Numerology 6 Meaning

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Calculating Your Life Path Number

Your Life Path number is found by reducing the digits in your birth date to one (or in some cases) two digits.

An Example

For someone whose birth date is 13th September 1975, the Life Path Number would be derived as follows:

The birth date is written in numbers: 13.9.1975 (or 9.13.1975) in North America).

The numbers of your birth date are then reduced to a single number, or in some special cases two numbers called Master Numbers.

Start by adding the day, month and year together. In this example 13+9+1975, which reveals 1997.

Each of these digits is added together: 1+9+9+7, to produce 26. These digits are added together, 2+6, to produce a Life Path number of 8.

A Master Number is produced when you are left with 11, 22, 33. These numbers are not reduced further.

The Meaning of the Number 6

This Numerology 6 page is part of my Numerology Meanings series...

People with Life Path Numerology 6 are very well balanced, compassionate and charismatic.

Number Sixs go out of their way to help those less fortunate. They are also natural healers and counsellors and can offer words of wisdom that are very therapeutic.

Number Sixs like to give and give generously. Anything they have they like to share with others. And although charity begins at home, number sixes generosity can spread far and wide.

People with Life Path Numerology 6 are much loved and admired by others. Number sixes are gifted with charm and charisma and a great deal of humility which makes them very appealing to others.

People with Life Path Numerology 6 are enormously talented when it comes to business and finance. They find unusual and enterprising ways to create wealth for themselves and help others at the same time. Number 6 destiny path people are not only entrepreneurial they are also philanthropists.

Work, Career or Vocation for Numerology 6

Because of your many talents including artistic, creative and 'people skills' you can turn your hand to most anything you set your mind to.

You have an artistic flair and apply this to your dress sense and your home decor. You like to feel comfortable but also stylish. Your artistic flair can be turned to your advantage when seeking a career path as an artist, musician, designer or architect.

The variety of options open to you is tremendous but to gain real satisfaction you will need to serve others. This is where you get the most satisfaction from.

Love & Relationships for Life Path 6

You do have many admirers because of your charm, charisma and humility. Once settled in a committed relationship you make for a very devoted, loyal and loving partner. Any love partner should feel extremely lucky to have you as a partner because of your loving and giving, generous nature.

You have many good friends who respect and admire you. You are very diplomatic and tactful and are the sole of discretion. Secrets and confidences given to you are kept.

Money Destiny for Numerology 6

Because of your extremely generous nature any money you do have, you like to share with others. Your business acumen will serve you well in gaining wealth. But you won't be happy until you can share your wealth with others less fortunate than yourself.

You are extremely loyal and devoted to those you love and will strive to provide material wealth and security for them. Material wealth also allows you to spoil those you hold dear.

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Happiness, Personal Growth & Spiritual Growth for Life Path 6

You enjoy great artistic gifts. You know what you can do, or you soon will. Explore your artistic side, you have a great talent, which can be hidden.

Make sure you are connected to your Higher Self, so you can tap freely into your artistic gifts. Blockages can occur if you are too stubborn, and fail to read and interpret properly the opinions of others.

Be wary of dominating too much those who are close to you. Give them space to breathe, and to explore their own gifts and abilities.

Life Changing Lucky Numbers

Of course having the number 6 as your Life Path Number makes the number 6, one of your lucky numbers. To Find out your other five lucky numbers, derived from a variety of mystical sources Click Here

Numerology 6 Personality

You are a selfless humanitarian who spends most of your time and energy in the service of others. This can sometimes be at your own expense. Your desire to help and nurture extends beyond the family to the community at large. You will feel sadness at the loss of many attitudes and principles that society enjoyed in the past, such as respect, honour and compassion.

You feel most comfortable in a domestic environment, although you contribute to, and feel a sense of responsibility for, the community at large.

Destiny Path for the Number Six

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