Meditation Techniques for Developing Psychic Ability

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Meditation can help you develop your Psychic Sense and Intuition. Meditation techniques also helps to relieve stress, increase calm and helps us to become more psychic.

We can all develop our own intuitive sense using Meditation techniques. We all have the power within us – it is nothing special and neither is it a particular blessing bestowed only on a chosen few.

The more you listen to your intuition, while meditating, the more receptive you will become. 

Part of developing your Intuition involves listening to your Inner Voice. You can do this best while meditating.

Listening To Your Inner Voice

In order to hear your Inner Voice, or your Intuitive Self, you need to be in a quiet relaxed state, because your Inner Voice is timid and softly spoken.

If you are able, go to your Sacred Space at a time when you won’t be disturbed and get into a comfortable position.  Relax, close your eyes, and start to breathe deeply.  Every time you exhale let all your stress be released in that breath, and see it drift away in your mind’s eye.  Imagine a place of peace and that you are there.  Perhaps sitting on the banks of a small stream in a sun bathed wood.  It could be a garden where you once visited and which filled you with a feeling of peace and tranquillity.  Try to get to that place in your mind where you felt relaxed and at peace with the world.  If you can’t think of a place, create that place in your mind, and revisit it in this Scared Space of yours.

Spend some time in this Sacred, tranquil place, and listen.  Don’t ask of it questions, simply let answers come to you.  Some answers will be to questions you had not thought of.  Some answers will end a long-standing uncertainty.  Answers may come to you immediately, or they may come later, when you least expect them.

Acting On Hunches

You must act on what you feel or believe to be right.  Don’t be afraid.  Take all the best advice you can from people around you then take your own advice.  Be courageous and take on the uncertainty with the strength of your own convictions

Believing your decisions are for your overall, long term good.

Believe that what you decide is for your overall good and for the overall good of everyone.  Sometimes things appear to turn out badly.  Accept responsibility for what you decide to do and accept the consequences.  If you act and have faith in your own intuition the outcome will always be the same.  Actions taken with the best of wishes for all will always be good.

Meditation Techniques For Developing Intuition

Meditation Techniques For Developing Intuition


Visit a quiet place where you know you won’t be disturbed.  Or visit your Sacred Space (if you have one) and assume a relaxed and comfortable position.  With your eyes closed, visualise wave upon wave of energy and wisdom flowing from the Universe into your head.  Visualise this flow like a fast moving mist and believe it is a mass of knowledge, wisdom and awareness that is coming to you.

This knowledge, wisdom and awareness will enable you to deal with any problems that are affecting you.  Feel it entering your mind and squeezing out any bad feelings and anxiety you have.  Believe that any problems you have will now be resolved.


Go to your quiet place or Sacred Space and become comfortable and relaxed.  Try to shut out all your worries and problems and leave them outside this Space of yours.

Imagine that you are one millimetre high and walking on the surface of an orange.  Imagine what you would see, what you would smell and how it would feel if you touched it.  Take some time walking along and look into the sky and imagine what you would see.


In your Sacred Space, when you are relaxed and comfortable and you have left your anxiety outside, look around you and make a note of the details of the place and things around you; the colour, the shapes and the position of things.  Try to see things for the first time, noticing things that you barely looked at before.  Close your eyes and recreate your surroundings in your mind, visualising what surrounds you.  Open your eyes and look around you and see how well you were able to picture the Space.  Close your eyes again and imagine your surroundings once more.

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