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This Intuition page is part of my Psychic Abilities section which hopefully explains the subject of Psychic ability.


Intuition can be classed as one of a range of psychic abilities. Intuition is sometimes known as the sixth sense because, along with the other five senses, it is inherent in everyone.

Psychic intuition is innate in all of us and can be fine tuned and developed. We all experience a 'knowing' , hunches or gut feeling if things feel right or wrong. Listening to and heeding your intuition is key to always making good choices and decisions. We can all be fooled by manipulative, controlling and calculating characters but deep down we just 'know' what they say and do is just not right for us. Psychics develop their own intuition to such a degree that they can use it to help other people with their choices and decisions.

Psychic intuition is often derived from subconscious perception. We use all our six senses to 'suss out' people, situations and environments. This is a safety mechanism in the human psyche and can keep us from danger. If things just don't feel right, they invariably aren't.

Psychic intuition is the inner voice we hear and should always be listened to. The Universe wants only what is best for us at all times and our inner voice lets us know this by nudging us in the right direction. Don't ignore these nudges.

The correct use of Psychic intuition can help you get the very best from life and always guide you in the right direction.

To tap into your Psychic intuition use the following tips.

  • Take time to meditate. Quiet time and clearing the mind of everyday problems and stress can help you connect to your intuition.
  • Be creative. Painting, cooking, gardening or creative writing etc. all tap into your soul and helps you express the real you which in turn opens up your connection to your Psychic intuition.
  • Question yourself. If you take time to ask yourself what your next step should be you will always come up with the right answer.
  • Be informed. When making life changing decisions ensure you are fully informed. Gather all the relevant information and allow it time to seep into your soul. After giving it enough time, then and only then should you ask your intuition for guidance.

Everyone, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, have innate Psychic abilities. We are born with six senses but overtime most people lose or choose not use their sixth sense. Psychic ability can be defined as perceiving, receiving, or conveying information without the use of the other five senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell).

Psychic Spell

You should think urgently about developing your psychic abilities. You have great potential. This will help you understand your situation and help you receive answers to the questions you have. Also, it will benefit your life generally, helping you to receive, accept and identify opportunities when they come to you, opportunities in love, career and wealth.

I strongly suggest you have a Psychic Ability Spell cast for you to enable this power to develop unfettered for you. There is no better way than casting a Psychic Spell to increase Psychic ability. Having a Psychic Spell expertly crafted and cast by me, Alizon is simply the best method of getting your request to increase Psychic abilities, out to the Universe. I am an accomplished and very experienced White Witch and Spell caster and have cast thousands of Psychic Spells successfully with outstanding results, for people worldwide.

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