Pisces Star Sign


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Pisces Star Sign

The Pisces Star Sign is the twelve and last of the Zodiac. Of all the Star Signs of the Zodiac Pisceans are the most mysterious and psychic.

The Pisces Star Sign is represented by the two Fish and comes under the influence of the planet Neptune. The plant Neptune rules intuition, inspiration, dreams and illusions. Because of this most Pisceans are seen as day dreamers.

The Pisces Star Sign is from the element of water and relates to the emotions. Add this to the natural psychicness of Pisceans and you have a powerful intuitive and sensitive person.

Pisces Decans

Each Star Sign of the Zodiac can be divided into three subsections called Decans.

Each Decan roughly corresponds to 10 degrees or 10 days of the Star Signs time period. Decans can provide a more detailed account of an individual's personality traits and character and reveal how people born under the same Star Sign can be very different.

The Pisces personality can differ according to which one of the Pisces Decans an individual is born under:

If you were born between February 20 and March 1

This is the first of the Pisces Decans and is ruled by the planet Neptune.

The first Pisces Decan personality is characterised by romanticism, selflessness and intuition.

You take a positive and optimistic view of life that sometimes borders on naivety as you seldom see the bad in others. Because of this you can sometimes be taken advantage of by ruthless or devious personalities.

You have a dreamy romantic nature and always find the poetic beauty in anyone or anything. You can drift off, quite easily, into your own fantasy world and you have a vivid imagination.

Because you are highly intuitive you can sense the mood, feelings and emotions of others. But because you are so sensitive these moods and feelings can seep into your soul, so that you carry other people's worries with you. But this does not seem to bother you as your selfless nature forces you to help others. So if you can carry some of their burdens, you will gladly do so.

You make for a wonderful friend and will offer a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to those who ask for it.

If you were born between March 2 and 11

The second of the Pisces Decans has the Moon as its ruler.

The second Pisces Decan personality is characterised by self sacrifice, sensitivity and strong psychic abilities.

You are highly psychic and use all your senses to connect to your intuition to guide you. You can be highly successful in careers that require empathy and understanding such as therapists, counsellors and mentors.

You literally will do anything for anybody – often to the detriment of yourself. You instinctively put others before you and don't expect thanks or praise for your self-sacrifices. You are a natural giver and don't like to take. You are also very kind hearted and trusting and only see the best points in people.

You are a sensitive soul and feel emotions deeply. Because of this you sometimes experience the extremes of emotions being elated one moment and in the depths of despair the next. These mood swings can dent yourself confidence and make you feel less than you are. Other peoples moods and emotions effect you deeply too as you feel their pains and joys.

If you were born between March 12 and 20

The third of the Pisces Decans is ruled by the planet Pluto.

The third Pisces Decan personality is characterised by a spiritual nature, experimentalism and intensity.

You are highly sensitive to psychic connections and very much attuned to your intuition. Spirituality plays a significant part in your life. Soul searching and finding the true meaning of life are never far from your thoughts. You are a deep thinker too with a strong imagination and can create poetry and works of fiction that are truly moving.

Nothing is wishy washy with you. You are passionately intense with the people you love and just as intense with the beliefs you hold. You wholeheartedly devote your time, energy and attention to anything you consider truly worthwhile.

You love to experiment and will try anything at least once. You are forever reinventing yourself to adapt and change to the differing circumstances in your life. You are somewhat of a chameleon and can change yourself dramatically according to the situation you find yourself in. Because of this ability to adapt and change you make an excellent actor.

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