Love Triangles - Why This Secret Love Spells Disaster, For One at Least

Love triangles describe a situation where two people vie for the love and attention of the same person. If there are no attachments, such as marriage, there's no guilt, even though there will be heartache.

However, when the love triangle involves a married man having an affair, the guilt and pain can be unbearable for at least one of the parties.

For the "other woman" or "mistress", there may be nothing worse than truly loving someone who belongs to another. Being involved in a complicated love triangle can cause heartache and often heartbreak to all three parties concerned.

We often hear the phrase "It just happened, we never meant to fall in love". This is the cry of many a woman labeled the "mistress" or "other woman" who has the misfortune to fall head over heels with a married guy.

It seems love triangles seldom have a happy ever after fairytale ending -- no matter what any of the three parties does to ease any pain.

Let's look more closely at all involved in a love triangle.

The Oblivious Wife

It seems that a lot of married women drift into taking their husband for granted in their marriage. Some let themselves go and blame it on pregnancy and child rearing.

They lose interest, not just in sex with their husband, but they lose interest in him as a person. He just becomes the provider, the guy who fixes things in the house, the guy who will always be there, no matter what.

They take him for granted so much that when he does up and leave for another woman they are staggered and cry they never saw it coming.

The Married Guy

The married guy stuck in a dull, loveless and often sexless marriage will often seek to find love in the arms of another woman. And who could blame him? Ok, so he took wedding vows to love, honour and cherish, but the love has long gone. He is stuck with a woman who no longer likes him, let alone loves him.

He perhaps should make plans to divorce his wife in this situation but there is the mortgage, the house, and the children to think about.

So what does he do? He physically stays with the wife, but his heart begins to seek fulfillment elsewhere.

The Other Woman

To be the "other woman" in a love triangle has to be the most frustrating of all situations. She has fallen in love with the most fabulous guy, a true soul mate; the sex is fantastic, the romance overwhelming and the excitement electric.

But...he is married!

So what can she do? She can finish it and let him go back to his loveless marriage where she knows all three will be unhappy. Or she can hope and wait until he will leave his wife.

In these situations it would be nice to magically make all the heartache go away. Triangles of love spell heartache for at least one person. Whatever happens, someone will be hurt, and that's the pain and the power of love.

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