Psychic Dreams

Can my dreams come true?

Everyone dreams but some people are able to experience psychic dreams or prophetic dreams. These precognitive dreams are dreams in which the future is foretold or prophesised. Often the prediction occurs in reality within a few hours of the psychic dream.

In ancient cultures dreams were seen as messages from the gods and given the respect and credence that scientific knowledge is given today.

There are subtle differences between ordinary dreams and prophetic dreams. Many people who experience regular prophetic dreams explain their experiences as far more vivid, more detailed and differently coloured than ordinary dreams.

Am I psychic?

Everyone has some degree of psychic ability and often it is in dreams that true ability is forthcoming. Without the pressures, distractions and constant interruptions experienced in your waking hours, you are more likely to experience psychic premonitions and connections in your sleeping state.

Begin to trust yourself, keep a prophetic dreams journal and look out for subtle signs and symbols of validation.

Try to keep a record of your prophetic dreams and your predictions and a note of how you felt before sleeping.

Share Your Psychic Dreams

Some people who experience psychic dreams dream about a passed loved one, a Spirit Guide or an Angel. If you have had this type of dream and want to share it then please go to My Psychic Dream

How can I experience psychic dreams?

There are a number of ways to experience prophetic dreams.

Being relaxed, unstressed and free from chemical stimulants, medications and toxins is probably the best way of being open and receptive to psychic dreams.

Using only natural substances can enhance prophetic dreams and the likelihood of having a psychic dream.

Dream Crystal

Use an Amethyst crystal to assist you with your prophetic dreams. An Amethyst crystal is by far the best crystal to use for enhancing psychic ability. Place the programmed crystal on your under your pillow, on a bedside table or cabinet.

Amethyst Crystal

Psychic Dreams Amethyst Crystal

$ 20.00

You can request a special Amethyst Psychic dream Crystal from me. I will cleanse, programme and charge the Amethyst crystal and align it to your Aura to allow you to experience psychic dreams.

The Psychic Dreams Amethyst Crystals are natural crystals and come in a variety of shades, shapes and sizes. Each one is uniquely different. Pictured above is an example of an Amethyst Crystal. The Psychic Dreams Amethyst Crystal I select personally for you may vary in size, shape and shade to the one shown here. Your Psychic Dreams Amethyst Crystal will be your own unique psychic dream enhancer. No other will exist like it anywhere on earth.

Psychic Dream Amethyst Crystal

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Dream Tea

Prepare a mix of the following dried herbs for a potent psychic dream tea:

3 teaspoons Mint
1 teaspoon Sage
1 teaspoon Lavender
2 teaspoons Chamomile
2 teaspoons Dittany of Crete

If you can't get Dittany of Crete, use an extra teaspoon of mint and one of sage instead.

Thoroughly mix together the herbs and keep in an airtight container. The blend of psychic dream tea should give you enough blended dream tea for nine days.

Each evening for nine consecutive days put a teaspoon of the blend into a small cup and pour boiling water over. Allow to steep for five minutes. You can add some honey to the psychic dream tea if you wish.

Sip the tea and say 3 times aloud:

As I sip this dream tea
Slumber deep bring to me
To dream of truth for me to see
So mote it be!

Repeat this process for another eight days.

Dream Pouch

Stuff a pouch with the following herbs to aid your prophetic dreams.

Bay Laurel
Dittany of Crete

Place the pouch under your pillow before sleeping.

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