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The cards of the Tarot Deck number 78, and each has a specific meaning and symbolism. A Tarot Reader will interpret these meanings depending on their feelings about the person receiving the Reading, and also their position as the cards are drawn.

A Reader's feelings about the recipient represents for the most part their psychic intuition, which can be developed in everybody.

Before being able to perform a Tarot Reading, you will first need to learn the symbolic meaning of each card. This can seem daunting for many, because of the number of cards and the complexity of their symbolism.

It is possible to learn the meanings of the cards very quickly, using simple memory techniques.

A key first step to understanding the meaning of each of the cards is to appreciate and understand what their suit represents. There are 4 suits in the Tarot: Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands. (Sometimes, these names vary depending on the particular deck).

Rider Waite Tarot Cards

For example, Cups represent the Element of Water, which is linked to emotion. It is easy to remember this, because Cups are vessels, and can contain Water. You can use your imagination to visualise a cup being filled with water by a person who is shedding tears. Water makes up tears and so can be linked to emotion. In this way, you will always remember that Cups are associated with water and emotion.

In each suit there are 4 court cards and 10 number cards, from Ace to Ten. Each court card and each number card has a different meaning. Using a simple association and visualisation technique as above, you can remember what each card represents when it is drawn.

For example, in simple terms the number 7 is often associated with courage and risk. You can imagine vividly in your mind's eye being at a roulette table, and placing a large bet on the number 7. This image represents a risk and an element of (albeit foolish) courage to wager and gamble such a large amount.

If a 7 of Cups is drawn in a tarot reading, you can now interpret this as having a meaning related to emotion and risk. For the person receiving the reading, the following advice might be appropriate:

  • They should approach someone they are attracted to, even though there is a risk of rejection.
  • They should leave their current partner who is not making them happy; and risk emotional, physical and financial isolation.

What of the other suits and cards?

This technique of using vivid imagery and association can be applied to each of the suits and all of the cards.

For example, Aces are starts, new beginnings -- easy to remember because the Ace is the start, or number 1, of the suit.

8's in the tarot are associated with strength. You can remember this meaning by visualising a weightlifter - short stocky, rather like the shape of a figure 8!

As for the suits, the same technique can be applied. You should think of ways to associate the other suits:

  • Swords, representing the element Air, linked to thought, imagination and ideas
  • Wands, representing the element Fire, linked to action and creativity
  • Pentacles, representing Earth, linked to money, materialism, career and business

You can imagine a sword being waved in the air by a medieval soldier, etc.

A simple awareness of the general simple meaning of each card and suit will enable you to apply this technique to all the cards in the deck, and easily memorise the meaning of each card in the Tarot, within a very short time.

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