness on its way to you.

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