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Jet Healing Crystals properties & Crystal meanings…

The Crystal Jet is part of my Crystal Meanings series...

Jet is considered to be a stone of sympathy and of healing grief. It is a brilliant absorber of negative energy and as such should be frequently cleansed of the acquired negative energy by exposure to sunlight.

Healing Properties of Jet

Jet is an excellent absorber of negative energy and helps recovery from depression, sadness, loss and grief.

Jet is said to aid the cleansing of the liver and kidneys and is also good for migraines.

Magical Crystal Meanings of Jet

Jet is connected with the Element of Earth, the direction North and the planet Saturn. It is also connected to the Tarot card of the World.

Magical purposes for use in rituals and Spell work associated with Jet are for increased psychic awareness, protection, luck with money and divination.

Also it is used for health and healing.

Known for its potent magical properties when placed on an altar it increases the effectiveness of Magic. 

I use Jet on my altar and in the Spells  I cast including my Love Spells and Money Spells

Spiritual Purposes of Jet

Jet is an ideal stone for meditation and for increasing spiritual awareness and absorbs negativity and helps with grounding. As it also carries a negative electrical charge it is good for drawing power and knowledge to the bearer.

It aids inspiration and allows deep levels of meditation. It relieves mental blockages and worries to allow you to progress in whichever direction you need to go.

Myth, Legend and Folklore

Many ancient cultures believed that Jet provided protection against illness, the evil eye and personal attacks.

Jet has been mined since about 1500 BC. Items of Jet such as beads, pendants and charms have been found in ancient burial mounds.

The Romans, who exported it from Whitby, Northern England, used Jet for ornamental and decorative jewellery.

Medieval Healers believed burning Jet would cure fevers and illnesses and it was used in Rosary Beads to invoke the favour of God.

Jet is of course black in colour, and the description ‘jet black’ is used to denote something, which is absolutely black.

Scientific Information

Jet is a variety of coal known as lignite and as such is a fossilised mineral.

The finest Jet is found in England, but it is also found in the USA, Poland, France, Germany, Spain, India and Russia.

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