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The Rune Meaning of Isa

The Rune Isa is part of my Rune Meanings series...

The ancient meaning of the Isa Rune is that of Ice. In the modern day the Isa meaning is concerned with stagnation, inflexibility and reluctance to change.

In a Rune Reading the Isa Rune is seen as rather a negative one and can show a halt, standstill or stalling effect to other Runes around it.

Delays and interruption are also associated with the Isa Rune and can indicate problems in moving forward – financially, romantically or spiritually.

In questions about love and relationships the appearance of this Rune can indicate a cooling off period is necessary.

Overall the appearance of the Isa Rune is seen as a sign of standstill and a need to be patient.

Isa Reversed Meaning

There isn’t an Isa reversed meaning as the Isa Rune cannot be reversed.

Runes of Magic & Divination

The Runes of magic and divination have been used throughout the ages to foretell futures and to aid Spell casting and manifestation. Rune secrets are revealed and used for inscribing magical meanings onto candles used in Spell casting.

You should avoid using the Isa Rune symbol in any form of positive Magic.

Isa Rune Correspondences

The Isa Rune corresponds with the colour black, the number 11, the Tarot card of the Star and the astrological body of the Moon. The god Verdandi is also associated with the Isa Rune. The element of Water is contained within the female Isa Rune.

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